Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lunch That Turned My Day Around

So I was having a pretty good day, all things considered (having to go to school, for starters). I had just gotten out of driver's ed and was heading to lunch when I started searching my pockets for my lunch check when I realized that I didn't have it (and I couldn't charge lunch because I already owed money). It was no big deal, one day without lunch wouldn't kill me, so I went towards my table (I kept having flashbacks of when I had gotten out of the hospital and I had to sit around all of my friends and watch them eat in front of me for an entire month because I still couldn't eat).
But once I got to the table I noticed that someone strange and unknown to me was sitting in my spot (because you tend to get used to sitting in the same spot at lunch and it becomes "your seat"). I came up to her and told her that she was in my spot, and she gave me this ugly look and told me to sit somewhere else, I didn't even know that girl and I already wanted to call her a bitch. But I went and sat in my friend Rushell's spot. Of course she came up and said I was in her seat and I thus pointed the the reason why I wasn't in my usual spot. Just then the weird girl got up just in time for this girl named Shelby to sit down in that spot (apparently she was saving that spot for her), but that wasn't the case because Shelby then got up in time for my friend Maddie to sit down there (at this point I'm confused and the "seating chart" is all messed up at this point).
Out of nowhere Maddie gets up and looks at me and says "Kenya, Rushell, Shelby, and I talked about it and we don't want you at our table anymore" (Kenya being another one of the girls that sits at the table with us). I just kind of looked at her and i'm thinking where the hell is this coming from? Rushell thus looked and me and denied that she was apart of this. I turned to Maddie and said " well Rushell just denied it, and Shelby didn't start sitting there until after I came along, so she doesn't really get a vote" (at this she said "the hell I do" which I really didn't care because I didn't like her anyway).
Maddie then sat down and for the rest of the lunch period she and Kenya ignored that i existed. I don't know what started all of this because I last saw them on Thursday and everything was fine then (the same happy loud lunch as usual). But it only bothered me for a few minutes because there were a lot of people sitting at the table to talk to and most of them didn't care whether or not I sat with them (keep in mind that I've been sitting at that table since about September).
I didn't pay it much mind until near the end of lunch when everyone started getting up and preparing to go to our next classes Maddie walked up to Rushell and started whispering to her. I didn't hear all of it but it was kind of obvious what they were talking about, that and at one point i heard Maddie say ".....get her to leave our table....." I waited for Maddie to walk away and I walked up to Rushell and asked her if they were talking about me. She said that she wasn't going to take sides and she didn't really know why she was trying to get me to leave either.
And this is coming from one of the girls who I pick on a little bit and make little jokes at, I wouldn't be surprised if she had wanted me to leave but she knew that the stuff I say if just for laughs and I don't really mean it (like when I first met her, I had misheard her name as "Russia" and started to call her a communist every now and then (of course there is nothing funny about communism, but it just sort of stuck after that)). But to my surprise she didn't really care if I stayed or not and we went on with our business. We kind of joked that one of the reasons she wasn't taking sides was that if she went against me she knew I'd probably hurt her (I wouldn't but I have been known to throw things :P).

But what I'm trying to figure out is what cause the sudden switch in behavior. I know that I make jokes at people but nobody ever took them seriously and we would all just move on (the jokes were not even anything personal).

And if I do leave the table, I don't exactly have anywhere else to sit. The main reason I had started sitting there in the first place was because the table before got so crowded that nobody could get past our table and we couldn't even set our food down there was so much stuff on it. If I move now then I'm gonna end up alone and excluded and I feel that way enough as it is, I don't need to feel that way because my so called "friends" are making me feel that way.

After that the rest of my day kind of turned south because I was kind of a little bit moody after that, and a little bit angry which is understandable

I'm gonna go post the beginning of Mia's Magic now so go check for it after you're done reading this newest rant on how suckish my life is :P.

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  1. Ooh, if you find out why they're trying to kick off their table, please tell :P