Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break and Japanese School

So Spring Break just came and went as it does every year. But this year was different because my Nana and some other relatives came down from New York to visit us. We had about 15 or so people going around our house because our relatives came down, and my aunt brought her family, and my other aunt and grandma came in too. It was crazy, but really amusing. I got to show my Nana all of my art and she got to finally meet our cousins, who are 4 and 2. Mikaela immediately stuck to her like glue where little Coleman was still a Grandma's Boy.
At one point my aunt Lauri, Erin (sister), Nana and I all went to the store to but food for dinner and to get more Easter stuff. Nana spoiled Erin and I by letting us get a bag of candy (We went crazy because we never get to that :P) and then we all went to Starbucks (again, which we never do). We even got Nana to try a vanilla bean frappuccino, the one thing that my sister and I always get at Starbucks. As we were driving home we were talking about how whenever my sister and I go out with our mom and we get stuff, when we get home our brother sees it and asks why we didn't get him anything. Our reply is always "because you weren't there" (because he would rather play video games than go out).
Easter was also fun because even the big kids got baskets full of goodies. My aunt knew what to get me and bought me a bunch of fake tattoos (which I'm having a lot of fun with by putting them all over my face :P) and new nail polish. I got kind of confused with the nail polish because she bought me three and my first thought were "Black, black, and gray.....well at least there's some variety." When I told her this she laughed and said that one of them was a really dark purple and I was like "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH." We also got a bunch of candy (candy from the store included) and I still haven't come anywhere near finished eating it (I'm gonna get fat :P)

I was glad to see them because I went and attempted to get into this japanese school over the summer. It's completely free and I get to stay in a college dorm for three weeks while learning japanese. The only problem is that it's starts the day before the family picnic when I usually see everybody. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and only a 100 students get in so I can't exactly say no. So I won't be going to New York during summer vacation this year.

After everyone left my dad went and took me driving (because I have to learn how eventually). I actually did very well, no one was hurt and my dad only had to grab the wheel once (not including the quick review of how to turn on my turn signal :P). Near the very end he told me to leave the neighborhood and all I could think of was "oh HELL!!!!" I wasn't used to going that fast because I had to go almost double my normal speed. He only had me go from the back entrance of the neighborhood to the front entrance. I was glad for that but also disappointed because we hadn't been out that long. As we were getting out I realized that I was doing much better than my sister is (because we're both learning at the same time even though she's 2 years older). On her second driving lesson she had crashed the car into the side of a car parts store which gave us all a good laugh.

Now for pictures
We had to do a color wheel in this assignment and all I could think about when our teacher was talking were those picture of shoes in circles. We had to have three different items for each type of color (primary, secondary and tertiary colors). I picked sneakers for primary, flip flops for secondary, and shoe laces for tertiary colors. That bottom shoe is supposed to be purple with different types of purple on the shoe laces.

Now I'm off to the library with my grandma (because I love to read) and then to the mall with my friend to hang out. A good way to end Spring Break

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  1. Lol, I'm getting fat too :P
    Nice drawing, cool idea.
    I learn Japanese! I suck at it but I know the basics :)