Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Time :)

My family does things a little differntly when it comes to Christmas. We like to open our presents on Christmas Eve (mainly because over the years we discovered our parents take a long time to get up in the morning). I don't know why or how we started this, but i do know that there was a system we had to follow when we would open presents Christmas morning. It goes as follows:
get all the kids up
try to get the parents up only to be told to go eat breakfast
eat breakfast
finally get the parents up
parents go smoke
parents go to the bathroom
parents smoke again
find mom's camera
smoke again (X_X)
be put into our sitting arrangements for present opening
and then we would go through the very long trial of having one present opened at a time, gettting a picture of the person's reaction to their gift, then finding a gift for another person to open and getting a picture...........X_X (very long and very boring for the morning)

so now we open presents after dinner on Christmas Eve and that goes as follows
eat quickly
parents smoke ( we only allow them one cigarrette each :P )
sit wherever
open presents as they are thrown at you from across the room :P

I got some really awesome stuff this year. The beast of all was the Sims 3 game and an iPhone 4. I've always loved Sims and i would play it whenever i went to my aunt's house (i still play it whenever i'm there, which makes me very easy to entertain :P ).
I was the only kid to get an iPhone 4, which made my brother jealous. The main reasons for me getting one is because my music player broke over the summer and so i've been slowly dying from lack of music. And i never have my phone on me when its needed, so now i'll always have it nearby and charged because it has my music on it. My sisblings didn't get one because earlier this year when it was time to get new phones the only one we were allowed to upgrade to had a key pad on it and i HATE keypads.My siblings love key pads so they had no problem getting the phone, but i had many heated discussions with my mom about why i wouldn't get the crappy phone that i would nevre use. I just don't like the buttons, i much prefer having a touch screen instead of those little buttons.
I got a lot of giftcards for iTunes, LOTS of candy (my teeth have a permanent layer of sugar on them X_X ),  a penguin pillow pet (because they're cute and i wanted one :P ), and a lot of bathroon items like bubble bath and what-not (i take showers, so when would i use bubble bath?)

all good fun and now i'm stuck in the computer chair because i've been playing SIms all day adn have only moved to go in search of food other then Lemon Heads :P

Now I'm to go back to the world of Sims and be lost forever :) 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My 17th Birthday Celebration

So today marks my 17th Birthday. Yes, 17 years ago i was born on Pearl Harbor day "the day that will live in infamy." My friends make tons of jokes about that :P
So every year i decide what i'm going to do to celebrate my birthday (because it's worth celebrating and just having a cake will not do :P ). This year i decied that i really wanted to go to a museum. But which museum? We have several around here, but after thinkning long and hard over it i decided to go to this science museum that i went to once for a 2nd grade field trip. I mainly wanted to go there because i remembered that it was one of those really interactive museums, with lots of little stations to do little do-dads and such. That and they had this huge globe theater thing connected to the theater that was showing the Polar Express during the month of December.
At first it was just going to be my mom and i, but in the end we had the entire family come. And that ended up making it even more fun. My mom let me use her fancy smancy camera and i got a lot of pictures and videos of the museum and my family doing silly things. There was this one place in the museum where they made it look like one of those really old classrooms, old projector and all. And they had the projector showing one of those really old science videos where the screen was shaky and it was all in black and white. I managed to get my family to sit down in the desks and they started to do silly things, like my mom would lean over to whisper to my dad and my brother was pretending to be asleep :P.
At first my mom thought that it was a bad idea to go see the Polar Express because it showed at 2 and we had arrived at around 11:30, so we wouldn't have a lot of time to look at everything. But by the time 2 rolled around we had been through the museum about 3 time.s and we were getting tired so we were actually really looking forward to seeing it :P. We went in and we realized that quickly that we should have gotten there sooner because if you weren't sitting dead center in the dome theater, the screen looked tilted and off :P. It was really cool to see a movie like that :)
After the movie my mom and i went into the giftshop and i was able to get this necklace with a little moon and star dangling from the chain. It's just small enough that i can still wear my skeleton necklace at the same time and it looks really cool (reminder to self: post picture of necklaces along with other pictures of museum)

And that was just on Sunday (because my birthday is on "the hump day" and no one really wants to celebrate anything on a wednesday :P ). I made cupcakes for my birthday this year and my family decided to mess with me by using trick candles. I noticed that something was off while we were lighting them because some of them started to spark like firecrackers. When i finally tried to blow them out and half of them popped back to life i realized what was happening and could try again because i was laughing so hard.

I ended up getting some really good presents this year too. My sister got me a new nightmare before christmas shirt with more of my favorite perfume. My mom got me my favorite chocolate, bubble bath that smells like cake and a haunted house snowglobe that she must have bought in October because it was definitely not something you find in December. My aunt got me an invader zim wallet and my favorite movie (Repo! The Genetic Opera) on DVD so i wouldn't have to keep borrowing it from her. And my other aunt got me tickets to see Wicked when it comes to her town in March (it's kind of a christmas/birthday present since it costs so much). I've gotten several cards and calls from family members and a billion posts on my facebook page from my friends.

And today on my real birthday i brought cookies to school and gave them to all of my friends (funny how when it's your birthday you give other people stuff :P ). It was raining all day and i had two tests at school today but i didn't really mind because this was the one day this week i didn;t have to go to rehearsal so i was able to curl up on the couch all day and read books. We also had chinese food for dinner (my favorite :) ) and my fortune cookie had two fortunes in it. Which reminded me of how i had two fortunes when i opened a fortune cookie at my japanese academy last summer.

And now tomorrow after rehearsal my sister is going to take me to the movies and my celebrations shall finally come to an end (when my birthday comes around, it lasts for nearly a week :) )

So yeah, a really good birthday :D

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catching Up (I've been too lazy to post lately)

so it's been an entire MONTH since i last posted on here (i'm lazy), so i thought i should actually say something about what has happened since then.
So when you last read this i had just gotten my new book. Well i've finished it already and i'm looking into other books to read.
I went to Halloween Haunt nearly every weekend in October (which actually got a little old after a while). Got my brother lost there one night and all our phones went stupid so we looked for him for 3 hours and then just went home. Only upside of that was that we got chinese food on the way home.
I went to Homecoming (again) and had a pretty nice time (i got sucked into the giant fuck crowd of people humping on each other (gross :P )). At first everyone was just standing around in the gym talking and it made me angry because i had come to dance and it took 1/2 an hour for that to start.
I went to run for district president in SkillsUSA (a competition/program/thing at the tech center) and came back reporter (i'm still trying to figure out how (something to do with coming in 2nd for president and nobody was running for reporter))
I tried out for the musical at our school (we're doing Hairspray (YAY :D ) but got put in the ensemble (just one step up from being used as a prop and just under being tech (i say this because our job is basically to make the stage look less empty))
I'm in Forensics again this year and we go to one of the competitions next month (it would have been this weekend but i don't know my prose well enough to compete with it just yet). I'm definitely NOT doing storytelling since i don't want to go through last year's mishap (if you don't know about that it's one of my past posts from way back). Instead i'm doing poetry and prose (i had to do 2 apparently to compete)

