Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Announcements (and Spanish Bullies)

So at our school we have our morning announcements broadcast live on the tvs in each classroom. The are filmed in this small closet-like room in one of the computer labs. It has the computer, a teleprompter and a green screen so have different pictures on it everyday. My friend Vince is on the morning announcements nearly everyday and i saw him this morning walking out of the library. I called him over and started talking to him as he was walking to the "recording room" and he asked me if i wanted to do the announcements with him because his "co-anchor" was missing (there are always 2 people on the announcements). I said "HELL YEAH!!!!!" and we got to work (and i felt really glad that i wasn't wearing green today (because then i would be invisible in front of the green screen :P). We went and did it and at the very end Vince announced that this was his last broadcast (because he's a senior and seniors get out of school before we do (it's almost the end of the school year) and we signed off. The teacher who was at the computer said that i was really good (except that i forget to smile :P) and asked if i could come in again tomorrow because there wasn't really anyone there to do the announcements.
Only a few people said anything about me being on the announcements (because only a few people watch them). Nearly everyone at the school doesn't care about the morning announcements but i consider them really fun. Especially since I'm taking a video production class at the career and tech center next year (it's this place that branches off from all of the nearby schools where you can learn things that have to specifically relate to the kind of job you want (like being a firefighter, a hairstylist, or mechanic)). So now for the rest of year i'll be doing the morning announcements, and hopefully next year as well.

My day was going amazingly (as much as a "b" day can be (we have block scheduling)) until i reached my last class and one very annoying girl ruined it for me. We were assigned this project having to do with spanish speaking countries and we all had to have a DIFFERENT country. I raised my hand and said that i wanted to do Costa Rica. As soon as i said that this girl (Kristen) starts talking with all of her friends about how she wanted it as well and how i heard her saying that before. Then she went on to throw insults at me (one of them being how i have smelly feet (which is true but still mean :P) as if i wasn't sitting five feet away from her. I brushed it off and thought "it sucks to be her, i got the country that i wanted and now she's throwing a fit" and got to work.
As i was looking through my textbook trying to find information on my country, i noticed that i had a paper that had a translation having to do with one of the articles on Panama (earlier in the year our teacher would make us translate pages in the book and this was one of them). I thought this would be helpful to whoever had that country and asked the teacher who had that country. It turns out it was Bri, one of the girls that was hanging out near Kristen. I went and gave it to her and explained what it was. She thanked me for it (she was just trying to figure out what that article was saying) and i sat back down. As soon as i turned away Kristen started up again, asking why i would do that, and why i had that paper. She was also telling Bri that she shouldn't have accepted it and how she should of said "I can do my own work, i don't need you to do it for me" (and made more comments on my feet). She also at one point took the paper from Bri and started to read out loud as if it was some joke. Right then Bri looked at her and said "maybe she did it because I don't talk about her and I'm not rude to her. She has done nothing wrong and she was just being nice" and that shut Kristen up.

This complaining is coming from the same girl who, in middle school, pretended to be my friend so she could copy off of my work (she was friendly right about until i told her no) along with these two other girls who's names i forget. I remember this one time we had to get into groups and come up with a board game that had to do with sports (that was the vocab we were learning). Before the teacher was even telling us to make our groups, the three girls were joining up and recruiting me with them.
As soon as the teacher let us start, i stood up and left them there calling after me. I joined an different group, with one the kids having a mental disability (i don't know what it is, but we treated him as if he was no different (he doesn't need to be treated in any special way, he just kind of talks a lot and says some rude stuff about girls not being as good as boys) and gave him a job) and we actually came up with a really good game.
The teacher said we had the best game and worked the best (because everyone was working, not just one person) and as soon she said that i could hear the three girls talking amongst themselves, saying how we had copied their idea and that Randy's (the boy with the mental disability) only ever cut out baseballs (baseball was the sport our game was based on and the baseballs he cut our were the game spaces). They just kept going on about how it wasn't fair and how our group didn't need the extra credit (the teacher was giving extra credit to the group who did the best).

