Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready For Prom

So prom is tonight (inside i'm screaming with glee :D). Along with prom, there is also preparing for prom, which is also a lot of fun. I already have my dress (which i will post a picture of tomorrow, along with other fun photos), shoes and other must haves. I just finished painting my nails and they're this really cute sparkly purple/blue color that matches my dress perfectly and my sister is going to go get her nails done while i get my eyebrows waxed. It's incredibly painful (and they say you get used to it (not likely :P)) but right now my eyebrows are starting to join in the middle and it's starting to freak me out (yesterday i was telling my mom how it was "attack of the eyebrows :P). Once we get back my sister is going to curl my hair for me because i LOVE short curly hair (we would go and get them done but my mom is trying to "save money" (which doesn't seem to be happening since she payed a fortune for our dresses :P).

OMG my date to prom almost gave me a heart attack. We're planning on going to iHop after prom and then go home. We had done this so my mom would only have to get me a ride to where prom was (because she told both my sis and i that she wasn't giving rides after prom because she didn't want to stay up late) and then her mom could take us to ihop and then home (because we live so close to each other).
So she goes and messages me on facebook and the conversation follows (I'm only using her initals to protect her identity :P (because there are a bunch of creepers out there who would try to find her)) :

AJ: hey do u have a ride home after prom or are u goin to dinner with us?
Me: ?????? you mean to ihop? because that's what we planned to go after prom and then i thought we were going home
AJ: ok then were set
Me: ok, for a sec i thought you were changing plans on me
AJ: well i might have to idk yet
Me: ..............remember, you're my ride home
AJ: i can take u home it gonna be a full car though
Me: that's ok
AJ: ok lol u have a ride there though right to prom?
Me: yes, i just need a ride from prom to ihop, then ihop to home
Now we're about to head out but not before i post my picture
This is my surrealism piece. I based it off of alice in wonderland (the girl is supposed to be the mad hatter). This went through a bunch of changes before it was actually painted and every thing (like the eye and the butterfly were going to be a big moon and the tree wasn't originally going to be different colors). I like how most of it came out except for the girl's hair (it looks like an oddly colored blob). But that's what i get for using watercolor. But all in all i like the result.

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  1. Gee, Best Date Ever! XD Seriously, have fun at prom!

    The painting is amazing, especially love the girl and the butterfly.