Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keep Your Hands Off Of My Stuff

You know, it gets really annoying to come into your art class and find out that your stuff is now broken, or has been moved, or spilled out all in your shelf. People need to learn not to touch other people's thing's because it has gotten to a point where I'm about to knock someone's teeth in. I brought in my little Jack Skellington to my art class to turn it in and finally be done with that project (if you don't know what I'm talking about, see the picture on my past blog post).
I then had to do an assignment for spanish class on how to do something. I decided for mine to be about how to make things out of clay and was going to use jack as what something would look like after it had dried and been painted. I went in before my class was supposed to start in order to borrow supplies and walked into where the students stored their art when they weren't working on it. I went to my shelf and noticed that "Jack" wasn't there. I looked up and there he was, sitting on a few shelves above mine....with his arm and leg laying next to him. I picked him up along with his severed limbs and went and asked the teacher what had happened. She didn't know how it had happened and I was just ready to throw it at someone but I had to get to class. So I ended up showing the class my new "handicapped jack." Then I took it home and I sat there for half an hour trying to glue him back together.
And this isn't the first time it's happened either. I've hand bottles of beads dumped out and the container gone missing, little chain things like this unwrapped and left laying there and I've had pieces of art moved to other people's shelves. And I share a shelf with 2 other people and only my stuff is people touched. It's ridiculous!!! And as soon as I find out who it is, I'm gonna get them. As I said on Facebook a few minutes ago "knock it off, before I knock you out" because I've had enough and I'm not gonna put up with it anymore.

Now that all my rage has been spilled out, here's my pic
This, I have to say, is one of my worst drawings (apart from my self portrait, which I will never EVER be putting up on here because it looks so bad that I would not put anyone through that). He had to draw our own hands. The lights were all turned off except for on lamp at each table in the room and we had to make sure to draw the shading and everything. I was so far away from the lamp at our table that I was getting this jacked up shadow and everyday when I would try to work on it, the shadow would be different. But I have to say that it came out better than some of the drawings at my table. This one guy's hand looked like a cartoon gorilla's hand.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break and Japanese School

So Spring Break just came and went as it does every year. But this year was different because my Nana and some other relatives came down from New York to visit us. We had about 15 or so people going around our house because our relatives came down, and my aunt brought her family, and my other aunt and grandma came in too. It was crazy, but really amusing. I got to show my Nana all of my art and she got to finally meet our cousins, who are 4 and 2. Mikaela immediately stuck to her like glue where little Coleman was still a Grandma's Boy.
At one point my aunt Lauri, Erin (sister), Nana and I all went to the store to but food for dinner and to get more Easter stuff. Nana spoiled Erin and I by letting us get a bag of candy (We went crazy because we never get to that :P) and then we all went to Starbucks (again, which we never do). We even got Nana to try a vanilla bean frappuccino, the one thing that my sister and I always get at Starbucks. As we were driving home we were talking about how whenever my sister and I go out with our mom and we get stuff, when we get home our brother sees it and asks why we didn't get him anything. Our reply is always "because you weren't there" (because he would rather play video games than go out).
Easter was also fun because even the big kids got baskets full of goodies. My aunt knew what to get me and bought me a bunch of fake tattoos (which I'm having a lot of fun with by putting them all over my face :P) and new nail polish. I got kind of confused with the nail polish because she bought me three and my first thought were "Black, black, and gray.....well at least there's some variety." When I told her this she laughed and said that one of them was a really dark purple and I was like "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH." We also got a bunch of candy (candy from the store included) and I still haven't come anywhere near finished eating it (I'm gonna get fat :P)

I was glad to see them because I went and attempted to get into this japanese school over the summer. It's completely free and I get to stay in a college dorm for three weeks while learning japanese. The only problem is that it's starts the day before the family picnic when I usually see everybody. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and only a 100 students get in so I can't exactly say no. So I won't be going to New York during summer vacation this year.

After everyone left my dad went and took me driving (because I have to learn how eventually). I actually did very well, no one was hurt and my dad only had to grab the wheel once (not including the quick review of how to turn on my turn signal :P). Near the very end he told me to leave the neighborhood and all I could think of was "oh HELL!!!!" I wasn't used to going that fast because I had to go almost double my normal speed. He only had me go from the back entrance of the neighborhood to the front entrance. I was glad for that but also disappointed because we hadn't been out that long. As we were getting out I realized that I was doing much better than my sister is (because we're both learning at the same time even though she's 2 years older). On her second driving lesson she had crashed the car into the side of a car parts store which gave us all a good laugh.