Now that I've bagged on about my day, here's my art work;
This is my paper mache mask that i made earlier this year. This has to be one of the art pieces that i've worked the hardest on. The only requirement was that we had to have something coming out of the mask, like an add on (mine is my amazing hat). The full face mask (the under-layer) is entirely paper mache, whereas the smaller mas and the hat were made out of this wore this called mesh and then paper mached. The chains and little heart pendant (the thing hanging off of the hat) i got at the craft store. I remember that the day we were showing them to the class, i was still rushing with a hot glue gun to finish up and was burned several times by the glue :P. I wish i'd had more time on the hat because it wasn't spray painted very well and shows little parts of newspaper underneath the paint. All in all, this counts as a success

Monday, May 23, 2011

PROM!!!!! (it is as fun as they say :P)

OMG prom was on saturday and it was AWESOME!!!!! I already made the post about before we had headed out. Well, as my sis was getting her nails done and my eyebrows had been waxed (they were then red for several hours because IT HURST LIKE HELL!!!) my sis looks at me and says that she wasn't going to be able to get my hair done for prom (even thought she had already promised that she would) because then she wouldn't have time to do her own hair :P. So i wait until she's out of hearing range and ask my mom if she could take me to go get my hair done. At first she says yes and we leave my sis at the nail place to finish up so i can go get it done. But as we're waiting to be called up she changes her mind and says that she was going to do it instead (i don't trust my mom with my hair because for the first 12 years of my life she had chosen my hair cut and i hated it (even when i got it cut really short, she told the lady to change the cut and to only make it what i wanted for that day)). This made me a little grumpy and we get called up and my mom tells them what she wants done to my hair (because i don't really care how it looks (even though i'm trying to grow it out) and she thought it needed trimming). Just as the lady's about to start i told her that i wanted my hair curled and asked how long that would take. She thinks about it for a moment and looks at my hair and says that it would take an hour or two. I look at my mom and ask her if the lady could do it (because adding that on didn't cost a lot) and my mom got my dad to pick my sis up and finish what she needed to get done (because she still can't drive :P). I end up getting my hair done by a hairstylist because my sis turns into a grouch (SCORE!!!!!). So the lady curls my hair and i warn her to use a lot of hairspray (because my hair is really thick and when i was little, i couldn't even keep a hair scrunchie up for very long (part of that was i hated having my hair up :P)) and what was supposed to be 1-2 hours turned into almost 4 HOURS!!!.
But i ended up looking awesome
This is me in all of my glory (from the chest up :D) from my curly hair to my awesome make up
And this is me in my dress (i'm sorry, you have to turn your head a little to get a good look at it (sorry it's really blurry, my camera sucks (and most of the pictures i have are blurry as well (curses)))), this dress was long as hell so whenever i wanted to walk anywhere, i had to grab the skirt of my dress and almost carry it :P

As my mom is driving my to prom i get a text from my date (remember A.J. from the other post) asking if i wanted to go to after prom (this party held at the school after prom to keep kids off the roads). We had already planned to go to ihop after prom. I call her up and tell her this (she was my ride home and all of a sudden our plans are changing) and she claims that we were still going to go after "after prom." I told her that i didn't have money to do both and that we were already on our way to prom so i couldn't get money. Out of nowhere she starts telling me to tell my mom to stop the car and to find me $10 (the cost to get into after prom). She started going on about how it was my night and how my mom already had her night and how my mom wasn't being fair and that she couldn't just give me money and all of these mean things. I tell my mom like this "she's telling me to tell you __________" and my mom can also hear the stuff that i'm not saying because my date is being pretty loud on the other end of the phone. At this point my mom is getting really angry at a person that she had never met and says that she is now just going to come pick me up (which then later evolves into my sis taking me home (because she was there as well)). I tell A.J. that now i'm not doing anything because of her and she starts asking me why i told her all of that stuff (and the thing going through my head is "because you told me to you IDIOT!!!!! that shit may work with your mom but it sure as hell won't get you anywhere with me or my mom"). My mom drops me off at the prom and tells me to call her if i find any plans after-wards (which then evolves into her just wanting me to come home because she doesn't want me "out on the streets" (as if i'm going to go find a dark alley to get with a drunken hobo)). I find my date and tell her that what she said was rude and inconsiderate and remind her how much money my mom had already spent on the whole event already (over $300 for my sis and my dresses, money for shoes, for the tickets to get in, and the money to get my hair done) and how i didn't even want to go to after prom. After that she shuts up for the night except for the occasional escaped grumble of how she was just "telling it how it is." But i didn't let her being stupid get in my way, mostly since i didn't see her for the majority of the night (i had a bunch of other people there that i could hang out with)

