Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stupid People (It's like a mental disorder)

Sometimes I wonder why some people think that they need to act like they have some mental disorder and don't understand why someone is starting to get angry at them and doesn't want to be around them.
There is this girl in my Drama class. I don't talk to her. I know who she is and I know her dad works as a teacher at the middle school we went to but I have never said a bad word about her until today. And it takes til now to be finally fed up with her. One day she turned around and looked at me and said to me "hey Tori, I have a new nickname for you" when i asked her what it was she said that it was "Tor-Whore."
Just for the record, there is nothing about me that would make anyone think that I was a whore. I don't even date. I've only ever had one boyfriend and he dumped me twice.
Today we were put in a group to come up with a scene. We only had these rules; there were three chairs and a table that we needed to use, only one person could be sitting at a time, and the scene had to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Her idea was this; take out two chairs and the table and play musical chairs. Not only did it not sound any way good, it didn't follow any of the rules that we were given.
I told her that it wasn't a good idea and she looked at me and said "then what's your idea," when i said I was still thinking of one she proceeded to say every 5 seconds or so "do you have an idea, do you have an idea, do you have an idea." So once I would get even the tiniest of a thought in my head, it would be interrupted by her annoying voice, which made me want to strangle her and then myself.
I looked at her  and said this "How about this, instead of talking, how about you either use some of the brain cells that you have left to think of something new or shut up for more than 5 seconds." She says "I have lots of brain cells" (really, well you don't use many of them). Then she stayed quiet for 2 seconds and said "and I can be quiet for more than 5 seconds, now do you have anything."
All the while our other partner was just standing there and not putting in any input. Just then his friend walked up and started talking to us (these two guys are the kids that are always getting yelled at for talking and not doing any work). The boy who had just came over asked us what our idea was and the girl told him her idea and then said that i though it was stupid (which i did) and told him how i didn't have an idea of my own. He says "then her idea is obviously better and since i'm the tie breaker, you guys should go with her idea." I glared at him and said "you're not even in this group, go back over there where you belong!" He said he was done, which still didn't explain why he was bothering me. She started going on about how it was so funny how I was easily annoyed by her and how she didn't know what she was doing to make me so mad. "Oh Tori, you're so funny when you're angry HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."
At that point class was almost over so i walked over to go get my things while the girl was shouting "I'm so glad we're friends." at me. Around the last minute of class my friend came in and I told him what had gone on and he asked what the person looked like while looking around. I described her and turned around, only to overhear that she was talking about me and what had just happened with all of her little friends sitting around her. She saw that he was looking at her and again started shouting "I'm so glad we're friends Tori." I just ignored her as my friend and i walked away, talking about the rehearsal that he had to go later for the play he was in.

You would think that with her dad being a teacher, she would have a brain in that fat head of her's, but apparently isn't all that great of a teacher since he failed all of his students. :P I wonder if stupid is hereditary, and if so i should probably get tested since some of my family members are the same.

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  1. Hmmm, I know a few people like that so I totally know how you feel. Well done for not totally losing the plot at her :)