Apparently my aunt's coming over tonight (which means we have to stay up to welcome her (i love her, but i'm too tired to care :P )) so i'm bored for the moment.
And to make up for being gone for so long here are some pictures of my many adventures:

It took 3 hours to get that amazing hair. My mom went and curled all my hair out and the result was OD Shirley Temple. 5 seconds later with my hairbrush and i got that beautiful look. Notice the skeleton necklace that everyone loves. The other girl in the other picture is one of my friends that i found at the dance we formed a little group of people and danced the night away together :)
 Mom freaked out when she saw this guy and jumped into a bush to get away from him. He was like 7 feet tall with long arms to reach out to get you. As you can see Mom was not a happy camper (that picture actually came later when to monsters ran up to her and one accidently touched her, cause her to scream in terror :P )

 Ferris wheels are fun. Especially in the dark

 want some blood?
She kept asking me if i wanted a taste

This guy kept getting so close to my camera that i was only ever getting pictures of his mouth until finally i told him to back off because he was screwing up my picture
 When i was walking past this guy he decided to tell me that he goes to my school.'d think i'd notice someone like him :P

Meet Chuckie the Clown. After i took his picture he made me promise to add him on Facebook and tag him. Clowns are funny
 The things you notice when you look up. First ting i thought was "Skulduggery? What are you doing????"
I'm silly when it comes to things like that

 Thriller Flash Mob :D

They had all these people dressed up in Masquerade stuff like this. They didn't have any blood or anything, they would just run up to you and freeze in positions like this. This was my favorite section because i their costumes were so beautiful

And just for fun:
a picture of my cat

On a random day i started taking pictures of my cat and this was the outcome
she's screaming "let me out!!"
so cute :3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


that's right, out Golden God is allowing us to get the first Skulduggery Pleasant book (now with a new awesome cover) for free (i can't believe that such an amazing book could possibly be for free) in the USA on your kindle and other reading gadgets (hm, i still like reading from actual books) until October 31st (HALLOWEEN :D )
to see what i'm talking about go to the link below to see it for yourself if you don't believe that such awesomness could ever happen:

wait just a bit longer and i will tall you guys about my awesome weekend and have the pictures to prove it

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IT'S HERE!!!!!!

my book showed up today and again i'm the last one to know when stuff shows up. Last year when i bought my class ring my brother threw it at my head because it had come the day before and i hadn't noticed. And it's actually on time this year.
My mom came up the stairs and i could tell there was something behind her back, so my first guess was the book. Then i was taking to long to get it open and my mom ripped it apart. I was sitting commenting on how she was more excited about it then i was, and she hasn't even read it. My brother then tried to get his hands on it but i wouldn't let him. Then mom told him to stop and he got upset and my mom claimed how everyone knew i had been waiting for this book for weeks.
Now it's goodbye Pride and Prejudice (i'm determined to actually read the book and not just watch the different movie versions) and hello Skulduggery Pleasant. I'm gonna start trying to get my english teacher to read it because i'm finding out he's obsessed with zombies and it reminds me of Scapegrace and Thrasher.

and i'm gonna try getting back into doing art stuff. I checked out all of these drawing manga books and i think they'll help me with my drawings on crack. That and i want to get a wacom tablet :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

So at the tech center they have this group called Skills USA and it uses all the different classes and we compete. Well i went and paid the $15 needed to join and got the shirt. Then we found out that they were looking for officers, but we didn't find out until we thought it was too late. The reason for that was because our teacher forgot to tell us about it and the lady in charge of it was supposed to come in to tell us about it but never did. So yesterday i asked my teacher if it was too late to run for an officer.
 She's didn't know so i was sent to the teacher in charge and she said that i could still join, i just had to wear a white shirt the next day. It's kind of weird but i said ok. The problem with this is that all my white shirts have pictures on them. I grabbed my Hello Kitty one and hoped it would be ok.
Today i found out that the officers were supposed to record in my class their little speeches. We also had to wear these red jackets to look professional, which meant i had to turn my shirt around so nobody saw Hello Kitty's head coming out of my jacket :P . I went and wrote my little speech  in like 5 seconds and used it.
 All of the kids who had come in to record were surprised that i had found out about it so late. We all recorded and then had to go down the hallway to stand in front of this giant mural of the American Flag. When we got there I was like "midgets in the front" and the teacher said "Tori's got it. She knows what's going on." We all posed formally at first and then we got really silly and did funny poses XP .
There had been all these shirts and jackets in our room while we were recording so they all had to go back to the teacher. She accidentally left one there so i went to go give it to her. She was in the office with two other faculty members. When i gave her the jacket she introduced me to the other teachers as the girl who came in at the 11th hour to join. One of the teachers then started to mess with me by telling me about this 6 part contract i had to sign. Teachers are so weird :P.
And i found out today that my aunt was in Skills USA when she was my age, though they were called VICA back then. She called me up and told me about she went to nationals in the competition and was president of VICA. She set the bar pretty high but i think i can manage it :P. I even used her in my speech, saying how winning was in my blood.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deja Vu

I feel like this has happened before
waiting impatiently for the next skulduggery pleasant book
planning my revenge on our creepy mailman for taking so long
checking amazon constantly for shipment updates
and reading the online chapters constantly (i always just skip those chapters when i get the book because i have them memorized)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupid Boys

So when does telling someone that you don't think they're funny mean that they should keep going? Because that's exactly what's been going on in one of my classes. There's this guy who at first seemed ok, but he's now being so annoying that i want to slap him. He's been coming up and trying to show me stuff or make a joke while i'm trying to work. I tell that i don't want to see what he's trying to show me or that he's not funny. He then says how he's super funny and then continues to insult me and say how i don't know how to have fun and how i'm such a downer.
Just today he and this other guy (who i actually think is nice) came and decided to sit next to me, even though we have assigned seats. At one point i told them to go back to their seats and he proceeded to tell me that he was in his seat. Then later i went and turned on a computer and while waiting for it to turn on i went to go help set up the cameras (the class is video production). As i was coming back to log on i saw him beginning to drag a chair over to my computer. I told him that it was my computer and when he tried to say no i had to force myself into his seat in front of the computer like i do with my little brother.
 Then as he was walking away angry he said "And here i thought you were cool." At that point i didn't give a damn what he thought of me. But he wasn't done, he then came back and proceeded to say how i was no fun. Then i turned, looked him in the eye and said "if me being no fun means that i try to do work when it's assigned and not goof off and watch your stupid videos then yes; i'm no fun. And you're not funny, your jokes are immature and i find no humor in them. And if you being funny doesn't mean that when i say it isn't funny that you insult me and complain like a 5 year old." Then he tried to say how he was funny and everybody thought he was funny and i was just lame. Then he tried to make up this excuse about how sometimes when someone says to stop, they really mean to keep going.
 This situation now reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (which i'm reading at the time) and he is  the pompous and self-centered Mr. Collins and i am Elizabeth. I'm not the sort of person to try and encourage someone by declining any attempt at humor. If i don't think you're funny or i don't want you bothering me right now, then i will say so and i mean it. When work needs to be done, i'll try to focus on that and i don't want to wander from it (which happens so many times and it frustrates me).

