Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Dinner (looks like an intestine)

So a few days ago we had decided to order Chinese food for dinner. We ordered veggies with shrimp and this thing called Happy Family (don't worry we ordered other stuff too). It wasn't until later that we discovered that we had ordered basically the same thing :P. Later my mom pulled out a piece of chicken and made a face and said "what is this?" My reply was "I think its chicken but it looks like an intestine," as she was chewing on it> She took a moment and then said that she couldn't swallow it because i had grossed her out so much. Later after dinner, we were cleaning up and i was finishing the water that i was drinking. I looked into the cup and found out that there was this white sludge at the bottom of the cup that i had been drinking out of!!!! I showed it to my family and i was shouting "it looks like the intestine that mom ate!" At that point mom had to run to the bathroom because she thought she was going to throw up which only made us laugh harder. All together it was a very disgusting and hilarious dinner

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day and Hospital Visits

I'm finding out that my parents are very weird when it comes to Valentines day. Here's how it went down this year:
Dad: goes out to one of those expensive candy stores and buys my mom those heart shaped boxes of chocolate (the kind where you don't know what you're getting until you take a bite and are left with a really weird taste in your mouth because you picked a bad one)
Mom: goes to a gas station and buys dad a couple of Reese's peanut butter cups
Wait.....what? Shouldn't that be the other way around?

Today marks the day of when we had our little hospital scare last year. I had woken up in the middle of the night the day before with this weird stomach pain and it wouldn't go away. After about half an hour of rolling in pain, It finally stopped long enough for me to fall asleep and woke up the next day feeling fine. I went into the kitchen and grabbed  Poptart and ate it. But as I was eating it I started to feel the pain again. Once I was done with the Poptart the pain was still there and it was getting worse. It got so bad at a point that I couldn't move at all without a giant pain shooting through my insides. I had managed to make my way downstairs and found my mom with tears in my eyes. She took one look at me and rushed me to the hospital, all the while I was feeling like I was going to throw up. We went to emergency room and they took some tests as my sister, mom and I watched The Mask on the television. The doctor came in and told us what I had; acute pancreatitus. It is when your pancreas is inflamed and the digestive liquids that were in it were getting out and into my lungs. I was taken to a nearby hospital in the middle of the night (Feb. 14) where an alarm was going off every few minutes and people were just standing around in small groups doing nothing about it (which just kind of made me a little scared because my mom had gone home to grab a few things so I was all alone for a while).
I was hyped up on drugs most of the time or sleeping so I don't remember much, but I do remember that that day I was given a teddy bear for Valentines Day by them and I still have it today sitting in my room (even thought it doesn't go with my whole underwater death theme (that's another blog posting waiting to happen)). I also remember how for the two weeks I was in the hospital, that it didn't matter whether I was nearly on my death bed or not, my mom and I were going to watch Grey's Anatomy. One of the nurses commented that she wished working in a hospital was nearly as fun as it is in that show.
I also remember that one day, one of the people didn't order the food for the kids on time, so everyone on that floor had to go with this weird sugar substitute (when i say food, i mean those nutrition bags hooked up to the IVs, because I wasn't allowed to eat at all during this, which really made me thirsty). My mom was so mad, and it only got worse when they were sending in students and other people who really didn't know what they were doing to explain to my mom how it wasn't just me who went without food. Finally My mom had enough and told those doctors that every other parent was probably just as furious and wanted to know how many doctors were going without food because we didn't get to eat. After that they started to wait until my mo had left the room to come in and start telling me things, which i didn't understand because I was all drugged up and sleep deprived.
Throughout the entire time of this, for some reason, I kept waking up at 3 a.m. I don't know why it happened but the tv would always be left on because i would fall asleep watching it (because what else can you do when you're tied to a bed for 2 weeks) and I would be up just in time to watch The Little Mermaid. Disney was only showing it at very late times and for only half an hour because it was old and they were getting ready to take it off the air. I liked being able to watch it but my nurses would come in and tell me that I needed to sleep and not to stay up late.

