Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forensics (no, not CSI) and Glee

Forensics is this acting (more like interpretation) competition that i was in the other night and i was entered in storytelling. In Forensics you have three rounds to perform your piece to different judges and they judge you and then all the judges come together to decide the winner. My piece was A Day With Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce (this book inspired the movie, meet the robinsons) and i did well in the first 2 rounds...but not so well in the last round. You see, the whole story is about trying to find grandfather's teeth....and i accidentally said he lost his glass eye. Now before thinking i've totally lost my mind, this is what happened. Later in the story I tell Wilbur that last time I was there we were looking for his glass eye (so it not TOTALLY random) but since i screwed it up, i had to keep going and change the story as i went. Which was weird because at a point in the story grandfather tried to eat without his teeth...but now it's without his eyeball....so i didn't place...

But i wasn't the only one who had a weird time with this competition. There was this one girl who did the piece that won 2 years ago. I know it was the one that won because i saw it on youtube
here's the link to the video:
now the way this girl did it was nowhere near as good and was painful to watch. It got worse when as she was going, we could hear a girl from the room next door doing the same piece! And that was in round one, in round 2 they were put in the same room. Then it got worse. The girl from next door went and she was really good...and then the other girl went with the same piece. I couldn't look up or else i would start laughing at the poor girl because she sounded so bad in comparison.

After all of the rounds the judges went off and the weirdest thing happened. Most of the kids from all of the 8 different schools all got together...and started playing duck duck goose (i was one of them). All the girls who were wearing heels and ballet flats ripped their shoes off  and ran around barefoot. And the way they played was hilarious. Some kids cut through the circle to get to the people and some kids ran all the way across the school to get away. One person was even held down as the person chasing them jumped over a table to get them. Afterwards we separated into groups and started playing hand games like concentration and ninja any other game that involved slapping each other's hands. We were at that competition until almost midnight but it was so much fun. Now i know i've babbled a lot but i'm not done yet.

Now everyone who knows me knows I'm in love with Skulduggery Pleasant and Glee. So today i was watching my recording of the new Glee that was on after the superbowl and i listened to the Micheal Jackson song. Afterwards I kept thinking about seeing Scapegrace as a zombie dancing to Thriller :P
I couldn't help it, didn't you guys immediately think of that too?


  1. LOL Tori. Sounds like a tough compitition. I have to give everyone credit for doing that especially if they knew it was not going well. To keep on going is ver brave and nobel.
    I'm glad to hear yodid well. Bravo! Don't fel bad about th elast part. I bet the judges admired you for trying. They know how hard it is.
    The duck duck goose game sounds like it was fun. Way to go! That's the way to do things.

  2. I love duck duck goose!

    LOL Scapegrace.

    Hope the competition went well.

  3. I think they should have Duck Duck Goose competitions. :P

  4. oh yes, the best part was that at one point we were getting yelled at for being too loud so we started miming out the duck or goose or made some noises (the noises didn't really sound like they should, especially since one person was meowing lol)

  5. sounds like fun!

    lol, I couldn't stop laughing when i thought of Scapegrace dancing to Thriller :P