Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sister at Walmart (1.....2......2 1/2....)

So it's getting around that time when all the stores bring out their holiday stuff way earlier than they should. We were at Walmart yesterday and we were looking at outdoor chairs and stuff. We were all sitting in a chair (my aunt, mom, and I) when my sister walked up. She walked up to a cart and pulled out two chocolate eggs (i mean, like the big awesome looking chocolate eggs) and asked "are these for us?" We looked at her and said "that's not our cart." At that she immediately put the eggs down and sat down with us as the couple who's cart it was walked up and looked at her suspiciously. My mom "said, she thought that was our cart by mistake." The woman looked at her and smiled as she said "We're getting these for our 19 year old son and his girlfriend, do you think they'd like them?" She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't look at the, but nodded in reply. I said "He'll like it. Chocolate is chocolate after all" and the woman agreed.  The man said "I think they're too old for them but she insists that they're still kids, but I say we stop after they get married." My aunt and I looked at him and said "you still have to buy them stuff even after they get married." as they walked away. We started laughing as soon as they walked away and my sister looked angry. We pulled out a bag of mini chocolate eggs and said "don't worry, these are for us." But she wasn't having any of it. She doesn't really like to laugh at herself.

Oh, and do you remember how when your parents wanted you to do something but you were taking to long to do it, they would start counting to 3. I found out what happens when you get to 3 the other night. We were watching tv and my mom wanting me to play with her hair but I wouldn't. She started counting "1..........2.......(at this point i'm smiling and saying "what's gonna happen?")" as soon as she hit 3 she yelled "Erin" in a whiny voice (Erin being my sister). She came up but wouldn't play with her hair either and walked away. She turned back to me and said "2 and 1/2......." At that I laughed at her and walked out of the room.

Which reminded me of the time when we were at our aunt's house and my sis took mom's camera. She started counting and my sister automatically put it down and walked away. My sister is 18 years old and still obeys the counting. Never once has my sis gotten to 3. If only she knew. My mom probably would have called my dad up to throw her into the pond (which he had been trying to do to my mom all day along with a few of my uncles). He actually picked up my mom's chair while she was sitting in it (he had help, he's no superman) and mad it halfway to the pond before he finally put her back down (because he supposedly loves her and knows that she would be mad at him if she got wet (because she was yelling at him all the way down the hill).

As promised, here is the link to the new (oldish) story that I said that I'd be posting. I haven't put up the first of it yet but I still bothered to write something before hand. Something like a prologue even though it doesn't really go with it.

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  1. Cool Tori. I'll check out that blog soon as I get a chance :P