Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family Dinner (Karaoke)

So when you have dinner with the family every night, you talk about how your day went and have a nice quaint dinner. Yeah, not with my family. We spend more time laughing at each other than anything else.

We were eating dinner and I asked my mom if I could take out the fruit salsa that I had made earlier. She said yes and I went, got it and the pita chips, and started eating it. We started making jokes about how I would just eat it with a spoon (because its freaking delicious). My mom asked me if she could have some, I looked at her and said "no" and put my arms around the bowl protectively. Because I have to go with the joke and I didn't want to share (again, really yummy stuff). But with her being the mom of course she takes some anyway, but not before laughing at me a little. 

Then later after we were starting to clean up my mom asks my sis if she was going to watch the movie Unstoppable with her (that movie with Denzel Washington about the train). Out of nowhere my brother jumps up and says "i know that song, mom you used to sing it all of the time" and starts to try to sing it. Well, it wasn't exactly singing, it was more like this "aaaaaaaaaa  aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ma I can't breathe laaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh." He also didn't know the name of the song or who it was sung by which just made us burst out in laughter. We were all laughing and saying stuff like this "aaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaa" "what was it again?" "what the heck are you talking about?" and my personal favorite (because I'm the one that said it) "I can't breathe." He sat there and said "come on mom, sing it, you used to sing it all of the time" She's still laughing and says "why did you say 'unstoppable?' Was it because I was unstoppable when I sang it?" I looked at her and said "or because we couldn't get you to stop singing it" which just added to the laughter. It wasn't until later that we realized that he was trying to sing Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson. Which at first I was about to say that the words "i can't breathe" aren't even in the song, but i just went and looked up the lyrics and I stand corrected. But after dinner tonight I can't breathe lol.

All of tonight's singing reminded me of the other day in Drama class when a bunch of girls (myself included) jumped up onto he stage and started singing "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from the Disney movie Mulan. This is pretty normal in our class, especially since we're famous for bursting out in "The Circle of Life" from The Lion King. But this was really funny because once we hit "We are men" we were all ready to fall over and couldn't really remember the words to the song. But (being the dork I am) I had the song on my music player and was able to keep going and lead us to the end (or near the end before the other kids started on a new song). But not even I couldn't remember the words to this one part so we sounded kind of like this "fool..........cut.....GYM!!!" We just kind of yelled out the last word to make it seem like the rest of it didn't sound like complete rubbish (just for the record, I feel kind of proud for sounding british when I just said the word "rubbish" (yes, I am a stereotypical dork)).
And we found out that the man in the song was probably gay to be able to hit that high note when he said the word "moon" because none of the girls singing could hit the note. But it kind of makes sense since in the movie the guy feel in love with a man (granted he was really a she, but he didn't know that at the time).
I then realized how truly bad ass Mulan was. For starters she took her father's place in the war and saved China, but that's only the beginning. She made the General's son gay, turned a bunch of the soldiers into cross dressers, and hung out with a lizard looking dragon thing and a bug.


  1. LOL That is super hilarious Tori! XDDD It sounds like a fun time with your family.
    And is pretty fuuny what happened in drama class too.
    I like your description of Mulan! LOL
    But yeah, she is the best out of all the Disney girls cause she is the toughest, smartest, and yeah! She is freakin bad @$$!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Tori!

  2. Mulan has got to be one of my favourite Disney movies! I watched it twice on the flight to England last year! She is one bad @$$ girl just like us :P I wish my family and friends were that awesome :)