Monday, May 2, 2011

Prom Dress Shopping......Isn't As Fun As I Thought It Would Be

So, being a sophomore, I can't go to this year's prom unless I'm going with someone from a grade older than me. This would suck because all of my really fun friends are seniors and are graduating this year. But a few weeks ago my good friend Amber from art class (not the Amber from before) said she would take me as long as I gave her money to buy my ticket (which I still haven't done yet :P). My mom was a little nervous about me going to prom with a girl but I explained to her that Amber and I were just friends and that my main reason for going was to have this last fun thing with my friends before they all left for college and all that.
My ever loving sister found out that I was going to prom and freaked out because it's her senior prom and she thinks I'll ruin it for her. My mom then jumped at her and snapped "what, is she not allowed to have any high school memories until you graduate? It's not like you talk to her during school anyway, her being there will not hurt you." While she was saying this you could find me in the corner going "HA!! In your face, Erin!!"
So we went looking for dresses last weekend (because we waited until the last second and needed to go eventually). I had gone looking for a dress a few weeks ago when I went to mall with Amber and her friend Toya, but the only place we had gone to look was this teen store called DEB with nothing but really short and skinny dresses. It was fun looking for dresses except for the fact that they kept trying to get me into these really ugly short dresses that looked really weird on me.
So I returned to the mall last weekend and went to the prom store that was coincidentally right in front of DEB (I didn't go there last time because Toya kept telling me how expensive they were :P). My mom had gotten me all hyped up on how she wasn't going to be spending a lot of money on our dresses so I spent a good hour just staring at the rack of dresses that were on clearance for $50 each. None of those dresses even looked good on me so after a while my mom just stopped talking about price.
After some point this guy who worked there came up and started asking me about which type of dress I was looking for, in which my reply was "Ummmmm.....a long one I guess?" He then put me in this frilly pink dress that was in a size too small (so i couldn't put it on even if I wanted too, oh well :P). He then came up with this big orange sparkly ball gown at which my mom laughed at and my head shot to the floor, I couldn't even look at it. He tried to get me into it "why don't you try-""no""you might be surprised-""no." My mom then interjected "black, blue, purple and read are your best bets."
After that the guy walked away but sent this little perky woman in his place. And this woman would not let me leave the dressing room. The sign out side said that you could have no more than two dresses in the dressing room at a time......we had 12. The lady wouldn't even give me time to get out of the dress I was already in. As soon as we would walk back in she would already have one ready for me to put on, and then she would have to wait for me to take off the dress, and find what hanger it was on, and put it on the hanger. At one point I just gave up and started throwing them in a corner (she can find out where they go :P).
We finally bought a dress, I only like it a little bit but didn't really care because at that point I was broken down and just wanted to go home. It's purple and strapless and has these bead designs in little patches of the dress. It's really long (or just seems that way because I'm really short), so we have to go back to the mall on the day of the prom and buy some 10-inch freaking heels :P.

Now on to art (I'm running out of pictures :'( )
Another negative space on. This one is the one that we were required to do, the other one was just an extra because I finished early. I remember that when I was painting this one I was sitting at our dinner table watching a christmas special going on in the other room while my mom was making dinner. I can still remember part of the song but I can't remember the name of the movie
"He's mister white christmas...he's mister sun" I don't really remember the rest of the song but it was about two brothers, one made of snow and the other fire, having to join together to save christmas (isn't that what people have to do in every christmas special, or is that just me). Cheesy, I know, but they'd run out of good specials on tv and I was bored.


  1. I'm not sure what special that would be... Rudolph, maybe?

  2. it's not rudolph...i just googled it
    It's from The Year Without a Santa Claus
    one of those old stop motion movies they used to make for christmas specials

  3. I remember that special!

    I want to see a picture of the dress. I never went to prom. I'm jealous of people who get to wear prom dresses. I am a girl, on occasion. :-D

    But I do not envy you shopping! That's miserable. I'm sorry. Or the heels. Ow.

  4. i'll probably take a picture of it the night I go, so you can see me in all my pretty and painful glory :P

  5. Wow! I would be all done in too! Sounds like a lot! Put you chose a very specila color for your dress. It sounds beautiful. I hope I can see a pic of the dress! :D
    I know yo will love lovely!
    Love that chair! So pretty!

  6. Awesome Tori! I'm having a birthday party thing with a couple of friends this year for my 13th birthday and we are gonna rent a limo and wear prom style dresses (I like the sound of your dress Tori, I want one! :P) except I want to wear combat boots not heels. I will fall over in heels. Lol :) have fun at prom!!

  7. ooooo FUN :D
    i'd wear combat shoes as well but then i'd rip my dress and my mom would yell at me :P