Sunday, April 3, 2011

Failed Movie Marathon (our sick family jokes)

My aunts came over for the weekend and my aunt wanted to have a Twilight marathon (because my mom's a dork and bought all of the movies). The thing is, we only watched up to the 2nd movie, and the entire time we were talking (and making fun of how stupid the movies were). After that we either all went to bed or went home.
My aunts were sharing a bowl of Doritos and got into a conversation about licking the cheese off the chip. My mom was on the other side of the room and said that it was like licking tostitos (because they're both chips and my mom's a dork). My mom sat there and said "but the only problem is they get kind of soggy when you lick them." At that point we're all laughing on the floor and my mom is yelling at them for having their head in the gutter. It took me about 2 seconds to realize what she meant and start dying of laughter along with them, the entire time thinking "oh my god, really?!?!?! You had to go there." At which point my dad walks out of the kitchen and says "I'm never the tostito," which started more laughter and me sitting there yelling "REALLY?!?!" My family is so weird.

Which reminded me about how at dinner the other night my mom was saying how she was late and I said "maybe you have the next baby Jesus." My dad looked up, and serious as can be, said "she better have the next baby Jesus." This started a whole conversation about how my dad doesn't trust my mom. At which point my mom said "I'll go all the way to the doctor's office" followed by my dad's reply "I'll go all the way to the attorney's office."At which point mom, dad and I are laughing and my sister's sitting there going "oh my god, you guys are so sick. That's not funny" and my brother sitting there going "I don't get it."

Another thing we talked about was how my aunt was saying how she really needed to clean her room back at her apartment. Out of nowhere she told us how when she cleans her room, she puts on those Bring it On movies (you know, those about 500 pointless weird cheer leading movies) while she cleans. I just sat there for a minute and then said "because it's All or Nothing." Followed by my mom and other aunt start going "You're In It To Won It"  and "because it's a Fight To The Finish." We were dying at that point but we kept going, asking her if she starts cheering while she cleans her room, shouting "fight fight fight!!! You can do it!!! Go Team!!!" She was just kind of quiet after that lol.

The last thing I remember is that we were talking about all of the different versions of vampires and all of the books about them. My aunt from before sat there and said "there are so many that I don't even know what is real anymore!!!" We just kind of looked at her and before she said anything she realized what she had said and said "wait, that was stupid" and we all started laughing again.

Oh and I got Tangled on Blu Ray yesterday and I'm really happy because of it. Don't judge me, the bible that I don't believe in says not to :P.....yes I'm a Disney lover....

Here's another picture of art (because I haven't already talked forever)
You have to look at it sideways because I can't figure out how to turn it around on this stupid blog :P
We were working on parodies when I did this picture. We had to find a picture, enlarge it, and then simplify it. I really liked how this one came out and apparently my teacher did too because she had it put up in the School Board's office across the street. Those black smudges on the top are supposed to be boats in the distance, in case you were wondering.


  1. YAY!!! I'm a Disney lover too!
    That artwork is AWESOME!!!
    I love it. You are a great artidt! That' sa gift I wish I had!
    Thanks fo rposting Tori.

    Sometimes I start randomly singing songs from Disney movies :)
    You are an awesome artist Tori!