Saturday, January 29, 2011


so today i went to this vietnamese with my friends today and it was really weird. First off, my friends looked over at this table where the people had left and asked the waiter if they could have their food. The waiter AGREED and gave us their food for free :P

Then later when we were done my friend was allowed to come over and spend the night. We wet to the store and bought a bunch of junk food and rented some movies (which we are probably never going to finish watching)

The absolute best part is when my mom went to check the mail and found a package, and it didn't have the HSN or QVC label on it so it couldn't be for her. I started to get excited and when we opened them I let out a squeal of joy. MY BOOKS HAD FINALLY COME!!!!! but it was kind of funny because we had already contacted amazon and they gave us a refund for them and we still got them :P Now I can't wait to read them :D After waiting for oh so long i finally get to experience the new adventures of valkyrie cain and skulduggey pleasant HHHHHOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Swan

So, I'm watching Black Swan on the computer because i've kind of wanted to see it but not enough to go to the theater (that and watching supposed "scary" movies freaks me out because i need to be able to walk around when watching one) and my sister had already seen it so i went and i told her what part i had stopped at for the moment, which was the part when the two girls have sex. I said that it was really gross and she said "but you like girls, you should like stuff like that" (in case you didn't know, i'm bisexual). Being bisexual does not make you a pervert who likes to watch porn. It only means that you like girls, whatever level you like them depends from person to person. Just because i like girls does not mean that i want to watch sexual activities going on. I still think that that is something that should be kept private.

In other news (and i know i said i wouldn't talk about it anymore but i can't resist), i found out that the books that i had ordered got lost in the mail. So now i'm pissed about that and i don't really know what else to talk about so I'm just rambling on about nothing. Stick around long enough and I'll ramble some more in another blog that nobody reads......except for Jaffa (you know who you are)(maybe) because that's the only person i got a comment from........ever.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are my books really coming?

yes, i know that all i've talked about are how i'm waiting obsessively over my Skulduggery Pleasant books (and why wouldn't i be, since they are so amazing), and i should probably write about someting else, but i promise this will be my last post about them (at least until they arrive). My mom was wondering why my books hadn't come in when they were supposed to, so she went onto amazon to see how they were on getting here. As she was reading the different e-mails she's gotten and the online tacker on them, she decides to tell me her theory that the books are never going to come, and that we had only pre-ordered them (pre-ordering is the most idiotic idea on the planet since you never actually get the book). And i said that was ridiculous since we had ordered them on amazon from a store in the UK. My mom then got confused and then decided to tell me that we had ordered them from a store in New Jersey (she wasn't paying attention to which place we had actually bought them from).  told her no, we didn't order from there, because the shipping price was the same no matter where we ordered them from and getting the books from New Jersey was more expensive since the books hadn't been released in the US yet. I also told her that we had ordered used paperback books and she started to look at me funny and said that it was ridiculous that we had ordered USED paperback books (because i was paying for them with my own money and they were the cheapest ones there). So after that long useless chattering, i'm still waiting for them, keeping in mind that the latest they can arrive is on the 20th........still waiting....and getting my shotgun ready to shoot the mailman :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new hatred of the UPS man and my mom's sick idea of a joke

So my books still haven't come in yet and i was waiting around for them (because i have nothing better to do) when i noticed the UPS truck driving up the street. I got all excited and thought that my books had finally arrived. At the same time my mom had come into the driveway. I waited for her to get the package from the delivery guy and ran into the garage to grab the box when i noticed that it was a box from QVC. I looked at my mom and i said "Why mommy? why would you trick me like this by ordering things online? you made me think that my books were finally here but instead there's this stupid whatever you ordered thing here instead. Now i'm gonna go cry in the corner." and i left. I returned in a few minutes and my dad commented that i hadn't cried for a very long time and i replied " it was a short cry." my search for amazing reading material continues *sigh

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My eternal hatred of the mailman (at least for now)

So, i had ordered the next 2 books of Skulduggery Pleasant (if you haven't heard of this then you are unworthy of reading this blog) on December 11. A few days after my birthday because i had money back then and i really wanted those books. I had to order them from the UK because apparently the united States (the and of the free, home of the brave) is stupid and the last 2 books hadn't been released yet. And they still haven't arrived yet >:O. I wait outside my window and i watch the mailman come by, drop off our boring mail that no one cares about, and drive away. And as he's driving away I'm tempted to yell out profanities at the little box shaped vehicle. So until they arrive in their little cardboard box i will forever hate the postal service of america.