Saturday, January 29, 2011


so today i went to this vietnamese with my friends today and it was really weird. First off, my friends looked over at this table where the people had left and asked the waiter if they could have their food. The waiter AGREED and gave us their food for free :P

Then later when we were done my friend was allowed to come over and spend the night. We wet to the store and bought a bunch of junk food and rented some movies (which we are probably never going to finish watching)

The absolute best part is when my mom went to check the mail and found a package, and it didn't have the HSN or QVC label on it so it couldn't be for her. I started to get excited and when we opened them I let out a squeal of joy. MY BOOKS HAD FINALLY COME!!!!! but it was kind of funny because we had already contacted amazon and they gave us a refund for them and we still got them :P Now I can't wait to read them :D After waiting for oh so long i finally get to experience the new adventures of valkyrie cain and skulduggey pleasant HHHHHOOOOOORRRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!


  1. Bahaha... I can't believe you actually managed to get a refund for them. Thats amazing... I remember the somber days waiting outside for an assortment of packages arriving at my place... Being in Australia I have come to believe many of the 'older' countries think us as children and treat us so... I am rambling... must say that I too share your hatred of mailmen. though here they ride loud motorbikes... so in someways it is easier to plot against them :)

  2. hahaha nice
    so i'm not the only one