There are probably more stories about this but I can't remember them now. The important thing is that I'm all better and the only remnants of ever being there are the teddy bear, this backpack i got to carry my IV stuff in (for a latter blog entry) and this little dot of a scar in my arm from where the IV used to be that reached all the way from above my elbow to right next to my heart.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forensics (no, not CSI) and Glee

Forensics is this acting (more like interpretation) competition that i was in the other night and i was entered in storytelling. In Forensics you have three rounds to perform your piece to different judges and they judge you and then all the judges come together to decide the winner. My piece was A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce (this book inspired the movie, meet the robinsons) and i did well in the first 2 rounds...but not so well in the last round. You see, the whole story is about trying to find grandfather's teeth....and i accidentally said he lost his glass eye. Now before thinking i've totally lost my mind, this is what happened. Later in the story I tell Wilbur that last time I was there we were looking for his glass eye (so it not TOTALLY random) but since i screwed it up, i had to keep going and change the story as i went. Which was weird because at a point in the story grandfather tried to eat without his teeth...but now it's without his i didn't place...

But i wasn't the only one who had a weird time with this competition. There was this one girl who did the piece that won 2 years ago. I know it was the one that won because i saw it on youtube
here's the link to the video:
now the way this girl did it was nowhere near as good and was painful to watch. It got worse when as she was going, we could hear a girl from the room next door doing the same piece! And that was in round one, in round 2 they were put in the same room. Then it got worse. The girl from next door went and she was really good...and then the other girl went with the same piece. I couldn't look up or else i would start laughing at the poor girl because she sounded so bad in comparison.

After all of the rounds the judges went off and the weirdest thing happened. Most of the kids from all of the 8 different schools all got together...and started playing duck duck goose (i was one of them). All the girls who were wearing heels and ballet flats ripped their shoes off  and ran around barefoot. And the way they played was hilarious. Some kids cut through the circle to get to the people and some kids ran all the way across the school to get away. One person was even held down as the person chasing them jumped over a table to get them. Afterwards we separated into groups and started playing hand games like concentration and ninja any other game that involved slapping each other's hands. We were at that competition until almost midnight but it was so much fun. Now i know i've babbled a lot but i'm not done yet.

Now everyone who knows me knows I'm in love with Skulduggery Pleasant and Glee. So today i was watching my recording of the new Glee that was on after the superbowl and i listened to the Micheal Jackson song. Afterwards I kept thinking about seeing Scapegrace as a zombie dancing to Thriller :P
I couldn't help it, didn't you guys immediately think of that too?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, I'm kind of disappointed about my books. Not that they were bad or anything, god no, but because....well, I waited over two months for these books and I ended up getting them for free because Amazon apparently gave me my money back and then my books magically appeared days later (which again, is not a bad thing (for me)). But after waiting for so long for them to come out, I managed to finish them off in under FOUR days!!! The first book I read in under 24 hours (mostly because I read it until 3 a.m.) and the next one i finished yesterday morning because school was canceled for no reason and I wanted to finish it.

And after I finished Dark Days I had to let my little brother read it because I apparently have to learn to "share" (I'm 16, if i haven't learned to share by now then there is no hope for me). And today I remembered that I had forgotten to read the dedications in Dark Days (because when you read a skulduggery pleasant book, you don't just get a great story, you get funny and sarcastic comments about Derek's friends and family). So when my brother got home from school today I told him to let me see it so I could read it, and that when I saw it. He had gone and FOLDED THE PAGE TO SAVE HIS PLACE!!!! It is times like these when I become one of those 50 year old librarians and start lecturing people about how we need to protect books.
It happened to my mom once too, she had left the books open and upside down so she wouldn't have to close the book. I went in her room, saw the book, picked it up with my finger where her page was and looked through her room until I found something to substitute as a bookmark. When I found it in the same state again I grabbed the book and looked at her and said "young lady, i thought we had talked about this. You don't leave books like this because that's how the spines break and the pages start coming out. Books (especially my books) are to be treated with respect."

Now that I've finished these books, now I have to go back to the books I had put on pause so I can finish them as well. But they are not as nearly good so now I'll be miserable :P

Now is when I start to move away from the topic but what I'm saying still has some relation to what I was saying before. So, my mom got one of those e-reader things. It's not exactly an e-reader but it does the same thing and I can't remember what hers is called. I personally don't see the appeal. I would much rather have words on paper than have words on a screen where something could go wrong and all of the books you've bought have vanished from the face of the earth, leaving you crying and wanting to die so you can join your books in the great library in the sky.....huh huh *gasp for air*......I talk too much. I can only think of one upside to buying something that is about $200, and that is that by buying it you won't have to buy books, which will save trees and be good for the environment. But that's the only reason and mother nature can suck it as I tear down trees to get my books (sorry mother nature, i love you).

So there's my little rant for today. Now I can finally put my obsession to rest....until the next books comes out and then I will surely die.