Sunday, April 10, 2011

Volunteering (I Got Burned)

So i went to volunteer today for this big family picnic thing today. I got there and found out that it was the best picnic on EARTH!! They had two helicopters flown in, several fire trucks, pony rides, and a bouncy house. I almost died.
And one of the main reasons I showed up was because I heard of the bouncy house. I was told that if we got there early then we could test it out, but we could not go on it when the people started coming in (because that would seen "irresponsible"). So I got there and I made friends with this girl who was also working there as well and we went in search of the person who was put in charge, so we could go in. We couldn't find the person so we had her mom stand watch while we went in (because people couldn't go in unless there was someone working the station). As soon as we start bouncing, these three little kids walk up and ask if they can go in. Her mom says no and says that we're testing it out. As soon as she said that I turned to my friend and said "we're irresponsible."We kept going for a few more minutes and then got out. Suddenly this lady walks up and is about to say something, but then she sees our shirts (we were all given these red shirts to show that we were workers)and says "oh thank god, i saw the bouncy house moving and was thinking that there shouldn't be kids in there."
We then went to work. We were put in charge of a few of the many games they were there. For the first shift I ran the game Red Light Green Light, and then for the second shift I ran the egg race. While running the games, whenever I would give the instructions I started to talk really face with really short sentences (kind of like the host of the dance contest in Grease).
This is what said  when i ran the egg race "ok, you have to go all the way down there (point down to marker) and back. If you drop your egg, just pick it up and keep going. First one to get back here wins. Go." The really sad part would be when everyone would already be done and there would still be that one little kid still trying to finish but is only halfway done, moving an inch per minute. I just so badly wanted to yell "Just run and get it over with. You're already last, you can't do any worse!"
I and fun running the games and when I was on brake. They gave the workers free food and stuff. And when they were putting away the toys from the prize table, they let everyone take something. I grabbed this little teddy bear with a bow around it's neck.
Speaking of bears, they also had this person i a bear costume who ran around and played with all of the kids. I at first caught him as he was walking by and had him play red light green light  with this little boy because he didn't have anyone to play with. Then he stuck around for a few more rounds and started screwing with the kids. There was this little girl who was ahead and when i yelled red light he came up and was moving her arm and then pointing at her as to say that she was moving (because you're not supposed to move when i yell out red light).
I apparently wasn't paying attention to how long I was in the sun because when my mom came and picked me she commented on how red my face was. Apparently, I was sunburned. And I HATE being sunburned. I'm pale, i wasn't made to be in the sun for an extended period of time. AND THE SUN WASN'T EVEN OUT. It was blocked out by clouds all day. But now my face is all red, as well as the bottom half of my arms. the farmer's tan :P

...I don't know what that white blob is on the bottom right, so just ignore it because it's not actually there in the real picture. We were working with negative space (where you only paint the background and leave the subject blank). This is actually one of those Got Milk? ads on the back of a magazine. When I was painting this, my teacher walked up and asked me "where are her breasts?" The weirdest question she could ask me about my art. I then pointed out that the outline of her breasts was blocked by her arm, that i wasn't just leaving them out on purpose. The hair was the hardest part because there were a lot of little strands being blown in the wind and I couldn't get them all. So i had to pick out the most important strands and hope for the best (who knew hair was so much trouble?). This is definitely one of my better paintings, because i didn't accidentally paint something the wrong color (because i only had one color (or shade, whatever you go with)).


  1. Wow! You did a great job with the art! It is a strange question for the teacher to ask though.
    I'm glad you had fun helping out at the family picnic. It sounds like so much fun! Sorry you got burned though. OUCH! HAd that happen to me to before. Sun is not even out yet I get burned. :(
    Hope you fell better soon!

  2. hey, you never commented on my last post...that means no one read it :'(

  3. Nice! Sounds like fun! I'll read your last post now, the Internet stopped working so I haven't been able to check any of the blogs :/