Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pictrues (just because I can)

So i have been working on this little sculpture for art class and I finally finished it today
I made it because I had made the hill from the nightmare before christmas for a pot in art class. The day my teacher showed it to the class, nearly everyone thought it was a garden gnome.....I just sat in the corner of shame after that. So I decided to make a little jack to sit on top so people wouldn't get confused.
This was actually a lot harder than expected because the first time I had tried to make him, I had made him out of air dry clay and his legs kept falling off. Next thing you know I'm sitting there with a hot glue gun acting like I'm a doctor and saying "BREATHE!!!!! We're losing him!! Come on Jack, stay with me....CLEAR!!!!!..........Time of death...." Then I would walk up to a mirror and say "I'm sorry, we did everything we could, but we couldn't save him." All of my friends are sitting there like "what the heck is she doing?"
So I had to make him out of a different kind of clay and I got him all together and he came out pretty good.

Here's a picture of him with my cat, Mytsey. I was having too much fun with my mom's fancy camera.


  1. LOL That' shilarious Tori! Sounds like you had a lot of fun making JAck. He looks FANTASTIC! Awesome art work JAffa!

    Very cute pic of your kitty and art work next to each other Tori.

  2. Jack and cat = both awesome! So sad he's broken. :-(

  3. but he shall return!!!!
    as soon as i borrow clay from the art room :P

    I'm not going to let those jerks get the last word in