Here are some picks of me and my friends having fun:

All of the girls were dancing together (because the guys didn't know how :P). All the girls would join into this little group and just dance while most of the guys just stood there and watched :P.
I went to go find my friend Lauren, and i find her dancing with TWO guys. All of the other girls couldn't even get one (we just resorted to dancing with each other) and here she was dancing with two at one time :P.
I needed to get at least one picture of me with my "date." This is A.J. (Amber) (she stole the tie off of one of the guys who were hanging out with us)
I wasn't the only one who was taking pictures (my friend had such a better camera than i did that it made me depressed :P)

The two pretty pretty princesses of the night (even when they were the dirtiest dancers lol). My friend on the right really wanted a picture of her dress swirling around (because he's a nut, just like me :D).
.......Apparently there was something really interesting going on in the other direction :P
This girl comes running out of nowhere saying how her pinkie was gone. I swear i started counting her fingers and about to call her a liar when i realized that she was talking about the fake nail of her pinkie :P I have silly friends
He is one of the very rare guys (in our group of friends) that was dancing. Most of the time i thought he was in pain and other part of the time i thought he was going to hurt somebody. (speaking of getting hurt, i kept getting jabbed while dancing. At one point it was in the boob my one of my friends (she jerked her elbow out of nowhere and got me) and the other time was when a girl shot her and out and smacked me in the nose (at which point we both pretended to cry for a few minutes and had a little conversation about how we were both crying :P)
I like to call this one "MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!" He was talking to me and i took a picture of him out of nowhere and ran away as the flash of the camera blinded him :D

Another thing that happened (that i don't have a picture for :P) was that the lipstick that was in my purse (expensive lipstick that belonged to my mom (why she gave it to me for me to use, i will never know)) went missing. That gave me a little panic attack and while i was looking around for it i found a $20 bill on the ground. Thinking that it had been taken our my purse along with my lipstick i pick it up and go to my wallet only to find my money still there. For a few seconds i was tempted to go put it back on the ground but then i just decided to keep it because i now need to buy my mom another thing of lipstick (and it just occurred to me that my past problem about not having money to buy an "after prom" ticket was solved (even though at that point that was the last place i wanted to go)). So now i have $40 bucks :D (actually just 20 because my mom took her money back :P)

All great thing must come to an end, as they say and this was no exception. The time came where i had to say my goodbyes and i went home with my sister. Once we got home if cleaned myself up, got into pj's and headed downstairs for the computer. After a little while my sister's friends showed up for their after prom fun. I talked to a few of them and all of a sudden my sister comes in and says that my mom said it was time to go to bed. After all of that I was being sent to bed like a 5-year old (which is exactly what i was fearing if i went home after prom). All because my sister can't stand it if her siblings get along with all of her friends, which is a load of CRAP!!!!! So my night ended in a little sour note thanks to my sister but all in all i had an amazing night

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready For Prom

So prom is tonight (inside i'm screaming with glee :D). Along with prom, there is also preparing for prom, which is also a lot of fun. I already have my dress (which i will post a picture of tomorrow, along with other fun photos), shoes and other must haves. I just finished painting my nails and they're this really cute sparkly purple/blue color that matches my dress perfectly and my sister is going to go get her nails done while i get my eyebrows waxed. It's incredibly painful (and they say you get used to it (not likely :P)) but right now my eyebrows are starting to join in the middle and it's starting to freak me out (yesterday i was telling my mom how it was "attack of the eyebrows :P). Once we get back my sister is going to curl my hair for me because i LOVE short curly hair (we would go and get them done but my mom is trying to "save money" (which doesn't seem to be happening since she payed a fortune for our dresses :P).