Now for pictures
We had to do a color wheel in this assignment and all I could think about when our teacher was talking were those picture of shoes in circles. We had to have three different items for each type of color (primary, secondary and tertiary colors). I picked sneakers for primary, flip flops for secondary, and shoe laces for tertiary colors. That bottom shoe is supposed to be purple with different types of purple on the shoe laces.

Now I'm off to the library with my grandma (because I love to read) and then to the mall with my friend to hang out. A good way to end Spring Break

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pictrues (just because I can)

So i have been working on this little sculpture for art class and I finally finished it today
I made it because I had made the hill from the nightmare before christmas for a pot in art class. The day my teacher showed it to the class, nearly everyone thought it was a garden gnome.....I just sat in the corner of shame after that. So I decided to make a little jack to sit on top so people wouldn't get confused.
This was actually a lot harder than expected because the first time I had tried to make him, I had made him out of air dry clay and his legs kept falling off. Next thing you know I'm sitting there with a hot glue gun acting like I'm a doctor and saying "BREATHE!!!!! We're losing him!! Come on Jack, stay with me....CLEAR!!!!!..........Time of death...." Then I would walk up to a mirror and say "I'm sorry, we did everything we could, but we couldn't save him." All of my friends are sitting there like "what the heck is she doing?"
So I had to make him out of a different kind of clay and I got him all together and he came out pretty good.

Here's a picture of him with my cat, Mytsey. I was having too much fun with my mom's fancy camera.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fudge in a Cup (I'm Gonna Burn Myself)

So around every Friday, my mom, my brother and I go out to dinner. For the past few week my mom kept taking us to the same dang buffet restaurant. Last night she came up and said we weer going out to eat, and when she told us we were going to the same place we both gave her a look and were like "really mom, really?" So we drove around for a little bit and decided to go to Friendly's.
We went there and ate and we all got free sundaes with our dinners. We decided to get them to go and my brother and I ordered ours (I got mint chocolate chip with Kit Kats on it :D). The waitress turned to my mom and mom said this "I want hot fudge, oh and can you put a lid on it? I'll take it home and my husband will eat it." We all just kind of looked at her and then the waitress finally said "and what flavor of ice cream do you want?" My mom looked at her like she was crazy and said vanilla. Once the waitress left, we laughed at her and she realized what she had said. We're still poking fun at her for it :P

My sister and I were both accepted into a language honor society a few weeks ago (I got into spanish and she got into french). Apparently there was an induction ceremony we had to go to where we all read an oath off of a piece of paper in our different languages and then they give us a flower and a certificate.
They had each group of kids come up onto the stage and take a big group photo. There were around 9 german kids, 20 french kids, 12 latin kids, and 60 spanish kids. Taking the picture was a NIGHTMARE!! All of the smallish people had to like rotate in and out so we could have a turn in front so we wouldn't be invisible from everyone.
And then as we were coming off of the stage we were all handed candles. As soon as I saw them I was like "i'm so gonna burn myself." As we were sitting down, they had one person from each row and light their candle and when they came back the person sitting next to them would light their candle off of them and it would go down the row. While this was starting, the girl next to me was saying how she had to do this once and she held everybody up because she couldn't light her candle. It got down to us and i lit mine fine but the girl couldn't light it (it probably didn't help that she was making me laugh and that made my candle jiggle).
I had one of the older candles and I could see the melted was building up and I knew that it was going to flow over and burn me. I had one of those wax catchers, but those things never work. Then out of nowhere the wax fell down....and landed on the wax catcher. I was sitting there and silently shouting "YES!!! Thank you wax catcher!!"
Once they were all lit the speaker started to get all emotional and the lights started to dim. This started to make some of the kids laugh because the lady was all monotone. Later my mom was all angry about the laughing kids and I told her that I was one of the kids and she said "of course you were."