So now that i've ranted about the oh so glorious product of human kind, I have an announcement. I've been working on some doodles and drawings and I'm thinking about posting the on the blog in the absence of my awesome artwork that i can no longer make. I'll start posting some of these sketches maybe next blog post or whenever i can figure out how to use the scanner.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FINALLY!!!!!!! (And a very weird Friday)

As you can probably tell from the numerous exclamation points I FINALLY ORDERED SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT. No begins my long rants and conspiracies about how the mail man hates me and my plans to destroy his stupid vehicle with rocks thrown from my window. My mom was searching tv channels when she came across one of those HSN/QVC shows and they were selling christmas stuff (we both agreed that it was too early to start that). As she was changing the channel i said "speaking of christmas...." and went to amazon on the convenient laptop on my lap. I searched for the book and clicked on the cheapest price (surprisingly it was in Delaware which made me ask how in the world could they have the book). Once my mom went downstairs to get her card i knew i had won :P . It sad that it would take 4-8 business days to show up which made me laugh and then on the next page it said it would arrive sometime between the 23rd-11th, which made me laugh harder. I know it won't show up for a few MONTHS so i think it's hilarious how they try and lie about it

So yesterday I was in the morning announcements room and the lady who does the pledge of allegiance came on and informed us all that it was the last day to bring in money for the PSAT. I was planning he on taking it this year and my mom was going to give me the money this weekend. I told the teacher who does the morning announcements about my dilemma and out of nowhere he started taking out his wallet and handed me 10 dollars. I was a little bit stunned  and thanked him a bunch of times and promised to pay him back. Then as i was walking to my Calculus class I told my old Algebra teacher what was wrong and he gave me the rest of the money that i needed. I have such amazing teachers, i can't thank them enough. So now i have to go study lots for the test and wait in a dark corner for my book to arrive (maybe i'll get them for free like last time :P )

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jane Austen Lunch (And The Drama Teacher Hates Me)

So i started reading Pride and Prejudice this week and so far i'm loving it. I've seen the movie and played the computer game (yes there is a game for it (it's called matches and matrimony) and it's awesome), so i thought it was about time i read the book. My found out that one of my friends at lunch also loves Jane Austen's books and we got into this "deep" conversation about it. I use quotation marks because we sounded like a bunch of teenage girls the way we talked. We basically said that we thought that Mr. Darcy was hot :P.
 My friend said that if she could have her dream guy, then Mr. Darcy would be it. I kind of made a face and said "really? i mean he's handsome and rich but for the first half of the book he treats Elizabeth like crap and then claims he loves her and goes all good guy." That's basically the plot line of the best novel ever written; the couple treat each other like shit and then at the end it's all HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Don't get me wrong, i loved the book, i just think it's kind of funny how the best romance stories start out that way. We also talked about other movies/books like Jane Eyre, Gone With The Wind, and Mansfield Park.
My mom hated it when i watched Gone With The Wind. She thought it was the most boring movie EVER. So when i took the movie out of the Netflix envelope to go watch it she got all upset saying "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" ".....going to watch my movie.....?" "NO YOU'RE you mean in your room?" "...............uh, yeah, where'd you think i was going?" "oh, ok then. Never mind." She was fine as long as she didn't have to watch it :P .

So i went to this audition yesterday. The drama teacher sent out the e-mail about it the day before it was supposed to take place and we were all like CRAP!!! She gave us no warning, so i had to quickly text my sister and ask if she could pick me up. Luckily she said she could (thank god i ave an awesome sister (some of the time)). So i get there and the teacher arrives late.
Then after some exercises, she has us do some reading. During one of the plays we were audition for she didn't even let some of have a chance at reading it because she didn't think we could carry the part of an older woman. Some of those kids were freshmen, and she doesn't see some of us enough to know if we could handle it. We weren't even given the chance which ticked me off (which kind of explains why we ended HALF AN HOUR EARLY!!).
 Then today i go to her room to see if i was cast..........i wasn't. I don't even know why i bother auditioning anymore. I never get cast in any of the school's plays or musicals. I don't think she likes me very much, one because i didn't take theater this year because i couldn't fit it into my schedule. I've been dreaming of being in video production since middle school and it kills me that i can't be in art or drama this year, but at least the art teacher doesn't treat me like crap. I had to give up the things i loved most about school in order to take a path that will lead to a more successful future and actually have fun while doing it.
And it's obvious she liked my sister more than me when she was still in high school, she barely gave me the time of day. And even when i am cast in anything, it's always in the chorus, where nobody cares about us. And we're always told that every body matters in a play, not just the main characters. THAT'S A LOAD OF BULL! If we were important, then why is it that our job is something that ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can do, and can be replaced in a second. We're more like props to take up space so the important people don't stand on an empty stage.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weird Library Trip (Grandma Seeing Me Drive)

So my grandma took me to the library today (because she's the only one who will anymore :P ).We get to the library and there's this weird looking guy in his car a few spots over. As I'm walking towards the entrance he yells out that the library is closed today. I don't believe him so i just say "ok" and continue to the door. The door was locked and then i noticed the sign that says the hours that it's open. It says that it doesn't open until one. We had come an hour early :P. As i'm walking back to the car the guy sticks his head back out and says "you didn't believe me?" I was about to reply when another car comes up between his car and my grandma's and a girl gets out. I then warn her that it doesn't open until one on sundays. Then the guy gives me a weird look and says that it's friday. The girl and i then get together and try to convice him that it's sunday. Then he's like "ok, so it's either friday or saturday, which is it?" X_X. I say it's sunday and get into my grandma's car. 

We had a while to wait so my grandma took us to the fastmart a little down the road and we both got something to drink while we waited. We went back and parked in a shady spot, turned the car off, rolled the windows down and waited.

