Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My eternal hatred of the mailman (at least for now)

So, i had ordered the next 2 books of Skulduggery Pleasant (if you haven't heard of this then you are unworthy of reading this blog) on December 11. A few days after my birthday because i had money back then and i really wanted those books. I had to order them from the UK because apparently the united States (the and of the free, home of the brave) is stupid and the last 2 books hadn't been released yet. And they still haven't arrived yet >:O. I wait outside my window and i watch the mailman come by, drop off our boring mail that no one cares about, and drive away. And as he's driving away I'm tempted to yell out profanities at the little box shaped vehicle. So until they arrive in their little cardboard box i will forever hate the postal service of america.

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