Friday, April 8, 2011

Me Being Clever (Bonding Time With Mommy)

So earlier tonight my sister walked up to my mom and started playing with her. After a few minutes my mom turned to her and said "I was going to give you a lecture but then you started to play with my hair and I changed mind. I just sat there and said "that's all it takes????"
The later, mom and I were heading out to dinner. She started to go into this really serious and uncomfortable conversation. I reached over and started to touch her hair. After a few seconds she realized what I was doing and said "you're not doing it right" and went on talking. All I could thing of was DAMMIT!!!!!
Then at dinner we were both on our phones most of the time, either facebooking or reading messages. I got this fun idea to do when the waitress came up with our food. But then my mom started to put her phone away and I told her to take it back out. She asked why and I told her my plan. She laughed at me and then went to facebook how I was funny. When the waiter (i was disappointed that it wasn't the lady from before, but whatever works :P) came up with our food he saw us both with our phones out. I looked at him, smiled, and said "we're bonding." He took one look at us and laughed out loud. At that point my mom was on the floor dying of laughter. I'm so clever XD

Right now I am super happy because I just found out that the Professor Layton movie is in english!!!! It's been like that for a while and I know I'm late but I found it on youtube and spent the afternoon watching it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Professor Layton games!!! They are the BEST!!!

In this art assignment we had to focus on patterns. We had to draw a big circle and then draw a big squiggly line that goes all through it in many different ways. We then had to fill in every gap with a different pattern (At this point i regretted drawing such a weird squiggle). I faintly remember that the night that I was rushing to get this done I was also watching a Make It Or Brake It marathon because it was on and I had nothing better to do. I also remember that out of nowhere my dad walked up and sat on the other couch and fell asleep while watching the gymnastics show. This took a lot of sleeping hours from me and by the end of it I was ready to rip my own eyes out from seeing so much black and white.

And just because I feel like this post is too short compared to the others, I will post this picture of the most awesome cat in the world.
She doesn't like to stay still around cameras, so this was the best I got of her. Her name is Mytsey and she is my little whiny baby. I just recently found out (i mean, reminded) that she is a Norwegian Forest Cat (don't ask me what that means, I don't know). She always runs around my feet and meows for attention and as soon as I sit down she will jump up on me and just sprawl out so I can't move without throwing her off. The book next to her is from one of the series that I read. It is title Torment, it is the second book, and I don't remember who the author is.


  1. OI! I read it and commented!

    *smacks head*
    But I think I know whats happeend cause I've done this several times.
    I write a coomment and instead of posting it I hit th erefesh page! LOL
    (give me a break....I'm frekin tired!) :P
    Anyhow, I did read it my friend.
    Love the pic of the kitty! :)
    The artwork is FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. I luuurve Professor Layton games! Sooo much fun!
    Cool pics :)