Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Swan

So, I'm watching Black Swan on the computer because i've kind of wanted to see it but not enough to go to the theater (that and watching supposed "scary" movies freaks me out because i need to be able to walk around when watching one) and my sister had already seen it so i went and i told her what part i had stopped at for the moment, which was the part when the two girls have sex. I said that it was really gross and she said "but you like girls, you should like stuff like that" (in case you didn't know, i'm bisexual). Being bisexual does not make you a pervert who likes to watch porn. It only means that you like girls, whatever level you like them depends from person to person. Just because i like girls does not mean that i want to watch sexual activities going on. I still think that that is something that should be kept private.

In other news (and i know i said i wouldn't talk about it anymore but i can't resist), i found out that the books that i had ordered got lost in the mail. So now i'm pissed about that and i don't really know what else to talk about so I'm just rambling on about nothing. Stick around long enough and I'll ramble some more in another blog that nobody reads......except for Jaffa (you know who you are)(maybe) because that's the only person i got a comment from........ever.


  1. aww, i'm gonna put your website on my list of favourite websites on my website (if that made any sense)

  2. It seems like your sister doesn't really understand bisexuality... I'm straight, that doesn't mean I'd particularly want to watch straight porn...

  3. she's really mean sometimes
    and the other times she ignores me as if I don't exist (which is fine, because I do the same to her)
    but then you get that one rare moment (and i mean REALLY rare, like once in a blue moon) when she doesn't act as much of a bitch as usual and acts like an actual human being