Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Dinner (looks like an intestine)

So a few days ago we had decided to order Chinese food for dinner. We ordered veggies with shrimp and this thing called Happy Family (don't worry we ordered other stuff too). It wasn't until later that we discovered that we had ordered basically the same thing :P. Later my mom pulled out a piece of chicken and made a face and said "what is this?" My reply was "I think its chicken but it looks like an intestine," as she was chewing on it> She took a moment and then said that she couldn't swallow it because i had grossed her out so much. Later after dinner, we were cleaning up and i was finishing the water that i was drinking. I looked into the cup and found out that there was this white sludge at the bottom of the cup that i had been drinking out of!!!! I showed it to my family and i was shouting "it looks like the intestine that mom ate!" At that point mom had to run to the bathroom because she thought she was going to throw up which only made us laugh harder. All together it was a very disgusting and hilarious dinner


  1. LOL Tori! Your poor mother! I guess you won't be going there again anytime soon! XDDD
    Nice to see you again! Hope you come by the blog again.