Thursday, January 13, 2011

My new hatred of the UPS man and my mom's sick idea of a joke

So my books still haven't come in yet and i was waiting around for them (because i have nothing better to do) when i noticed the UPS truck driving up the street. I got all excited and thought that my books had finally arrived. At the same time my mom had come into the driveway. I waited for her to get the package from the delivery guy and ran into the garage to grab the box when i noticed that it was a box from QVC. I looked at my mom and i said "Why mommy? why would you trick me like this by ordering things online? you made me think that my books were finally here but instead there's this stupid whatever you ordered thing here instead. Now i'm gonna go cry in the corner." and i left. I returned in a few minutes and my dad commented that i hadn't cried for a very long time and i replied " it was a short cry." my search for amazing reading material continues *sigh

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