Once it opened i went inside, got my books and then went to the self check out (i always go to the self check out because the person at the desk always gives a look because i always owe them money :P ). I got down to the 2nd to last book before the computer went stupid, spat out a reciept and went back to the main screen. I put my card back in and just checked out that last book, hoping that it worked. The as i walked out of the building, when the alarms didn't go off i felt relieved :P

We get back home and my grandma hangs out for a while. I then remind my mom that she promised to take me driving today. She then turns to Grandma and asks her if she wanted to come along. I could see it in my grandma's eyes that she would rather be anywhere else than in the back of a car that in was driving. I started to say what she was thinking "oh gosh look at the time, i have to go. It's been lovely seeing you again but...........Bye." And then she would run as fast as she could to her car :P. But she did come with us and i didn't do so bad, other than i drove closer to my mom's side and then parks closer on my side. And i kept sitting on the keys when i was trying to start the car :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drama Club

Today was our first drama club meeting. I missed the first half an hour or so because i had to go to art club as we. I was going to stay there for an hour but then it got really boring and i decided to go to drama a little early.Our drama club doesn't really mean that you participate in the school plays or anything. The main thing we do is play a bunch of theater games that are really fun when you have an imaginative group. We also go on this yearly trip to new york city that i'm really hoping to go to this year. 
We played this one game called freeze. Its when you come up with your own situation and someone will shout "freeze." When they do you freeze in the position you're in and the person will either come take your place or the place of your partner.
 At one point there was this boy who was one the ground with his hands over his eyes with a girl leaning over him with her hands almost touching his shoulders. 
 I shouted freeze (well actually a few did but i ran up before this chance was lost) and came and took the girl's place. Then i said "Crikey, here we have the dangerous crocodile. It's very dangerous.....i'm gonna poke it with a stick." Everyone was dying of laughter (which doesn't happen a lot when i come up so i was happy it worked).Then the boy stood up and looked at me and said "i'm a person" ..................If there's one thing you should NEVER do when improvising, that was it. You should NEVER deny what a person is saying, no matter how ridiculous it is. Because then it breaks the spell and people know you don't know what you're doing. I was about to keep going and say "OH HE'S ANGRY!!" but then someone called freeze. :P

Also today on the morning announcements the principal came in while we were live. As i was saying one of the announcements he started making faces at me.....but i stayed strong and made it through without cracking. :P Apparently he had come in to check out the 9/11 video we'll be showing tomorrow (i know it's not 9/11 but it's on a weekend so we do it early). We're planning to do so much stuff for the morning announcements this year. We've been talking about having a morning show pre-recorded for the teachers who turn their tvs on early. And we're thinking about doing little skits to make it more fun to watch (even though the attempt last year was kind of a fail). It's going to be such fun :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Person and An Awesome Dream

Ok so i'm on the morning announcements at my school every morning. The other day as I was getting off the bus at the Tech school, this girl who was sitting scross from me looks at me and starts shouting "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE THE GRL FROM THE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS!" She scared the crap out of me, and i told her such as i was getting off the bus. Then the girl that was stting next to her said as she got off "oh my gish, we just met a celebrity." That made my day, and i now love freshmen. I went to my video production class (that the class i take at the tech center) and told my teacher about what had happened and she thought it was so cute. My video production teacher is the most awesome teacher you can ever know (as long as you do as she says (there's this girl in the class that is extremely rude and sometimes walks right out of the classroom)). Sometimes she'll say something to us and if we don't reply she'll start talking to herself :P. Like this one time she was telling us something and then she said "alright?" And when we didn't say anything she said in a hushed voice "yes, Mrs. Baker."

Now on to my awesome dream (well, i think it was awesome). Last night i had the weirdest dream. I don't exactly remember why but there were these people that were after me and Taylor Lautner was going to take me away to hide (just the fact that he was in my dream made it awesome). So i was running around my house looking for stuff that i would need to stuff into my backpack. At one point i walked up to him to ask if i should bring extra clothes and he said no. I thought that was weird so i packed some anyway (i'm not gonna be walking around for days in the same stinky clothes :P). I don't know why but Taylor was following my mom around the house and helping her with stuff like doing the dishes. Once I finished packing i went downstairs and he was on the floor helping her fold laundry. My mom then hugged me and told me to be safe, which kind seemed strange to me. In my mind i was like "wait, youre actually letting me go??? You're gonna let me run away with Taylor Lautner...........ok, who are you and what have you done with my mother?" This morning i went and told my mom about it and then i was like "how coud you just let him take me away like that? Just because he's hot, doesn't mean it's ok." :P I'm weird in the mornings

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Of School

So my first day of school wasn't as good as i had hoped. Everything was good in the morning, i got up on time and headed off to school. In my first class I ended up going to the senior assembly because i had to go to the career and tech center when they were having the junior assembly tomorrow. I have to go to the tech center every day for class. Today i ended up not showing up though. Not only did i miiss the bus to go to the tech center, i got on the wrong bus and ended up going to a different high school, where they have the governor's school. See, i thought that alll the different "out of school" classes were at the same place, so we'd take the same bus to get there. Nobody told me otherwise until i was already halfway to a place where i wasn't supposed to be.
So once we got there, the bus driver had to take me all the way back to the school. Before we even left the parking lot, she asked what school i regularly go to. I told her what school, and that's where she took me. Once we got back to the school, she asked me where i was supposed to be, and i said at the tech center. Then she started getting upset and asking me why i hadn't said so in the first place and why i hadn't said that when she asked. She never asked me where i was supposed to go, she only asked what school i REGULARLY go to, that's my high school. She then said that she didn't have to gas in the bus to get me to the tech center, so i just got out at the school.
I then went into the office and explained the same story 5 times until it was finally decided that there was no way to get me to my class, so i just ended up spending the afternoon in the library. The class i'm taking at the tech center is 2 class periods long, every day. And the bus to get there only comes in the morning and after first lunch. So if i ever miss the bus, i'm kind of stuck in the library until the day is out. The only upside of missing half a day of school, while AT school, was that i got to check out some new books and i learned a little origami from some origami books i found.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Mom's An Idiot

You can pretty much teel by the title that i'm a little P.O.'d about my mom today. For several reasons:
1) She just realized that last year i got one D on my report card. Every year during summer vacation for middle school and up, they mail our report cards. I already knew I didn't do very well in that class and i told my mom that before they got here and then explained again what had happened when they came in. Now, months later, when school is about to start again, she goes onto P.A.S.S. (school website where you can see your grades) and notices that i did poorly in that class. She then goes into detective mode and goes around the house trying to find a report card that had been thrown away. She insists that i never told her about it and was starting to get really annoying until FINALLY she dropped it and found something better to do with her time, going to get her nails done. Which brings me to number 2:

2) She told me last weekend that i could go with her when she goes to her every-other-week nail appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. She not only didn't take me with her, but gave no indicationat all that she was leaving. So out of nowhere i go look out the window and realize that her car is missing. It being Sunday, i know where she went and i'm a little annoyed by it.

