Thursday, March 10, 2011

Driver's Ed. (my dad's a punk)

So I was in driver's education today and today we had a guest speaker. He was a lawyer and he was telling us about what happens when you're caught with alcohol or other drugs. One of the other students asked a question "what if there beer in the back of the car, unopened, and your parent is in the car with you?" He said that if the parent said that the beer was theirs then there wouldn't be any problem. All I could think of is that if I was in the car with my dad in that situation and we were pulled over, my dad would look at the beer, then look back at the officer and say "yep, that her's." He would get me arrested as a joke. And when I told the lawyer that he laughed at me and asked why I would say that, and I said "because when I'm in the car with him and I'm zoning out, he'll slam on the brakes out of no where just to scare the crap out of me. And when  I look at him he'll say "pay attention" and go back to driving." Right in the middle of the road, he'll slam on the brakes to scare me.


  1. Awww....your dad sounds like maybe he wants to have fun. But scaring you and then bellowing at you to pay attention seems mean and cruel. He is th eone who should be paying attention and watching out for you.
    *hugs Tori*
    I hope we can chat again sometime!
    Take care of yourself Tori!

  2. he just likes messing around with me a lot
    one time i had been outside with him all day and i was starting to get a really bad headache and i was in the back of the truck and he started slamming on the brakes every few feet making my head hit the chair in front of me, which really only made it worse
    and the other day he was beating me with a sock (weird, i know). The sad part was i was fighting back with a pillow and losing terribly lol