Wednesday, March 30, 2011

E-mail tried to fail me (some art pictures)

So the grading period ended last thursday at my school. That day I e-mailed to my english teacher an essay (200 points) and the citations that went with it (100 points). Without those grades my grade would have been somewhere around an F.
On monday the following week I asked him if he had ever gotten them. He said no. At first I just looked at him for a second to see if he was joking, he wasn't. I looked away and said "well, if you need me I'll be somewhere killing myself because if I don't then my parents surely will." He said that he would still take the paper and fix my grades.
That afternoon as I was leaving for the bus I passed him and said how my grade point average was slowly dying. He told me that he had gone and put in some "filler grades" to raise my grade because it didn't seem fair for me to end up with a failing grade because E-mail had failed me. And he trusted me to get the essay in to him the next day, which I did. So my grade looks like a B now and I've been saved from a horrible death. Let's hear it for TOTALLY AWESOME TEACHERS!!!

Kallista was telling me how I should post some pictures of my art on my blog, so this is what I'm going to do. This is for you Kallista. But all of the art that you will see has been done last year so its kind of old. Once I get my art from this year, I'll post them too (i'm not allowed to touch them because they're all going in the school art show (because the only art that i do is from my art class :P)).

In this we were messing with dimensions and had to have 9 blocks that all stretched toward the middle and the blocks had to be filled with pieces from famous pieces (I don't know the names of each painting that I took from so don't ask). Here are close up views of each block.

In the original painting, this little angel baby was leaning over a ledge while plucking from a violin. I really like how the blending came out in this and I think the wing is really pretty.
(Sorry, it's kind of fuzzy (stupid camera)) The original was of this girl playing the piano and I really liked her hands. The piano was a pain to color because it would have all looked like a blob.

This one was especially hard because I had originally tried to color her dress with orange other colors that would make her kind of look like a clown but the colors looked disgusting. So I had to spend an hour with my kneaded eraser to get all of the color off and then had to color in really deeply with the purple in order to hide the remnants of orange. She's supposed to be holding a book but her hand got cut off and stretched in an odd way.

This is a painting of a ballerina who is getting ready in front of a mirror. I didn't want to bother with drawing with her reflection so I made sure to leave it out. The stretching came out looking funny so now that side of the box looks like she has man hair on her arm. (thank god that didn't show up in this picture)
In this painting, the girl holding the baby was on the side of the painting while that main event was going on somewhere else. I have no complaints about this one.
This was from a painting (i don't remember much about it) where they were outside having a tea party. The purple blob is supposed to be a sheet of some sorts that is falling off of the table.
These are a little girl's feet (in case you couldn't tell). The original is pretty famous, its one of this little girl standing next to this big bush of flowers outside.
The guy-who's hand she's holding-was kind of cut out. This girl is actually to the left in the original painting and the thing behind her is the top of a chair (she's not sitting in the chair, just standing in front of it). The original to this was one of those old colonial paintings. I wish I had changed the colors of her dress and worked more on shading it.
(again, sorry for the fuzzy (stupid camera)) This was one of the first drawings I did on this piece. It's of these two girls playing outside and the yellow behind them id the house that they live in.

I'll show another piece of art later. All together I like how it came out, even thought now that I look back there are some things that I should have changed.


    Thank you for posting this Tori! What incredible art! WOW! FANTASTIC!
    I love it!
    That's awesome about your teacher being kind to you. Oh! I hate email! :(
    I'm glad it turned out better for you!
    I can't wait to see more of your beautiful art! You are really gifted. I am so amazed! :D

  2. laying it on a little thick there, don't cha think? lol
    but i'm glad you like it :D

  3. *gives Tori a noogie*

    I say what I mean and I mean what I say! :P

  4. i read to my mom you had said and her reply was "ok, what does she want?" which just made me laugh

  5. Well, I'm a person that has no talent. None. So of course I'm impressed when someone has talent. I like art and what I want is to see you continue your art education.

  6. unfortunately, i'm not taking art next year
    i was accepted into the career and tech. center that is connected the school and the class that i'm taking next year takes up all of my electives