Apparently, at some point during taking art, you have to draw a school hallway. I was aiming for a theme of all Alice in Wonderland. I remember that while I was coloring this in, I was watching Ron White on Comedy Central. He's really funny :D. Oh, and that weird green thing on the bottom right is supposed to be a rose bush with a paint brush next to it put it got cut off when I took the picture

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Volunteering (I Got Burned)

So i went to volunteer today for this big family picnic thing today. I got there and found out that it was the best picnic on EARTH!! They had two helicopters flown in, several fire trucks, pony rides, and a bouncy house. I almost died.
And one of the main reasons I showed up was because I heard of the bouncy house. I was told that if we got there early then we could test it out, but we could not go on it when the people started coming in (because that would seen "irresponsible"). So I got there and I made friends with this girl who was also working there as well and we went in search of the person who was put in charge, so we could go in. We couldn't find the person so we had her mom stand watch while we went in (because people couldn't go in unless there was someone working the station). As soon as we start bouncing, these three little kids walk up and ask if they can go in. Her mom says no and says that we're testing it out. As soon as she said that I turned to my friend and said "we're irresponsible."We kept going for a few more minutes and then got out. Suddenly this lady walks up and is about to say something, but then she sees our shirts (we were all given these red shirts to show that we were workers)and says "oh thank god, i saw the bouncy house moving and was thinking that there shouldn't be kids in there."
We then went to work. We were put in charge of a few of the many games they were there. For the first shift I ran the game Red Light Green Light, and then for the second shift I ran the egg race. While running the games, whenever I would give the instructions I started to talk really face with really short sentences (kind of like the host of the dance contest in Grease).
This is what said  when i ran the egg race "ok, you have to go all the way down there (point down to marker) and back. If you drop your egg, just pick it up and keep going. First one to get back here wins. Go." The really sad part would be when everyone would already be done and there would still be that one little kid still trying to finish but is only halfway done, moving an inch per minute. I just so badly wanted to yell "Just run and get it over with. You're already last, you can't do any worse!"
I and fun running the games and when I was on brake. They gave the workers free food and stuff. And when they were putting away the toys from the prize table, they let everyone take something. I grabbed this little teddy bear with a bow around it's neck.
Speaking of bears, they also had this person i a bear costume who ran around and played with all of the kids. I at first caught him as he was walking by and had him play red light green light  with this little boy because he didn't have anyone to play with. Then he stuck around for a few more rounds and started screwing with the kids. There was this little girl who was ahead and when i yelled red light he came up and was moving her arm and then pointing at her as to say that she was moving (because you're not supposed to move when i yell out red light).
I apparently wasn't paying attention to how long I was in the sun because when my mom came and picked me she commented on how red my face was. Apparently, I was sunburned. And I HATE being sunburned. I'm pale, i wasn't made to be in the sun for an extended period of time. AND THE SUN WASN'T EVEN OUT. It was blocked out by clouds all day. But now my face is all red, as well as the bottom half of my arms. the farmer's tan :P

...I don't know what that white blob is on the bottom right, so just ignore it because it's not actually there in the real picture. We were working with negative space (where you only paint the background and leave the subject blank). This is actually one of those Got Milk? ads on the back of a magazine. When I was painting this, my teacher walked up and asked me "where are her breasts?" The weirdest question she could ask me about my art. I then pointed out that the outline of her breasts was blocked by her arm, that i wasn't just leaving them out on purpose. The hair was the hardest part because there were a lot of little strands being blown in the wind and I couldn't get them all. So i had to pick out the most important strands and hope for the best (who knew hair was so much trouble?). This is definitely one of my better paintings, because i didn't accidentally paint something the wrong color (because i only had one color (or shade, whatever you go with)).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Me Being Clever (Bonding Time With Mommy)

So earlier tonight my sister walked up to my mom and started playing with her. After a few minutes my mom turned to her and said "I was going to give you a lecture but then you started to play with my hair and I changed mind. I just sat there and said "that's all it takes????"
The later, mom and I were heading out to dinner. She started to go into this really serious and uncomfortable conversation. I reached over and started to touch her hair. After a few seconds she realized what I was doing and said "you're not doing it right" and went on talking. All I could thing of was DAMMIT!!!!!
Then at dinner we were both on our phones most of the time, either facebooking or reading messages. I got this fun idea to do when the waitress came up with our food. But then my mom started to put her phone away and I told her to take it back out. She asked why and I told her my plan. She laughed at me and then went to facebook how I was funny. When the waiter (i was disappointed that it wasn't the lady from before, but whatever works :P) came up with our food he saw us both with our phones out. I looked at him, smiled, and said "we're bonding." He took one look at us and laughed out loud. At that point my mom was on the floor dying of laughter. I'm so clever XD

Right now I am super happy because I just found out that the Professor Layton movie is in english!!!! It's been like that for a while and I know I'm late but I found it on youtube and spent the afternoon watching it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Professor Layton games!!! They are the BEST!!!