3) She told me that this weekend she would take me to go practice my driving. She has not taken me driving since school was in session. The only time i have gone driving this summer was when i was at my aunt's last weekend. And it had been so long since i had been allowed to drive, i had forgotten how to start (it was in brake so it just made this huge noise right in front of where my aunt works). Thankfully after that i only messed up once when i accidentally hit the curb while turning right. And my mom still refuses to take me driving since my older sister is going to COLLEGE and doesn't know how to drive. Thankfully she finally started behind-the-wheel which means that she'll be getting her license soon. But today when i asked her if i could go driving, she said that i had never driven outside of the neighborhood................ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Are you really that forgetful or are you just making up shit to make me want to punch you in the face? She knows god damn well i've driven outside of the neighborhood. When i told her this (in a much more respectful tone, don't worry) she just turned around and said "oh, well your dad can take you driving." And when i turned to him, he said "not today." Sometimes i think my mom just likes to mess with me and give me false hope. Just last night we were in the walmart parking lot and she asked me if i had my permit on me. And i surprised her by saying yes, so she turned around and said "oh, well its too dark out for you to be driving"............REALLY?! And by law i need to have 15 hours driving AT NIGHT in order to get my license. And i will not be like my sister, who was afraid to get behind the wheel of ANY vehicle. I refuse to wait until i'm fucking 18 years old, graduated fomr high school and has no fucking idea how to drive a damn car.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogger hates me

Okay, so every time i try to post a comment on someone else's blog, it makes me sign in even though i'm already logged  on. And then it tries to post it as anonymous.....even though i just signed in. But i press ok anyway just to get the stupis thing posted......and then it asks me to sign in again. And it''s this never ending cycle and the stupid comment never gets posted.
So anyway, Not much has been going on with me since I got back from the academy (i always feel funny when i say that :P). My phone woke me up yesterday morning and i was surprised to see it was my aunt calling. I answered and she asked if i wanted to go to her house this weekend by myself. I was basically still trying to wake up and at that point i had question marks around my head (like you see in cartoons and comic books :P). But i said yes anyway and went back to sleep. I thought it was weird because i had only ever been to her house once since she moved here last year. And the entire time i was there i was playing sims on her labtop. We didn't really go anywhere other than to an air show since she lives on an air base and it was liks 5 minutes away.
Then later that afternoon she called me again to tell me to bring my bathing suit and stuff to go to an amusment park. Now we have 2 amusement parks in Virginia (actually we have 3 but nobody cares about Six Flags :P). There's Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens. We go to Kings Dominion almost every summer because it's only a 45 min. drive and they have Halloween Haunt in October (which i freaking LOVE, by the way :D). My aunt was talking about going to Bush Gardens which i have only ever been to once (and that was for an orchestra trip) because her family gets in for free since she's in the air force.  But i either have too pay to get in or i have to pretend to be one of her kids (which is really hard since her kids are both red heads thanks to their dad and my aunt has light brown hair (where mine is so dark it could be mistaken for black in certain lighting)). She's also thinking about going to the my weekend is going to AWESOME :D

Sorry i don't have any art pictures to post and my computer went stupid last tie i tried to upload pitcures from my academy, so no pictures for a while. Sorry :(

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

So I returned from my japanese academy last sunday and I was ready to go home. I got home and realized that my room is disgusting and attempted to clean it (there's still stuff laying around but at least i can walk without having to climb around stuff :P).
The academy was fun, don't get me wrong, but some of the people there made me want to punch them in the face. And some of those people were the senseis (in fact, about half of the senseies). Some of the rules were that we couldn't have our cell phones, and we would rarely have any time to go on the internet (it used to be no internet at all). But the younger senseis would always have their laptops and would be on facebook and listening to music. Now I understand how they need their phones to be able to keep in contact with each other and blah blah blah, but have their laptops was unnecessary.
And one of the senseis, whenever we would gather to go inside, he would make up get off the "stoop" (the top step to get to the door) because that was where the senseis belonged. First of all, it's called a step, get a dictionary. And second, that is the most idiotic rule, that only he enforced, to show how he was somehow better than everyone else. And even when we would do nothing wrong, he would yell out "tray duty" as a punishment (again, something that was never enforced). Again, something that never made sense because the dining hall where we ate didn't have trays, they had plates. One day he actually tried to make me do it by yelling my name to get my attention, and then snapping his fingers and pointing at his dishes (I'm nobody's maid, that is not how you get me to do something, and if he ever tried that again in me, i'd break his fingers).
Then there was another sensei, who was in charge of our group, who was the biggest idiot you could ever meet. Our group was in charge of the blog, and then later (at the last minute) in charge of putting together the memory disk that had everything we ever did on it (which ended up being handed out when it wasn't finished). He would sit there and watch anime on his laptop and wouldn't give us any help at all. One day he was looking for pictures to put on the blog and i was trying to work on my research project that had been assigned at the beginning of the academy. He asked me for the pictures i had taken and I put my camera right next to him and went back to work. Then 5 minutes later he was asking for the pictures again and i told him that i already gave them to him. Then 5 minutes later he was asking for them again...........are you stupid???? I went and pointed to the camera that was right next to him and stated "my pictures are on that camera right there that i have to you about 20 minutes ago." Then he started going on about how he didn't know which pictures were ok to use............THEY WERE ALL OK!!!!! I looked at him, walked over to him and said that all of the pictures on there were ok to use except one video and the pictures of my cat, and went all the way back to my seat. At one point i opened my stupid mouth and said that i wrote on a blog, so apparently to him that meant i was was some english major and knew everything about grammar. So he started wasting my time by making me read over everyone's entries to make sure they were ok........i didn't know i was doing, all i could do was change the font on them and make them all LOOK alike. And the blog was never put up in order because it always took us so long to post them (the first entry was posted a week into the academy, so there wasn't really any point in it if we weren't going to stay updated). He was keeping me from doing the work that i needed to do, and eventually i just had to tell him that i was trying to do my project, because i barely had anything done because he kept harassing me about the blog and i was about to start throwing things, mainly at him.
Once we were reaching the end of the academy, the senseis gave us a few minute to check facebook and everything. I went onto my blog and started typing. Then he comes along and asks me what i'm doing. I said i was blogging and for a second he looked pleased by my answer so i knew he misunderstood. I told him that i wasn't on the academy blog, but my own personal blog and his smile dropped. Then he asked if i wanted to put what i was saying on my blog and put it on the academy, not really, because then i'd have a lot of people angry with me and i wasn't going to have that happen (because not everything i say on here is meant for the people around me to read). Now you may be wondering why i would post it online then, if it would only make people mad at me. Well, the chances of them actually finding this blog are extremely small seeing as how i've been posting for 6 months and i only have 6 followers (half i doubt are even reading what i type).

Now that i've raged my little heart out (and probably repeated a few things) here are some pictures from the academy:

We all wore yukatas one day (summer kimonos)

me in my yukata

my room (left)

my room (right)

hehehe, jerky sensei in a care bear suit

we went to a soy sauce factory (and it smelled SO BAD!!! X_X)

"Look, it's a bird!"

waiting for the bus became and event of itself (time for a photo shoot!!)

my friend Christina on the bus

She noticed me taking pictures and decided to have a little fun


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Continuing My Adventures At My Japanese Academy

I'm still at the academy and I'm working really hard and I'm learning so much every single day (even though I don't remember much of it the next day :P). We've gone to so many different places and done so many cool things.
Yesterday we all wore Yukatas (summer kimonos) and had our own little festival. Only it was really hot and we got uncomfortable really fast :P. We had fun little photo shoots and took pictures of everyone and posed around everything. My camera was being stupid so my purple kimono turned up blue in my pictures :(.

