Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fudge in a Cup (I'm Gonna Burn Myself)

So around every Friday, my mom, my brother and I go out to dinner. For the past few week my mom kept taking us to the same dang buffet restaurant. Last night she came up and said we weer going out to eat, and when she told us we were going to the same place we both gave her a look and were like "really mom, really?" So we drove around for a little bit and decided to go to Friendly's.
We went there and ate and we all got free sundaes with our dinners. We decided to get them to go and my brother and I ordered ours (I got mint chocolate chip with Kit Kats on it :D). The waitress turned to my mom and mom said this "I want hot fudge, oh and can you put a lid on it? I'll take it home and my husband will eat it." We all just kind of looked at her and then the waitress finally said "and what flavor of ice cream do you want?" My mom looked at her like she was crazy and said vanilla. Once the waitress left, we laughed at her and she realized what she had said. We're still poking fun at her for it :P

My sister and I were both accepted into a language honor society a few weeks ago (I got into spanish and she got into french). Apparently there was an induction ceremony we had to go to where we all read an oath off of a piece of paper in our different languages and then they give us a flower and a certificate.
They had each group of kids come up onto the stage and take a big group photo. There were around 9 german kids, 20 french kids, 12 latin kids, and 60 spanish kids. Taking the picture was a NIGHTMARE!! All of the smallish people had to like rotate in and out so we could have a turn in front so we wouldn't be invisible from everyone.
And then as we were coming off of the stage we were all handed candles. As soon as I saw them I was like "i'm so gonna burn myself." As we were sitting down, they had one person from each row and light their candle and when they came back the person sitting next to them would light their candle off of them and it would go down the row. While this was starting, the girl next to me was saying how she had to do this once and she held everybody up because she couldn't light her candle. It got down to us and i lit mine fine but the girl couldn't light it (it probably didn't help that she was making me laugh and that made my candle jiggle).
I had one of the older candles and I could see the melted was building up and I knew that it was going to flow over and burn me. I had one of those wax catchers, but those things never work. Then out of nowhere the wax fell down....and landed on the wax catcher. I was sitting there and silently shouting "YES!!! Thank you wax catcher!!"
Once they were all lit the speaker started to get all emotional and the lights started to dim. This started to make some of the kids laugh because the lady was all monotone. Later my mom was all angry about the laughing kids and I told her that I was one of the kids and she said "of course you were."

Apparently, at some point during taking art, you have to draw a school hallway. I was aiming for a theme of all Alice in Wonderland. I remember that while I was coloring this in, I was watching Ron White on Comedy Central. He's really funny :D. Oh, and that weird green thing on the bottom right is supposed to be a rose bush with a paint brush next to it put it got cut off when I took the picture