In this art assignment we had to focus on patterns. We had to draw a big circle and then draw a big squiggly line that goes all through it in many different ways. We then had to fill in every gap with a different pattern (At this point i regretted drawing such a weird squiggle). I faintly remember that the night that I was rushing to get this done I was also watching a Make It Or Brake It marathon because it was on and I had nothing better to do. I also remember that out of nowhere my dad walked up and sat on the other couch and fell asleep while watching the gymnastics show. This took a lot of sleeping hours from me and by the end of it I was ready to rip my own eyes out from seeing so much black and white.

And just because I feel like this post is too short compared to the others, I will post this picture of the most awesome cat in the world.
She doesn't like to stay still around cameras, so this was the best I got of her. Her name is Mytsey and she is my little whiny baby. I just recently found out (i mean, reminded) that she is a Norwegian Forest Cat (don't ask me what that means, I don't know). She always runs around my feet and meows for attention and as soon as I sit down she will jump up on me and just sprawl out so I can't move without throwing her off. The book next to her is from one of the series that I read. It is title Torment, it is the second book, and I don't remember who the author is.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Complicated (My 3-Part Story)

So I was at lunch the other day with my friends when I noticed that I had a text message on my phone. I didn't recognize the number. At the same time the girl next to me got a mysterious text message from a unrecognized number. She had texted back asking who the person was and they never replied. So I decided that I was going to have a little fun and mess with this person. The entire time I would read the text out loud and everyone would laugh at my reply. This is what was said:
??: Dude!!!!!
??:Is your sister a good person?    (at this I was like "okay, who's screwing with me? If they're gonna screw with me then i'm gonna screw right back)
Me: I don't have a sister :P
??: :O
Me: I ate her
       yum yum yum delicioso
??: No you didn't lol I think she has an admirer (at that I was like "oh my GAWD!! I'm talking to a total stalker dude person)
Me: Is it you?
      You're a creeper
??: Ewww no! I don't roll like that!!!
Me: Did you roll down the other side of the hill (I was just trying to think of something to reply :P)
??: Wow lol no!! It's a dude that likes her (I'm like "so i'm talking to a girl....I'm gonna keep going")
Me: Oh so I'm talking to a girl, oookkkaaayyy more fun for me (all f my friends were laughing to death at this point)
??: Uhhh lol of course I'm a girl
Me: Ok, mystery number girl person (I couldn't think of anything else to say)
......Blah blah blah, she gives me a hint about who she is and I realize that It's my friend Lauren. To this I'm saying "she's a bitch!! she didn't tall me that she changed her phone number!!" Her sister was sitting right in front of me and she looked at the phone number posted and agreed that was Lauren's number. We kind of laughed at having found out who it was.

I told my sister about the conversation I had and I told her that Lauren thought that she had an admirer. My sister just made a face and yelled out "OMG, I know who she's talking about!!! It's that weirdo that keeps talking to me and asking me questions!!" She then told me about some of the questions he had asked and how he had done really weird things. One of the weird things was that he asked what her favorite color was and she said yellow. The he started calling her yellow and went onto her facebook and found a picture that in black and white and commented "Yellow never looked so good in black and white" (I was on the floor at that).
Then out of nowhere she turns to me and says that that I should start hanging out with the weird guy. I just kind of looked at her and wondered "if the guy is creepy and weird, then why do I have to hang out with him?"She was saying stuff like "yeah, don't weird kids like form in groups? Aren't you in like a cult or something with all of those kids in the library?" (a bunch of my friends hang out in the library before classes start in the morning). We just started laughing and coming up with stuff that my "cult" does. I made the comment "now tomorrow I'm gonna have to run to my friends yelling 'we've been found out MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! Switch to a new location, you all have your assignments.'"

