Monday, May 23, 2011

PROM!!!!! (it is as fun as they say :P)

OMG prom was on saturday and it was AWESOME!!!!! I already made the post about before we had headed out. Well, as my sis was getting her nails done and my eyebrows had been waxed (they were then red for several hours because IT HURST LIKE HELL!!!) my sis looks at me and says that she wasn't going to be able to get my hair done for prom (even thought she had already promised that she would) because then she wouldn't have time to do her own hair :P. So i wait until she's out of hearing range and ask my mom if she could take me to go get my hair done. At first she says yes and we leave my sis at the nail place to finish up so i can go get it done. But as we're waiting to be called up she changes her mind and says that she was going to do it instead (i don't trust my mom with my hair because for the first 12 years of my life she had chosen my hair cut and i hated it (even when i got it cut really short, she told the lady to change the cut and to only make it what i wanted for that day)). This made me a little grumpy and we get called up and my mom tells them what she wants done to my hair (because i don't really care how it looks (even though i'm trying to grow it out) and she thought it needed trimming). Just as the lady's about to start i told her that i wanted my hair curled and asked how long that would take. She thinks about it for a moment and looks at my hair and says that it would take an hour or two. I look at my mom and ask her if the lady could do it (because adding that on didn't cost a lot) and my mom got my dad to pick my sis up and finish what she needed to get done (because she still can't drive :P). I end up getting my hair done by a hairstylist because my sis turns into a grouch (SCORE!!!!!). So the lady curls my hair and i warn her to use a lot of hairspray (because my hair is really thick and when i was little, i couldn't even keep a hair scrunchie up for very long (part of that was i hated having my hair up :P)) and what was supposed to be 1-2 hours turned into almost 4 HOURS!!!.
But i ended up looking awesome
This is me in all of my glory (from the chest up :D) from my curly hair to my awesome make up
And this is me in my dress (i'm sorry, you have to turn your head a little to get a good look at it (sorry it's really blurry, my camera sucks (and most of the pictures i have are blurry as well (curses)))), this dress was long as hell so whenever i wanted to walk anywhere, i had to grab the skirt of my dress and almost carry it :P

As my mom is driving my to prom i get a text from my date (remember A.J. from the other post) asking if i wanted to go to after prom (this party held at the school after prom to keep kids off the roads). We had already planned to go to ihop after prom. I call her up and tell her this (she was my ride home and all of a sudden our plans are changing) and she claims that we were still going to go after "after prom." I told her that i didn't have money to do both and that we were already on our way to prom so i couldn't get money. Out of nowhere she starts telling me to tell my mom to stop the car and to find me $10 (the cost to get into after prom). She started going on about how it was my night and how my mom already had her night and how my mom wasn't being fair and that she couldn't just give me money and all of these mean things. I tell my mom like this "she's telling me to tell you __________" and my mom can also hear the stuff that i'm not saying because my date is being pretty loud on the other end of the phone. At this point my mom is getting really angry at a person that she had never met and says that she is now just going to come pick me up (which then later evolves into my sis taking me home (because she was there as well)). I tell A.J. that now i'm not doing anything because of her and she starts asking me why i told her all of that stuff (and the thing going through my head is "because you told me to you IDIOT!!!!! that shit may work with your mom but it sure as hell won't get you anywhere with me or my mom"). My mom drops me off at the prom and tells me to call her if i find any plans after-wards (which then evolves into her just wanting me to come home because she doesn't want me "out on the streets" (as if i'm going to go find a dark alley to get with a drunken hobo)). I find my date and tell her that what she said was rude and inconsiderate and remind her how much money my mom had already spent on the whole event already (over $300 for my sis and my dresses, money for shoes, for the tickets to get in, and the money to get my hair done) and how i didn't even want to go to after prom. After that she shuts up for the night except for the occasional escaped grumble of how she was just "telling it how it is." But i didn't let her being stupid get in my way, mostly since i didn't see her for the majority of the night (i had a bunch of other people there that i could hang out with)

Here are some picks of me and my friends having fun:

All of the girls were dancing together (because the guys didn't know how :P). All the girls would join into this little group and just dance while most of the guys just stood there and watched :P.
I went to go find my friend Lauren, and i find her dancing with TWO guys. All of the other girls couldn't even get one (we just resorted to dancing with each other) and here she was dancing with two at one time :P.
I needed to get at least one picture of me with my "date." This is A.J. (Amber) (she stole the tie off of one of the guys who were hanging out with us)
I wasn't the only one who was taking pictures (my friend had such a better camera than i did that it made me depressed :P)

The two pretty pretty princesses of the night (even when they were the dirtiest dancers lol). My friend on the right really wanted a picture of her dress swirling around (because he's a nut, just like me :D).
.......Apparently there was something really interesting going on in the other direction :P
This girl comes running out of nowhere saying how her pinkie was gone. I swear i started counting her fingers and about to call her a liar when i realized that she was talking about the fake nail of her pinkie :P I have silly friends
He is one of the very rare guys (in our group of friends) that was dancing. Most of the time i thought he was in pain and other part of the time i thought he was going to hurt somebody. (speaking of getting hurt, i kept getting jabbed while dancing. At one point it was in the boob my one of my friends (she jerked her elbow out of nowhere and got me) and the other time was when a girl shot her and out and smacked me in the nose (at which point we both pretended to cry for a few minutes and had a little conversation about how we were both crying :P)
I like to call this one "MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!" He was talking to me and i took a picture of him out of nowhere and ran away as the flash of the camera blinded him :D

Another thing that happened (that i don't have a picture for :P) was that the lipstick that was in my purse (expensive lipstick that belonged to my mom (why she gave it to me for me to use, i will never know)) went missing. That gave me a little panic attack and while i was looking around for it i found a $20 bill on the ground. Thinking that it had been taken our my purse along with my lipstick i pick it up and go to my wallet only to find my money still there. For a few seconds i was tempted to go put it back on the ground but then i just decided to keep it because i now need to buy my mom another thing of lipstick (and it just occurred to me that my past problem about not having money to buy an "after prom" ticket was solved (even though at that point that was the last place i wanted to go)). So now i have $40 bucks :D (actually just 20 because my mom took her money back :P)

All great thing must come to an end, as they say and this was no exception. The time came where i had to say my goodbyes and i went home with my sister. Once we got home if cleaned myself up, got into pj's and headed downstairs for the computer. After a little while my sister's friends showed up for their after prom fun. I talked to a few of them and all of a sudden my sister comes in and says that my mom said it was time to go to bed. After all of that I was being sent to bed like a 5-year old (which is exactly what i was fearing if i went home after prom). All because my sister can't stand it if her siblings get along with all of her friends, which is a load of CRAP!!!!! So my night ended in a little sour note thanks to my sister but all in all i had an amazing night


  1. You are STUNNING. Just, the hair, and the dress, wow.

    I'm glad you had a good time, even though your date was a bit, um. Rude.