The very next day we went to a Japanese garden (which is really surprising to go to where I live). It was so beautiful and we went into every nook and cranny. I found several little paths through bamboo and on top of rocks.
It was still really hot but we went and had a nice picnic after wards. Only the flies were after us so we were constantly flapping our hands around to keep them away.
Then after that we went to a big art museum for no reason at all. There was no Japanese art there, but the senseis thought it would be nice so we were allowed to walk around there for a bit. We also walked a few blocks down and found this little japanese store to buy little doo-dads. Nearly everyone bought pretty fans because it was so hot out, but I bought this little umbrella mobile. Its hanging up in my dorm now but I will be sure to put a picture up of what it looks like. I also bought this little doo-dad from the museum. I can't really explain it other than it drops red goop in a zig zag motion and is really cool to look at but is really pointless :P.
We have been doing a bunch of arts and crafts and I actually have a picture of the little boxes they had us make.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Japanese Academy (It's Only Day 2)

So apparently at the academy they started letting us get online so we can check all of our stuff, so that means i can get on to teel recent stories about my adventures. It's really hot here and there is no air conditioning in our dorms, so we have to have our fans on full blast ALL the time. My roommate is really nice and we get allong really well.
We had a door decoratin contest the other night and we worked non-stop until we were done. It wasn't until later that we found out that we had several days to finish them, so now we're gonna rip the entire bottom half of our door off and try again :P. Apparently nearly everyone here is an artist so the stakes are high to come out with the best doors possible. Our door has a drawing of pocky on it :P.
They had everyone split into "commities" and we were all assigned different tasks to put together for the academy. I was put into the one for the academy blog and that makes me happy. We get to take pictures of everyone and keep the parents in the know of what we're up to. Also, the commities will be put against one another in challenges and games and we made the head bands that we have to wear during the challenges. Our team leader is really funny.
The language classes are really hard, but as long as I keep studying every chance i get i should be ok (even though i'm about to rip my hair out some of the time.
We have to walk everywhere, especially to get to the dining hall. The other day, we found a dead squirrel on the ground as we were walking by. It had a bunch of flies all around it and we were all very disgusted.
All of the girls were put on the second floor of the building that we're in. And the boys are on the first. We're not allowed to go into each other's halls, which is understandable. It's really good for the girls because we also get the third floor bathrooms, because nobody's up there :P. Which is really good because we have recreation time every day and they make sure we get really sweaty. We had our first recreation yesterday and everyone RAN to the showers afterwards. I'll get back on when i can and keep you posted on my adventures.

Sorry, no pictures because they're at home. I'll have a bunch of pictures when i get back from japanese academy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Plans, Oh Big Plans :D

So, next weekend is when i head off for my big Japanese Academy program thing :D. If I haven't already explained what that it, it's nthis program in our state where only 100 students get into to. During the summer we go to a university in the state and stay in the dorms for 3 weeks and learn a language of our choice. For languages like spanish for german, you have to speak the language the entire time and have to be tested in order to get in. But for japanese, it's for kids who want to begin learning, so you don't have to be tested or speak it the entire time. And out of 100, i'm one of the lucky few who got in and I head off there next week.....I just feel bad for my dad, because he's the one who has to drop me off. And he can't just drop me off and leave because there's an opening ceremony he has to go to as well. So he'll be stuck there for a few hours before he can go home. My mom can't take me because on the thursday before i go, she's going up for the yearly family fourth of july trip to new york to visit our family (first we go to our great aunt's for a big family picnic and then we go to our grandparents (on our dad's side) for a few days) but this year she's skipping the grandparent part of the trip (because my dad's not going because someone has to drop me off) so she'll only be gone until the tuesday after next week (about 4 to 5 days).

But there is still a lot of shopping I have to do before I go so i have to get all of that done this weekend. YAY, big shopping day!!!! And to add to that my friend is having a big sleepover this weekend for her birthday and I haven't seen her in a long time so I'm heading to that as well. She says we'll be watching all of the lord of the ring movies and i've never seen them so that should be either really exciting or i'll be bored out of my mind :P. And to add to THAT, it's father's day so we have to go get me dad a card while we're shopping (i always pick out the card that the kids sign because i always pick out really funny cards :D). When i told my dad that he asked why i didn't do anything for mother's day (to be honest none of us did anything for mother's day, so mom was really grumpy and took it out on me :P). And i told him how mom is having me draw this picture of when i was really little for her really late mother's day present.

So i've got a big weekend this week, and i'm starting a really big program next week. So this should be fun and i'll come back with lots of fun little stories of my adventures.

So now for my picture (if i have any left):
I don't actually consider this one of my art pieces because it was done in an exercise. But when time came around for the art show i found out that some of my more important pieces had gone missing and i didn't have that many to work with, so this was thrown in. It was all done in watercolor (excluding the little people made with sharpie (and the hard to see trees on the hill)). I really like how the hill and the little people came out. I like the fairy's wings because of the blended color in them but other than that i wish i had done better on the fairy (which some people thought was a butterfly :P).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Downtown With My New Friend

So i met this girl at prom a few weeks ago and we got to talking. Then she found me on facebook and got my phone number from our friend A.J. (girl from previous entries). At first i thought this was kind of strange, but after talking to her i found out that she was actually pretty cool.
So we decided to hang out downtown. We were supposed to be doing this scavenger hunt thing that I found in the newspaper, but we actually only found 2 out of 20 items. And that was because there was a couple down there that was also doing the scavenger hunt and we started following them from a distance.
But after those two items they disappeared so we just kept walking until we hit this old historic ice cream stand that sells this really delicious soft serve ice cream (they will NEVER go out of business (mostly because they're considered historic so they can't close (and they still get a lot of business every day of the week))). We got some ice cream and pigged out and then got to walking again. We ended up going way further than we should have. We ended up walking out of downtown and headed past a college that was a few miles away and went by it into a grocery store nearby. I had never walked so much in my life and by the time we stopped at the grocery store to get lunch, my legs were about to fall off. Once we finished eating my friend volunteered to carry me. She got down on the ground and i climbed on her back. It was all going well until she decided to get up to start walking. I actually flipped over her and almost landed face first in the parking lot. We were both on the ground laughing our heads off and I could just tell that there was a homeless man walking by saying "those girls are crazy."
We got up and went back to walking. And while we were walking I decided to point out that my friend had a car but we had left it once we reached downtown and now we had to walk all this way. We ended up cutting though the college (which was really pretty) and made it back to her car almost an hour later. Once we got there I was about ready to strangle her for leaving her car and she drove me back to my house (because I can't drive). And not even ten minutes after saying goodbye, she texted me and we proceeded to text until it was almost midnight. it was a fun day :D

