Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Complicated (My 3-Part Story)

So I was at lunch the other day with my friends when I noticed that I had a text message on my phone. I didn't recognize the number. At the same time the girl next to me got a mysterious text message from a unrecognized number. She had texted back asking who the person was and they never replied. So I decided that I was going to have a little fun and mess with this person. The entire time I would read the text out loud and everyone would laugh at my reply. This is what was said:
??: Dude!!!!!
??:Is your sister a good person?    (at this I was like "okay, who's screwing with me? If they're gonna screw with me then i'm gonna screw right back)
Me: I don't have a sister :P
??: :O
Me: I ate her
       yum yum yum delicioso
??: No you didn't lol I think she has an admirer (at that I was like "oh my GAWD!! I'm talking to a total stalker dude person)
Me: Is it you?
      You're a creeper
??: Ewww no! I don't roll like that!!!
Me: Did you roll down the other side of the hill (I was just trying to think of something to reply :P)
??: Wow lol no!! It's a dude that likes her (I'm like "so i'm talking to a girl....I'm gonna keep going")
Me: Oh so I'm talking to a girl, oookkkaaayyy more fun for me (all f my friends were laughing to death at this point)
??: Uhhh lol of course I'm a girl
Me: Ok, mystery number girl person (I couldn't think of anything else to say)
......Blah blah blah, she gives me a hint about who she is and I realize that It's my friend Lauren. To this I'm saying "she's a bitch!! she didn't tall me that she changed her phone number!!" Her sister was sitting right in front of me and she looked at the phone number posted and agreed that was Lauren's number. We kind of laughed at having found out who it was.

I told my sister about the conversation I had and I told her that Lauren thought that she had an admirer. My sister just made a face and yelled out "OMG, I know who she's talking about!!! It's that weirdo that keeps talking to me and asking me questions!!" She then told me about some of the questions he had asked and how he had done really weird things. One of the weird things was that he asked what her favorite color was and she said yellow. The he started calling her yellow and went onto her facebook and found a picture that in black and white and commented "Yellow never looked so good in black and white" (I was on the floor at that).
Then out of nowhere she turns to me and says that that I should start hanging out with the weird guy. I just kind of looked at her and wondered "if the guy is creepy and weird, then why do I have to hang out with him?"She was saying stuff like "yeah, don't weird kids like form in groups? Aren't you in like a cult or something with all of those kids in the library?" (a bunch of my friends hang out in the library before classes start in the morning). We just started laughing and coming up with stuff that my "cult" does. I made the comment "now tomorrow I'm gonna have to run to my friends yelling 'we've been found out MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! Switch to a new location, you all have your assignments.'"

Lauren walked up to me and I told her about what had happened yesterday afternoon. She told me that the guy had texted her and asked if she had been talking to me. She said yes and he sent her a sad face emoticon and said that my sister wasn't really interested in him anyway (that was putting it lightly). We laughed about the "cult" and decided to actually make one. A two-person cult. I told her that we had to show to school on Monday both wearing yellow. She said that she had the guy in the class next block and said that she was tempted to walk up and say "Yellow never looked so good in black and white" just to see his reaction. We also said that when class ended she had to find my sister (because their classes are almost right next to each other) and while passing her Lauren should shout out "STAY TO THE CULT!!" and run away.She didn't do either of them but is planning to tell him on Monday. We spent the entire class laughing about it and saying how it was so weird how we had gotten tangled in this.

Now that my babble is done, here is a new picture
This was one of the very first drawings that I did. It was just a basic enlargment (the girls are from 3 seperate pictures). The girls are made with colored pencil and the background is all sharpie. I don't really like how the hair on the girl on the left turned out. It looks like she accidentally dyed her forehead brown while dying the rest of her hair.

Speaking of art, I finally got to see my finished pot today. I was trying to make the hill from the Nightmare Before Christmas and it came out pretty well except for the fact that everyone thought that it was something different. The most popular guesses were that it was a smurf or a garden knome. She showed it to the entire class and the first thing that was said was "it looks like a garden gnome." Next thing you know I'm standing in the corner of shame being all depressed. My teacher recommend that if I made a little Jack Skellington on top of it then people wouldn't  be so confused. So that's what I did all art class. I pulled out some air-dry clay and got to molding. It's coming out pretty great so far even though i'm ready to go out and murder Tim Burton (the greatest director on the planet!!) for giving Jack such tiny feet and skinny legs (so now jack will be sitting on the hill because there id no way in hell that I can get him to stay up on my hill).

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  1. LOL That is just hysterical Tori! You had me laughing too!
    I love the art. Nice use of color. I thought the one girl in the green headband had bangs. It does not look like she dyed her hair at all. Fantastic job!