OMG my date to prom almost gave me a heart attack. We're planning on going to iHop after prom and then go home. We had done this so my mom would only have to get me a ride to where prom was (because she told both my sis and i that she wasn't giving rides after prom because she didn't want to stay up late) and then her mom could take us to ihop and then home (because we live so close to each other).
So she goes and messages me on facebook and the conversation follows (I'm only using her initals to protect her identity :P (because there are a bunch of creepers out there who would try to find her)) :

AJ: hey do u have a ride home after prom or are u goin to dinner with us?
Me: ?????? you mean to ihop? because that's what we planned to go after prom and then i thought we were going home
AJ: ok then were set
Me: ok, for a sec i thought you were changing plans on me
AJ: well i might have to idk yet
Me: ..............remember, you're my ride home
AJ: i can take u home it gonna be a full car though
Me: that's ok
AJ: ok lol u have a ride there though right to prom?
Me: yes, i just need a ride from prom to ihop, then ihop to home
Now we're about to head out but not before i post my picture
This is my surrealism piece. I based it off of alice in wonderland (the girl is supposed to be the mad hatter). This went through a bunch of changes before it was actually painted and every thing (like the eye and the butterfly were going to be a big moon and the tree wasn't originally going to be different colors). I like how most of it came out except for the girl's hair (it looks like an oddly colored blob). But that's what i get for using watercolor. But all in all i like the result.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Show and Recent Events

So I finally ran out of art work to post on my blog (sad face). But that does not mean that the art is going to stop, because our school art show was today and some of my art was presented in it :D. So i took my mom's phone and took pictures of all of my art (i forgot my camera and my phone at home :P). The only downfall was that the art that I really wanted in the show was either missing or waiting to be fired in the kiln (clay).

The art that was missing is what we started referring to as "Scumbag," which is only because it has that word etched throughout the top of it with charcoal (which was intentional, don't worry). It was an enlargement of this picture, only we had to use four different mediums to make it (mediums being what we used i.e. paint, colored pencil, etc.) My teacher had gone and entered it in a contest for Chick fil A only they refused to put it up because apparently "scumbag" is considered a bad word :P. They returned it and that was the last I saw of it and I couldn't find it anywhere, so it was missed in the art show :'(.

The art in the kiln was my Nightmare Before Christmas pot and little Jack (newly made and is cooking as I type :P). Jack still needs to be glazed (painted) and put through again a few more times so there was no way that he could make it and the actual pot had gotten a new coat of glaze and is being fired again as well.

So now I'm going to mess with my system (i had a system?) and put the picture up right in the middle of my blog post :D.

This was the new mural that the art kids got to put in the school. It is so long that it gets two pictures (because my mom's phone doesn't have a zoom out feature). A couple students once a week would stay after school for a few hours and work on this. The little girl with the violin in the second picture I like to claim as mine because that is the only section that I completely worked on. From drawing her to painting her, 100% percent of her was done by me :D. This mural gave the after school kids a lot of grief because apparently one of the art teacher started letting her one of her classes try and work on it, and ended up messing the whole thing up, so every week, half of the time spent after school was maintenance and damage control in which one boy and I put on asian accents and talked like that for hours (usually muttering about fortune cookies and california rolls :P). The entire time we wondered why an ART class couldn't paint consistently or stay in the lines that were already drawn. Or look at a bloody picture and be able to tell which already prepared color went where.
The stuff around it are other pieces of art that were hing up in the very small hallway we call the "art's hallway." That hallway has everything from art to drama, from band to orchestra and chorus. It is very skinny so it was very crowded today as many students ran around trying to show their art to overly proud parents (my mom included).

A lot of stuff has happened since my last post, and I was waiting until I had more art to post and blab about it all, but most of it I forgot about :P. So I'm just going to tell of what I remember.

