Saturday, March 26, 2011

Learner's Test ( i pass but i still fail)

I went to go get my Learner's Permit today. I wake up at like 6 in the f***ing morning and we get there as soon as they open and there already is a line wrapping all the way around the building. I look at my dad and I say "and we get to wait in that." He looks at me and says "one of us has to wait" I'm sitting there hoping he means him.
So i get out and about halfway into the building he finally comes out and waits with me. After more waiting, we get inside, only to wait in a winding line that takes up half of the enormous room.
Halfway through they a lady comes on the intercom and says "People who are here for their Learner's. You are allowed to take the test, but you will not be getting the certificate today." I look at my dad and he laughs at me.
We still go through the line and wait half an hour for them to call my number after filling out all of the messed up paperwork. They call up my number and they have me take the eyesight test. I look into the machine and at first i only see 3 columns with the 2 on the right with letters in them. I say them out loud and after a second or so the guy looks at me and asks me to read the one on the very left. I look again and see that the column on the very left has almost invisible letters in it. Not to mention that my hair is always covering up half of my face so I felt blind as hell trying to see it. It takes me a second but I finally see all of the letters and say them allowed.
He has me stand as he takes my picture and he has me put my head down and I have to keep moving my hair out my face in order to see my whole face (at this point i'm about ready to chop all of my hair off).
I go and I sit down to take the test and I get called up and this blonde chick gets called up right after me. I go to one of the computer's and the first question is "What is you name?" followed by A, B, C, and D, each with different names on them. I'm sitting there going "What?" What happens if I get this wrong? I click on my name and then it asks me my birthday, again I'm like "What?" I go through the questions that make me feel like a retard and about halfway through the questions I look up and I'm like "where did that blonde go?" because she was put right in front of me.
So I finish the actual tests and I only miss like 3. Again another lady tells me that i won't get the certificate today but when i come back i won't have to take the test again. At that I was like "Oh thank God, I can't go through that again." So as we're walking out I tell my dad that I passed and I say "was there ever any doubt?" He says yes. I'm like "What?!?!" and he says how the blonde came out in like a few minutes where I was there for a while. I'm think "so he thought that I failed but just decided to stick around for a while?" I tell him about the question about my name, and I swear he has never laughed harder in his life. I get home and after my mom wakes up (because everyone was so lazy and still in bed) I tell her about what happened and we almost die from it.

The entire time I'm sitting there thinking "look at me, I'm a moron. And I'm the smart one in the family, what does that say about everyone else?"

Now that I've shown that I'm an idiot, go see the new chapter of Mia's Magic.

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