Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are my books really coming?

yes, i know that all i've talked about are how i'm waiting obsessively over my Skulduggery Pleasant books (and why wouldn't i be, since they are so amazing), and i should probably write about someting else, but i promise this will be my last post about them (at least until they arrive). My mom was wondering why my books hadn't come in when they were supposed to, so she went onto amazon to see how they were on getting here. As she was reading the different e-mails she's gotten and the online tacker on them, she decides to tell me her theory that the books are never going to come, and that we had only pre-ordered them (pre-ordering is the most idiotic idea on the planet since you never actually get the book). And i said that was ridiculous since we had ordered them on amazon from a store in the UK. My mom then got confused and then decided to tell me that we had ordered them from a store in New Jersey (she wasn't paying attention to which place we had actually bought them from).  told her no, we didn't order from there, because the shipping price was the same no matter where we ordered them from and getting the books from New Jersey was more expensive since the books hadn't been released in the US yet. I also told her that we had ordered used paperback books and she started to look at me funny and said that it was ridiculous that we had ordered USED paperback books (because i was paying for them with my own money and they were the cheapest ones there). So after that long useless chattering, i'm still waiting for them, keeping in mind that the latest they can arrive is on the 20th........still waiting....and getting my shotgun ready to shoot the mailman :P

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