This is art I came up with in the middle of the year for a school fundraiser. We were allowed to make a drawing of anything we wanted, it would get sent in, and then they would send a catalog of all the things you could buy with that picture on it. One of the things they were doing with this was they were having everyone buy a tile of their art and they made a big tile wall that would be displayed in the arts hallway. We bought one of the tiles and my mom bought a flag to put in the front yard (which still hasn't been put up yet). The girl in this picture is actually based off one of my favorite graphic novels, Bizenghast. This was all done in colored pencil and I really like the result (I like the result of the flag and the tile even more :D)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Announcements (and Spanish Bullies)

So at our school we have our morning announcements broadcast live on the tvs in each classroom. The are filmed in this small closet-like room in one of the computer labs. It has the computer, a teleprompter and a green screen so have different pictures on it everyday. My friend Vince is on the morning announcements nearly everyday and i saw him this morning walking out of the library. I called him over and started talking to him as he was walking to the "recording room" and he asked me if i wanted to do the announcements with him because his "co-anchor" was missing (there are always 2 people on the announcements). I said "HELL YEAH!!!!!" and we got to work (and i felt really glad that i wasn't wearing green today (because then i would be invisible in front of the green screen :P). We went and did it and at the very end Vince announced that this was his last broadcast (because he's a senior and seniors get out of school before we do (it's almost the end of the school year) and we signed off. The teacher who was at the computer said that i was really good (except that i forget to smile :P) and asked if i could come in again tomorrow because there wasn't really anyone there to do the announcements.
Only a few people said anything about me being on the announcements (because only a few people watch them). Nearly everyone at the school doesn't care about the morning announcements but i consider them really fun. Especially since I'm taking a video production class at the career and tech center next year (it's this place that branches off from all of the nearby schools where you can learn things that have to specifically relate to the kind of job you want (like being a firefighter, a hairstylist, or mechanic)). So now for the rest of year i'll be doing the morning announcements, and hopefully next year as well.

My day was going amazingly (as much as a "b" day can be (we have block scheduling)) until i reached my last class and one very annoying girl ruined it for me. We were assigned this project having to do with spanish speaking countries and we all had to have a DIFFERENT country. I raised my hand and said that i wanted to do Costa Rica. As soon as i said that this girl (Kristen) starts talking with all of her friends about how she wanted it as well and how i heard her saying that before. Then she went on to throw insults at me (one of them being how i have smelly feet (which is true but still mean :P) as if i wasn't sitting five feet away from her. I brushed it off and thought "it sucks to be her, i got the country that i wanted and now she's throwing a fit" and got to work.
As i was looking through my textbook trying to find information on my country, i noticed that i had a paper that had a translation having to do with one of the articles on Panama (earlier in the year our teacher would make us translate pages in the book and this was one of them). I thought this would be helpful to whoever had that country and asked the teacher who had that country. It turns out it was Bri, one of the girls that was hanging out near Kristen. I went and gave it to her and explained what it was. She thanked me for it (she was just trying to figure out what that article was saying) and i sat back down. As soon as i turned away Kristen started up again, asking why i would do that, and why i had that paper. She was also telling Bri that she shouldn't have accepted it and how she should of said "I can do my own work, i don't need you to do it for me" (and made more comments on my feet). She also at one point took the paper from Bri and started to read out loud as if it was some joke. Right then Bri looked at her and said "maybe she did it because I don't talk about her and I'm not rude to her. She has done nothing wrong and she was just being nice" and that shut Kristen up.

This complaining is coming from the same girl who, in middle school, pretended to be my friend so she could copy off of my work (she was friendly right about until i told her no) along with these two other girls who's names i forget. I remember this one time we had to get into groups and come up with a board game that had to do with sports (that was the vocab we were learning). Before the teacher was even telling us to make our groups, the three girls were joining up and recruiting me with them.
As soon as the teacher let us start, i stood up and left them there calling after me. I joined an different group, with one the kids having a mental disability (i don't know what it is, but we treated him as if he was no different (he doesn't need to be treated in any special way, he just kind of talks a lot and says some rude stuff about girls not being as good as boys) and gave him a job) and we actually came up with a really good game.
The teacher said we had the best game and worked the best (because everyone was working, not just one person) and as soon she said that i could hear the three girls talking amongst themselves, saying how we had copied their idea and that Randy's (the boy with the mental disability) only ever cut out baseballs (baseball was the sport our game was based on and the baseballs he cut our were the game spaces). They just kept going on about how it wasn't fair and how our group didn't need the extra credit (the teacher was giving extra credit to the group who did the best).

Now that I've bagged on about my day, here's my art work;
This is my paper mache mask that i made earlier this year. This has to be one of the art pieces that i've worked the hardest on. The only requirement was that we had to have something coming out of the mask, like an add on (mine is my amazing hat). The full face mask (the under-layer) is entirely paper mache, whereas the smaller mas and the hat were made out of this wore this called mesh and then paper mached. The chains and little heart pendant (the thing hanging off of the hat) i got at the craft store. I remember that the day we were showing them to the class, i was still rushing with a hot glue gun to finish up and was burned several times by the glue :P. I wish i'd had more time on the hat because it wasn't spray painted very well and shows little parts of newspaper underneath the paint. All in all, this counts as a success

Monday, May 23, 2011

PROM!!!!! (it is as fun as they say :P)

OMG prom was on saturday and it was AWESOME!!!!! I already made the post about before we had headed out. Well, as my sis was getting her nails done and my eyebrows had been waxed (they were then red for several hours because IT HURST LIKE HELL!!!) my sis looks at me and says that she wasn't going to be able to get my hair done for prom (even thought she had already promised that she would) because then she wouldn't have time to do her own hair :P. So i wait until she's out of hearing range and ask my mom if she could take me to go get my hair done. At first she says yes and we leave my sis at the nail place to finish up so i can go get it done. But as we're waiting to be called up she changes her mind and says that she was going to do it instead (i don't trust my mom with my hair because for the first 12 years of my life she had chosen my hair cut and i hated it (even when i got it cut really short, she told the lady to change the cut and to only make it what i wanted for that day)). This made me a little grumpy and we get called up and my mom tells them what she wants done to my hair (because i don't really care how it looks (even though i'm trying to grow it out) and she thought it needed trimming). Just as the lady's about to start i told her that i wanted my hair curled and asked how long that would take. She thinks about it for a moment and looks at my hair and says that it would take an hour or two. I look at my mom and ask her if the lady could do it (because adding that on didn't cost a lot) and my mom got my dad to pick my sis up and finish what she needed to get done (because she still can't drive :P). I end up getting my hair done by a hairstylist because my sis turns into a grouch (SCORE!!!!!). So the lady curls my hair and i warn her to use a lot of hairspray (because my hair is really thick and when i was little, i couldn't even keep a hair scrunchie up for very long (part of that was i hated having my hair up :P)) and what was supposed to be 1-2 hours turned into almost 4 HOURS!!!.
But i ended up looking awesome
This is me in all of my glory (from the chest up :D) from my curly hair to my awesome make up
And this is me in my dress (i'm sorry, you have to turn your head a little to get a good look at it (sorry it's really blurry, my camera sucks (and most of the pictures i have are blurry as well (curses)))), this dress was long as hell so whenever i wanted to walk anywhere, i had to grab the skirt of my dress and almost carry it :P