Lauren walked up to me and I told her about what had happened yesterday afternoon. She told me that the guy had texted her and asked if she had been talking to me. She said yes and he sent her a sad face emoticon and said that my sister wasn't really interested in him anyway (that was putting it lightly). We laughed about the "cult" and decided to actually make one. A two-person cult. I told her that we had to show to school on Monday both wearing yellow. She said that she had the guy in the class next block and said that she was tempted to walk up and say "Yellow never looked so good in black and white" just to see his reaction. We also said that when class ended she had to find my sister (because their classes are almost right next to each other) and while passing her Lauren should shout out "STAY TO THE CULT!!" and run away.She didn't do either of them but is planning to tell him on Monday. We spent the entire class laughing about it and saying how it was so weird how we had gotten tangled in this.

Now that my babble is done, here is a new picture
This was one of the very first drawings that I did. It was just a basic enlargment (the girls are from 3 seperate pictures). The girls are made with colored pencil and the background is all sharpie. I don't really like how the hair on the girl on the left turned out. It looks like she accidentally dyed her forehead brown while dying the rest of her hair.

Speaking of art, I finally got to see my finished pot today. I was trying to make the hill from the Nightmare Before Christmas and it came out pretty well except for the fact that everyone thought that it was something different. The most popular guesses were that it was a smurf or a garden knome. She showed it to the entire class and the first thing that was said was "it looks like a garden gnome." Next thing you know I'm standing in the corner of shame being all depressed. My teacher recommend that if I made a little Jack Skellington on top of it then people wouldn't  be so confused. So that's what I did all art class. I pulled out some air-dry clay and got to molding. It's coming out pretty great so far even though i'm ready to go out and murder Tim Burton (the greatest director on the planet!!) for giving Jack such tiny feet and skinny legs (so now jack will be sitting on the hill because there id no way in hell that I can get him to stay up on my hill).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Failed Movie Marathon (our sick family jokes)

My aunts came over for the weekend and my aunt wanted to have a Twilight marathon (because my mom's a dork and bought all of the movies). The thing is, we only watched up to the 2nd movie, and the entire time we were talking (and making fun of how stupid the movies were). After that we either all went to bed or went home.
My aunts were sharing a bowl of Doritos and got into a conversation about licking the cheese off the chip. My mom was on the other side of the room and said that it was like licking tostitos (because they're both chips and my mom's a dork). My mom sat there and said "but the only problem is they get kind of soggy when you lick them." At that point we're all laughing on the floor and my mom is yelling at them for having their head in the gutter. It took me about 2 seconds to realize what she meant and start dying of laughter along with them, the entire time thinking "oh my god, really?!?!?! You had to go there." At which point my dad walks out of the kitchen and says "I'm never the tostito," which started more laughter and me sitting there yelling "REALLY?!?!" My family is so weird.

Which reminded me about how at dinner the other night my mom was saying how she was late and I said "maybe you have the next baby Jesus." My dad looked up, and serious as can be, said "she better have the next baby Jesus." This started a whole conversation about how my dad doesn't trust my mom. At which point my mom said "I'll go all the way to the doctor's office" followed by my dad's reply "I'll go all the way to the attorney's office."At which point mom, dad and I are laughing and my sister's sitting there going "oh my god, you guys are so sick. That's not funny" and my brother sitting there going "I don't get it."

Another thing we talked about was how my aunt was saying how she really needed to clean her room back at her apartment. Out of nowhere she told us how when she cleans her room, she puts on those Bring it On movies (you know, those about 500 pointless weird cheer leading movies) while she cleans. I just sat there for a minute and then said "because it's All or Nothing." Followed by my mom and other aunt start going "You're In It To Won It"  and "because it's a Fight To The Finish." We were dying at that point but we kept going, asking her if she starts cheering while she cleans her room, shouting "fight fight fight!!! You can do it!!! Go Team!!!" She was just kind of quiet after that lol.

The last thing I remember is that we were talking about all of the different versions of vampires and all of the books about them. My aunt from before sat there and said "there are so many that I don't even know what is real anymore!!!" We just kind of looked at her and before she said anything she realized what she had said and said "wait, that was stupid" and we all started laughing again.

Oh and I got Tangled on Blu Ray yesterday and I'm really happy because of it. Don't judge me, the bible that I don't believe in says not to :P.....yes I'm a Disney lover....

Here's another picture of art (because I haven't already talked forever)
You have to look at it sideways because I can't figure out how to turn it around on this stupid blog :P
We were working on parodies when I did this picture. We had to find a picture, enlarge it, and then simplify it. I really liked how this one came out and apparently my teacher did too because she had it put up in the School Board's office across the street. Those black smudges on the top are supposed to be boats in the distance, in case you were wondering.