Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So, I'm kind of disappointed about my books. Not that they were bad or anything, god no, but because....well, I waited over two months for these books and I ended up getting them for free because Amazon apparently gave me my money back and then my books magically appeared days later (which again, is not a bad thing (for me)). But after waiting for so long for them to come out, I managed to finish them off in under FOUR days!!! The first book I read in under 24 hours (mostly because I read it until 3 a.m.) and the next one i finished yesterday morning because school was canceled for no reason and I wanted to finish it.

And after I finished Dark Days I had to let my little brother read it because I apparently have to learn to "share" (I'm 16, if i haven't learned to share by now then there is no hope for me). And today I remembered that I had forgotten to read the dedications in Dark Days (because when you read a skulduggery pleasant book, you don't just get a great story, you get funny and sarcastic comments about Derek's friends and family). So when my brother got home from school today I told him to let me see it so I could read it, and that when I saw it. He had gone and FOLDED THE PAGE TO SAVE HIS PLACE!!!! It is times like these when I become one of those 50 year old librarians and start lecturing people about how we need to protect books.
It happened to my mom once too, she had left the books open and upside down so she wouldn't have to close the book. I went in her room, saw the book, picked it up with my finger where her page was and looked through her room until I found something to substitute as a bookmark. When I found it in the same state again I grabbed the book and looked at her and said "young lady, i thought we had talked about this. You don't leave books like this because that's how the spines break and the pages start coming out. Books (especially my books) are to be treated with respect."

Now that I've finished these books, now I have to go back to the books I had put on pause so I can finish them as well. But they are not as nearly good so now I'll be miserable :P

Now is when I start to move away from the topic but what I'm saying still has some relation to what I was saying before. So, my mom got one of those e-reader things. It's not exactly an e-reader but it does the same thing and I can't remember what hers is called. I personally don't see the appeal. I would much rather have words on paper than have words on a screen where something could go wrong and all of the books you've bought have vanished from the face of the earth, leaving you crying and wanting to die so you can join your books in the great library in the sky.....huh huh *gasp for air*......I talk too much. I can only think of one upside to buying something that is about $200, and that is that by buying it you won't have to buy books, which will save trees and be good for the environment. But that's the only reason and mother nature can suck it as I tear down trees to get my books (sorry mother nature, i love you).

So there's my little rant for today. Now I can finally put my obsession to rest....until the next books comes out and then I will surely die.

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