Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Announcements (and Spanish Bullies)

So at our school we have our morning announcements broadcast live on the tvs in each classroom. The are filmed in this small closet-like room in one of the computer labs. It has the computer, a teleprompter and a green screen so have different pictures on it everyday. My friend Vince is on the morning announcements nearly everyday and i saw him this morning walking out of the library. I called him over and started talking to him as he was walking to the "recording room" and he asked me if i wanted to do the announcements with him because his "co-anchor" was missing (there are always 2 people on the announcements). I said "HELL YEAH!!!!!" and we got to work (and i felt really glad that i wasn't wearing green today (because then i would be invisible in front of the green screen :P). We went and did it and at the very end Vince announced that this was his last broadcast (because he's a senior and seniors get out of school before we do (it's almost the end of the school year) and we signed off. The teacher who was at the computer said that i was really good (except that i forget to smile :P) and asked if i could come in again tomorrow because there wasn't really anyone there to do the announcements.
Only a few people said anything about me being on the announcements (because only a few people watch them). Nearly everyone at the school doesn't care about the morning announcements but i consider them really fun. Especially since I'm taking a video production class at the career and tech center next year (it's this place that branches off from all of the nearby schools where you can learn things that have to specifically relate to the kind of job you want (like being a firefighter, a hairstylist, or mechanic)). So now for the rest of year i'll be doing the morning announcements, and hopefully next year as well.

My day was going amazingly (as much as a "b" day can be (we have block scheduling)) until i reached my last class and one very annoying girl ruined it for me. We were assigned this project having to do with spanish speaking countries and we all had to have a DIFFERENT country. I raised my hand and said that i wanted to do Costa Rica. As soon as i said that this girl (Kristen) starts talking with all of her friends about how she wanted it as well and how i heard her saying that before. Then she went on to throw insults at me (one of them being how i have smelly feet (which is true but still mean :P) as if i wasn't sitting five feet away from her. I brushed it off and thought "it sucks to be her, i got the country that i wanted and now she's throwing a fit" and got to work.
As i was looking through my textbook trying to find information on my country, i noticed that i had a paper that had a translation having to do with one of the articles on Panama (earlier in the year our teacher would make us translate pages in the book and this was one of them). I thought this would be helpful to whoever had that country and asked the teacher who had that country. It turns out it was Bri, one of the girls that was hanging out near Kristen. I went and gave it to her and explained what it was. She thanked me for it (she was just trying to figure out what that article was saying) and i sat back down. As soon as i turned away Kristen started up again, asking why i would do that, and why i had that paper. She was also telling Bri that she shouldn't have accepted it and how she should of said "I can do my own work, i don't need you to do it for me" (and made more comments on my feet). She also at one point took the paper from Bri and started to read out loud as if it was some joke. Right then Bri looked at her and said "maybe she did it because I don't talk about her and I'm not rude to her. She has done nothing wrong and she was just being nice" and that shut Kristen up.

This complaining is coming from the same girl who, in middle school, pretended to be my friend so she could copy off of my work (she was friendly right about until i told her no) along with these two other girls who's names i forget. I remember this one time we had to get into groups and come up with a board game that had to do with sports (that was the vocab we were learning). Before the teacher was even telling us to make our groups, the three girls were joining up and recruiting me with them.
As soon as the teacher let us start, i stood up and left them there calling after me. I joined an different group, with one the kids having a mental disability (i don't know what it is, but we treated him as if he was no different (he doesn't need to be treated in any special way, he just kind of talks a lot and says some rude stuff about girls not being as good as boys) and gave him a job) and we actually came up with a really good game.
The teacher said we had the best game and worked the best (because everyone was working, not just one person) and as soon she said that i could hear the three girls talking amongst themselves, saying how we had copied their idea and that Randy's (the boy with the mental disability) only ever cut out baseballs (baseball was the sport our game was based on and the baseballs he cut our were the game spaces). They just kept going on about how it wasn't fair and how our group didn't need the extra credit (the teacher was giving extra credit to the group who did the best).

Now that I've bagged on about my day, here's my art work;
This is my paper mache mask that i made earlier this year. This has to be one of the art pieces that i've worked the hardest on. The only requirement was that we had to have something coming out of the mask, like an add on (mine is my amazing hat). The full face mask (the under-layer) is entirely paper mache, whereas the smaller mas and the hat were made out of this wore this called mesh and then paper mached. The chains and little heart pendant (the thing hanging off of the hat) i got at the craft store. I remember that the day we were showing them to the class, i was still rushing with a hot glue gun to finish up and was burned several times by the glue :P. I wish i'd had more time on the hat because it wasn't spray painted very well and shows little parts of newspaper underneath the paint. All in all, this counts as a success

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