Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow White's a Bitch

I was sitting in english class the other day when this girl came up and said "i was woken up by birds outside my window chirping, i almost shot them down." I just kind of laughed at her, it sounded like a weird version of a disney movie. And that got me and my friend Angie to thinking how strange the movie Snow White is. Snow goes into a house and cleans the whole place up. She's got animals running around her all of the time and pretending that they could talk. She was dumb as bricks. Then she starts living with 7 strange little men and takes all of their beds, making them sleep in drawers and sinks and Grumpy's sleeping in a pot to cook overnight.
Speaking of Grumpy. she should have kicked his ass out. He was a bitch. But Snow White was too. She knew that Grumpy didn't like him but she just sat there with her stupid grin and blew him a kiss.
And Dopey was a player. Always trying to get Snow White to kiss him.
And Sneezy was going to blow the house down, she should have kicked him out to saying "you're gonna get all of the other dwarfs sick and i can't have that. Plus, if that doesn't happen you're gonna take the house down with one sneeze."
Sleepy was always sleeping!! Kick him out too. If he ain't gonna work then he can go somewhere else.
And Happy.....Happy was gay. Plain and simple. lol
Doc was cool, even though he couldn't talk worth crap.
It can be Snow White and the Dwarf.


  1. LOL Tori! That's really funny! I never thought of it that way before. Hmmm....maybe Snow White was a player too! Living with 7 strange little men! Then she ditches them all for th eprince! Poor silly little men!

    It's exactly what I would have done!
    BWAAAHAAAHAAHAAA-Ack! *cough, cough, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze*

  2. when we were talking about this we couldn't stop laughing the entire time