As my mom is driving my to prom i get a text from my date (remember A.J. from the other post) asking if i wanted to go to after prom (this party held at the school after prom to keep kids off the roads). We had already planned to go to ihop after prom. I call her up and tell her this (she was my ride home and all of a sudden our plans are changing) and she claims that we were still going to go after "after prom." I told her that i didn't have money to do both and that we were already on our way to prom so i couldn't get money. Out of nowhere she starts telling me to tell my mom to stop the car and to find me $10 (the cost to get into after prom). She started going on about how it was my night and how my mom already had her night and how my mom wasn't being fair and that she couldn't just give me money and all of these mean things. I tell my mom like this "she's telling me to tell you __________" and my mom can also hear the stuff that i'm not saying because my date is being pretty loud on the other end of the phone. At this point my mom is getting really angry at a person that she had never met and says that she is now just going to come pick me up (which then later evolves into my sis taking me home (because she was there as well)). I tell A.J. that now i'm not doing anything because of her and she starts asking me why i told her all of that stuff (and the thing going through my head is "because you told me to you IDIOT!!!!! that shit may work with your mom but it sure as hell won't get you anywhere with me or my mom"). My mom drops me off at the prom and tells me to call her if i find any plans after-wards (which then evolves into her just wanting me to come home because she doesn't want me "out on the streets" (as if i'm going to go find a dark alley to get with a drunken hobo)). I find my date and tell her that what she said was rude and inconsiderate and remind her how much money my mom had already spent on the whole event already (over $300 for my sis and my dresses, money for shoes, for the tickets to get in, and the money to get my hair done) and how i didn't even want to go to after prom. After that she shuts up for the night except for the occasional escaped grumble of how she was just "telling it how it is." But i didn't let her being stupid get in my way, mostly since i didn't see her for the majority of the night (i had a bunch of other people there that i could hang out with)

Here are some picks of me and my friends having fun:

All of the girls were dancing together (because the guys didn't know how :P). All the girls would join into this little group and just dance while most of the guys just stood there and watched :P.
I went to go find my friend Lauren, and i find her dancing with TWO guys. All of the other girls couldn't even get one (we just resorted to dancing with each other) and here she was dancing with two at one time :P.
I needed to get at least one picture of me with my "date." This is A.J. (Amber) (she stole the tie off of one of the guys who were hanging out with us)
I wasn't the only one who was taking pictures (my friend had such a better camera than i did that it made me depressed :P)

The two pretty pretty princesses of the night (even when they were the dirtiest dancers lol). My friend on the right really wanted a picture of her dress swirling around (because he's a nut, just like me :D).
.......Apparently there was something really interesting going on in the other direction :P
This girl comes running out of nowhere saying how her pinkie was gone. I swear i started counting her fingers and about to call her a liar when i realized that she was talking about the fake nail of her pinkie :P I have silly friends
He is one of the very rare guys (in our group of friends) that was dancing. Most of the time i thought he was in pain and other part of the time i thought he was going to hurt somebody. (speaking of getting hurt, i kept getting jabbed while dancing. At one point it was in the boob my one of my friends (she jerked her elbow out of nowhere and got me) and the other time was when a girl shot her and out and smacked me in the nose (at which point we both pretended to cry for a few minutes and had a little conversation about how we were both crying :P)
I like to call this one "MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!" He was talking to me and i took a picture of him out of nowhere and ran away as the flash of the camera blinded him :D

Another thing that happened (that i don't have a picture for :P) was that the lipstick that was in my purse (expensive lipstick that belonged to my mom (why she gave it to me for me to use, i will never know)) went missing. That gave me a little panic attack and while i was looking around for it i found a $20 bill on the ground. Thinking that it had been taken our my purse along with my lipstick i pick it up and go to my wallet only to find my money still there. For a few seconds i was tempted to go put it back on the ground but then i just decided to keep it because i now need to buy my mom another thing of lipstick (and it just occurred to me that my past problem about not having money to buy an "after prom" ticket was solved (even though at that point that was the last place i wanted to go)). So now i have $40 bucks :D (actually just 20 because my mom took her money back :P)

All great thing must come to an end, as they say and this was no exception. The time came where i had to say my goodbyes and i went home with my sister. Once we got home if cleaned myself up, got into pj's and headed downstairs for the computer. After a little while my sister's friends showed up for their after prom fun. I talked to a few of them and all of a sudden my sister comes in and says that my mom said it was time to go to bed. After all of that I was being sent to bed like a 5-year old (which is exactly what i was fearing if i went home after prom). All because my sister can't stand it if her siblings get along with all of her friends, which is a load of CRAP!!!!! So my night ended in a little sour note thanks to my sister but all in all i had an amazing night

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready For Prom

So prom is tonight (inside i'm screaming with glee :D). Along with prom, there is also preparing for prom, which is also a lot of fun. I already have my dress (which i will post a picture of tomorrow, along with other fun photos), shoes and other must haves. I just finished painting my nails and they're this really cute sparkly purple/blue color that matches my dress perfectly and my sister is going to go get her nails done while i get my eyebrows waxed. It's incredibly painful (and they say you get used to it (not likely :P)) but right now my eyebrows are starting to join in the middle and it's starting to freak me out (yesterday i was telling my mom how it was "attack of the eyebrows :P). Once we get back my sister is going to curl my hair for me because i LOVE short curly hair (we would go and get them done but my mom is trying to "save money" (which doesn't seem to be happening since she payed a fortune for our dresses :P).

OMG my date to prom almost gave me a heart attack. We're planning on going to iHop after prom and then go home. We had done this so my mom would only have to get me a ride to where prom was (because she told both my sis and i that she wasn't giving rides after prom because she didn't want to stay up late) and then her mom could take us to ihop and then home (because we live so close to each other).
So she goes and messages me on facebook and the conversation follows (I'm only using her initals to protect her identity :P (because there are a bunch of creepers out there who would try to find her)) :

AJ: hey do u have a ride home after prom or are u goin to dinner with us?
Me: ?????? you mean to ihop? because that's what we planned to go after prom and then i thought we were going home
AJ: ok then were set
Me: ok, for a sec i thought you were changing plans on me
AJ: well i might have to idk yet
Me: ..............remember, you're my ride home
AJ: i can take u home it gonna be a full car though
Me: that's ok
AJ: ok lol u have a ride there though right to prom?
Me: yes, i just need a ride from prom to ihop, then ihop to home
Now we're about to head out but not before i post my picture
This is my surrealism piece. I based it off of alice in wonderland (the girl is supposed to be the mad hatter). This went through a bunch of changes before it was actually painted and every thing (like the eye and the butterfly were going to be a big moon and the tree wasn't originally going to be different colors). I like how most of it came out except for the girl's hair (it looks like an oddly colored blob). But that's what i get for using watercolor. But all in all i like the result.