Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can finally relax (Done with the drama (why do i always have 2 titles for everything?))

Urg, my week has been insane and think is the first moment all week that i've been able to have a little "me time." I've kind of caused it so I deserve to have panicked. The grading period ended at our school today and I've been spending the last few days trying to smoosh a whole month's of work into a few days (damn procrastination). But i've finally gotten the work done and I don't have to keep worrying about my grade point average on my report card.

Oh, and remember how in my last post I was talking about that girl was trying to get rid of me at lunch. Well she got her wish because I shouldn't have to fight with a bunch of freshmen over a stupid seat. I went and got my lunch as usual and I started walking toward the table when I realized that the bitch Shelby was sitting in my seat. So I started heading toward the end of the table where no one was sitting. Suddenly the unknown girl from last post jumped up and started saying how all of those seats were being saved for other people. At that point I was through and I realized that I didn't want to sit with a bunch of bitches who were going to such low levels just to get me not to sit with them.
And I thought this would have been over since I messaged Maddie on Facebook and had her tell me what her damn problem was. Her #1 reason was that she was having a bad week (i don;t care how bad your week has been or how angry that makes you, you do not every try to take that out on me when I have done nothing wrong). One of her reasons was that I always remind them how they are freshmen and thus the bottom of the high school food chain (excuse me if you need to be reminded because you have big egos from being the "big kids" in middle school. This is high school now and you have to start from the bottom again, sorry to disappoint). Another one was that she thought that I thought that I was better than them ( I never said I was better, nor do I think that). One reason was that when I started sitting with them, I had taken "her seat" and the first time she had gotten to sit there was when they had to have a whole game of Keep Away From Tori (I'm sorry, was your name on the seat? its a chair, get over it, there are plenty of chairs at the long table we sit at). And I told as such that some of her reasons had nothing to do with me and and I didn't think that way and she never replied.
But it still went on and I was just done. I remembered how my friend from English class sat in the other cafeteria and took my lunch over there. I asked them if I could sit with them, and they didn't just say yes, they all smiled and made room for me like real friends would. I told them what had happened at the other table and I swear to god that this girl who I didn't know said this "They were all freshmen? Where they at? Over there, girl I'm about to go tell them girls off." I laughed at that and told her not to start anything because they weren't worth it and if they wanted to act like they're so elite and posh then they could do it without me. Now I'm sitting with them and we actually laugh a lot more than when I sat at the other table.

I just realized that I sound really bitchy and mean when I get angry. Just goes to show that you shouldn't mess with me because I can bite back and I bite back hard.:D

By the way I posted more of the story (or I'm going to in a few minutes once I'm done ranting) and you should go read it. I promise that the story gets better, it just takes a while to pick up like a lot of great books out there :D.

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