Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pokemon (and other games).........(and an announcement)

So everyone's heard about the tsunami in Japan. Well I recently found out that the man who created Pokemon was killed in the disaster. Which is kind of weir since the new Pokemon game just came out like last week. So I was telling my friends these news and nearly all of them gave me a look like I had just told them that I had shot their dog. They were sitting there yelling "NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! Does this mean no more Pokemon games?" I doubt they'll stop making Pokemon games, especially since Japan is always like three games ahead of us (the Professor Layton games for example (god i love those games)).
And he wasn't the only person making the games, what about the other thousand or so people who made the games. Unless they were all killed too, I don't think Pokemon is dead yet.
But the show sure is stupid. Have you seen it recently, they have so many stupid new Pokemon that just look like ripped off versions of old Pokemon. And what the heck is up with Ash in that show. He's been in every single season for the past 20 or so years (or however long the show has been around) and he still looks like he's 12 years old.
All of this started this big conversation that lead from Pokemon to how stupid some of the characters are in Super Smash Bros (because Super blah blah (name is too long) has some Pokemon characters that you can play as). The main character we talked was Princess Peach. We were talking about how she is such a terrible person to have in a fighting game. For one her dress is ridiculous and PINK, she looks like a barbie who's hair was permanently blown back. Add her fighting moves are ridiculous, i mean, have you seen her? She'll come up and give you the girliest little shove (it can't even be called a shove, what she does) and next thing you know you're flown off the screen to be blown to bits. And there's one move where she rips a toad (from the mario games) out of the ground and throws it at you. SHE ABUSES POOR LITTLE TOAD!!! On top of that you have the ability to pull out her umbrella when you're in the air. She grants you the chance to have a slow fall to your death.

Now that I've gotten all of my Peach out my system, I have a question for you guys. I've been thinking about posting this story that I wrote a few years ago for my English class. It's titled Mia's Magic and it was supposed to be scifi, but i don't really like scifi books so it turned out sounding more like something from Harry Potter. I still got a good grade on it because it had an invention that we don't have yet and the characters actually use it (once.....and only once). Those were the only things we needed in it for it to be considered "science fiction". I actually went really into it and ended up with a short novel and it was really good. It was so long that I didn't even want to print it out because it would have killed an entire tree (exaggerating) so I e-mailed it to him and he actually printed it out and put about 20 staples through it to keep it together (My English teacher wrote all over the printed copy of it with little comments about what I had written and they were actually pretty funny, but I can't find it anywhere which makes me sad :P). I'll be posting it on a completely different blog and I'll have the website for it posted the next time I blog, which knowing me, won't be very long.


  1. I agree, Peach is stupid. I LOVE the Professor Leyton games!
    So, how've you been?

  2. i've been good
    falling behind on school work
    and the grading period is over next week but other than that I'm sitting at the computer in sweat pants feeling all clean because i just took a shower
    i'm doing pretty good if i do say so myself :P