My mom was a bitch a few days ago and there's a whole story as to why that is. I was in drama class and we had to make a public service announcement. I was partnered with this girl who wanted to do her's about how christians are somehow "oppressed." She went into this whole big thing about how christians are being judged and how people think that christians think that everyone is going to hell and are pushing "godliness" into everything. Constantly using the word "we" in her sentences. She then looked at me and asked "do you know what I mean?" and i looked at her for a few seconds before I said "I'm atheist, so no." She looked dumbstruck and burst out laughing saying that we weren't going in that direction. We ended up doing that anyway and I got to look like a jerk by yelling at her on camera.
I told my mom about this and she went silent for a few seconds and then started asking me about what i believed in. And what's going to happen after I die. Going into again about if there's a good and evil then there's a god and devil (which is bonkers, by the way). I told her that I didn't know what would happen but I did know what I believed in, and that wasn't some higher person sitting there with a clip board, writing down everything you do in your life and then pokes them back at you after you're dead (I didn't use those words, but i did tell her i didn't believe in god). After that she stood and as she was walking away everyone could hear her whisper "stupid people." We all looked at her (because this was during dinner) and asked what that had to do with anything. She looked back and said "oh, it doesn't?" and walked away. At that point I wanted to make sure that she could hear me call her a bitch the same way she called me stupid. But I have a brain and that wouldn't of helped me at all. So we ignore it and don't mention it, and it's as if it never happened, as long as i don't talk about religion everything will be fine.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Prom Dress Shopping......Isn't As Fun As I Thought It Would Be

So, being a sophomore, I can't go to this year's prom unless I'm going with someone from a grade older than me. This would suck because all of my really fun friends are seniors and are graduating this year. But a few weeks ago my good friend Amber from art class (not the Amber from before) said she would take me as long as I gave her money to buy my ticket (which I still haven't done yet :P). My mom was a little nervous about me going to prom with a girl but I explained to her that Amber and I were just friends and that my main reason for going was to have this last fun thing with my friends before they all left for college and all that.
My ever loving sister found out that I was going to prom and freaked out because it's her senior prom and she thinks I'll ruin it for her. My mom then jumped at her and snapped "what, is she not allowed to have any high school memories until you graduate? It's not like you talk to her during school anyway, her being there will not hurt you." While she was saying this you could find me in the corner going "HA!! In your face, Erin!!"
So we went looking for dresses last weekend (because we waited until the last second and needed to go eventually). I had gone looking for a dress a few weeks ago when I went to mall with Amber and her friend Toya, but the only place we had gone to look was this teen store called DEB with nothing but really short and skinny dresses. It was fun looking for dresses except for the fact that they kept trying to get me into these really ugly short dresses that looked really weird on me.
So I returned to the mall last weekend and went to the prom store that was coincidentally right in front of DEB (I didn't go there last time because Toya kept telling me how expensive they were :P). My mom had gotten me all hyped up on how she wasn't going to be spending a lot of money on our dresses so I spent a good hour just staring at the rack of dresses that were on clearance for $50 each. None of those dresses even looked good on me so after a while my mom just stopped talking about price.
After some point this guy who worked there came up and started asking me about which type of dress I was looking for, in which my reply was "Ummmmm.....a long one I guess?" He then put me in this frilly pink dress that was in a size too small (so i couldn't put it on even if I wanted too, oh well :P). He then came up with this big orange sparkly ball gown at which my mom laughed at and my head shot to the floor, I couldn't even look at it. He tried to get me into it "why don't you try-""no""you might be surprised-""no." My mom then interjected "black, blue, purple and read are your best bets."
After that the guy walked away but sent this little perky woman in his place. And this woman would not let me leave the dressing room. The sign out side said that you could have no more than two dresses in the dressing room at a time......we had 12. The lady wouldn't even give me time to get out of the dress I was already in. As soon as we would walk back in she would already have one ready for me to put on, and then she would have to wait for me to take off the dress, and find what hanger it was on, and put it on the hanger. At one point I just gave up and started throwing them in a corner (she can find out where they go :P).
We finally bought a dress, I only like it a little bit but didn't really care because at that point I was broken down and just wanted to go home. It's purple and strapless and has these bead designs in little patches of the dress. It's really long (or just seems that way because I'm really short), so we have to go back to the mall on the day of the prom and buy some 10-inch freaking heels :P.

Now on to art (I'm running out of pictures :'( )
Another negative space on. This one is the one that we were required to do, the other one was just an extra because I finished early. I remember that when I was painting this one I was sitting at our dinner table watching a christmas special going on in the other room while my mom was making dinner. I can still remember part of the song but I can't remember the name of the movie
"He's mister white christmas...he's mister sun" I don't really remember the rest of the song but it was about two brothers, one made of snow and the other fire, having to join together to save christmas (isn't that what people have to do in every christmas special, or is that just me). Cheesy, I know, but they'd run out of good specials on tv and I was bored.