Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Show and Recent Events

So I finally ran out of art work to post on my blog (sad face). But that does not mean that the art is going to stop, because our school art show was today and some of my art was presented in it :D. So i took my mom's phone and took pictures of all of my art (i forgot my camera and my phone at home :P). The only downfall was that the art that I really wanted in the show was either missing or waiting to be fired in the kiln (clay).

The art that was missing is what we started referring to as "Scumbag," which is only because it has that word etched throughout the top of it with charcoal (which was intentional, don't worry). It was an enlargement of this picture, only we had to use four different mediums to make it (mediums being what we used i.e. paint, colored pencil, etc.) My teacher had gone and entered it in a contest for Chick fil A only they refused to put it up because apparently "scumbag" is considered a bad word :P. They returned it and that was the last I saw of it and I couldn't find it anywhere, so it was missed in the art show :'(.

The art in the kiln was my Nightmare Before Christmas pot and little Jack (newly made and is cooking as I type :P). Jack still needs to be glazed (painted) and put through again a few more times so there was no way that he could make it and the actual pot had gotten a new coat of glaze and is being fired again as well.

So now I'm going to mess with my system (i had a system?) and put the picture up right in the middle of my blog post :D.

This was the new mural that the art kids got to put in the school. It is so long that it gets two pictures (because my mom's phone doesn't have a zoom out feature). A couple students once a week would stay after school for a few hours and work on this. The little girl with the violin in the second picture I like to claim as mine because that is the only section that I completely worked on. From drawing her to painting her, 100% percent of her was done by me :D. This mural gave the after school kids a lot of grief because apparently one of the art teacher started letting her one of her classes try and work on it, and ended up messing the whole thing up, so every week, half of the time spent after school was maintenance and damage control in which one boy and I put on asian accents and talked like that for hours (usually muttering about fortune cookies and california rolls :P). The entire time we wondered why an ART class couldn't paint consistently or stay in the lines that were already drawn. Or look at a bloody picture and be able to tell which already prepared color went where.
The stuff around it are other pieces of art that were hing up in the very small hallway we call the "art's hallway." That hallway has everything from art to drama, from band to orchestra and chorus. It is very skinny so it was very crowded today as many students ran around trying to show their art to overly proud parents (my mom included).

A lot of stuff has happened since my last post, and I was waiting until I had more art to post and blab about it all, but most of it I forgot about :P. So I'm just going to tell of what I remember.

My mom was a bitch a few days ago and there's a whole story as to why that is. I was in drama class and we had to make a public service announcement. I was partnered with this girl who wanted to do her's about how christians are somehow "oppressed." She went into this whole big thing about how christians are being judged and how people think that christians think that everyone is going to hell and are pushing "godliness" into everything. Constantly using the word "we" in her sentences. She then looked at me and asked "do you know what I mean?" and i looked at her for a few seconds before I said "I'm atheist, so no." She looked dumbstruck and burst out laughing saying that we weren't going in that direction. We ended up doing that anyway and I got to look like a jerk by yelling at her on camera.
I told my mom about this and she went silent for a few seconds and then started asking me about what i believed in. And what's going to happen after I die. Going into again about if there's a good and evil then there's a god and devil (which is bonkers, by the way). I told her that I didn't know what would happen but I did know what I believed in, and that wasn't some higher person sitting there with a clip board, writing down everything you do in your life and then pokes them back at you after you're dead (I didn't use those words, but i did tell her i didn't believe in god). After that she stood and as she was walking away everyone could hear her whisper "stupid people." We all looked at her (because this was during dinner) and asked what that had to do with anything. She looked back and said "oh, it doesn't?" and walked away. At that point I wanted to make sure that she could hear me call her a bitch the same way she called me stupid. But I have a brain and that wouldn't of helped me at all. So we ignore it and don't mention it, and it's as if it never happened, as long as i don't talk about religion everything will be fine.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I love that mural! That's amazing Tori! I was looking at it and thinking how much I liked the girl with the violin then I read that you did that part!
    Sorry about the rest though. I'm sorry your mom called you stupid. That was really mean. :/
    *hugs Tori*
    Good to have another post again.

  2. Mural is pretty cool!

    I don't know what to say about your mom. Or your presentation partner, for that matter. Weird, just on the way home a little bit ago, I was thinking about all the Persecuted American Christians, too busy wallowing in that big fluffy bed of privilege to realize they are the dominant culture in what is arguably the richest and most powerful nation on earth. (Kallista, if you're notified of this comment - I in no way am talking about you. You are awesome.)

    Er. Seriously, your mom just found out? And that was her reaction? Your own mum? I don't know what to say. *hugs*

  3. thanks Kallista

    @Ann Marie
    that wasn't the first time we had talked about it (and when i say "talked about it," i mean she did most of the "talking") she just claims that I don't know what I am because I don't have a belief of what will happen after life that I'm a ________ (i can't remember the word, but it starts with a D) and I disagree because atheist means you don't believe in God and I don't

  4. *hugs* I kind of understand, if that's what she really believes, then she must be terrified for you, and fear = anger = saying really dumb things. Understandable, but not excusable.