Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Japanese Academy (It's Only Day 2)

So apparently at the academy they started letting us get online so we can check all of our stuff, so that means i can get on to teel recent stories about my adventures. It's really hot here and there is no air conditioning in our dorms, so we have to have our fans on full blast ALL the time. My roommate is really nice and we get allong really well.
We had a door decoratin contest the other night and we worked non-stop until we were done. It wasn't until later that we found out that we had several days to finish them, so now we're gonna rip the entire bottom half of our door off and try again :P. Apparently nearly everyone here is an artist so the stakes are high to come out with the best doors possible. Our door has a drawing of pocky on it :P.
They had everyone split into "commities" and we were all assigned different tasks to put together for the academy. I was put into the one for the academy blog and that makes me happy. We get to take pictures of everyone and keep the parents in the know of what we're up to. Also, the commities will be put against one another in challenges and games and we made the head bands that we have to wear during the challenges. Our team leader is really funny.
The language classes are really hard, but as long as I keep studying every chance i get i should be ok (even though i'm about to rip my hair out some of the time.
We have to walk everywhere, especially to get to the dining hall. The other day, we found a dead squirrel on the ground as we were walking by. It had a bunch of flies all around it and we were all very disgusted.
All of the girls were put on the second floor of the building that we're in. And the boys are on the first. We're not allowed to go into each other's halls, which is understandable. It's really good for the girls because we also get the third floor bathrooms, because nobody's up there :P. Which is really good because we have recreation time every day and they make sure we get really sweaty. We had our first recreation yesterday and everyone RAN to the showers afterwards. I'll get back on when i can and keep you posted on my adventures.

Sorry, no pictures because they're at home. I'll have a bunch of pictures when i get back from japanese academy

Friday, June 17, 2011

Plans, Oh Big Plans :D

So, next weekend is when i head off for my big Japanese Academy program thing :D. If I haven't already explained what that it, it's nthis program in our state where only 100 students get into to. During the summer we go to a university in the state and stay in the dorms for 3 weeks and learn a language of our choice. For languages like spanish for german, you have to speak the language the entire time and have to be tested in order to get in. But for japanese, it's for kids who want to begin learning, so you don't have to be tested or speak it the entire time. And out of 100, i'm one of the lucky few who got in and I head off there next week.....I just feel bad for my dad, because he's the one who has to drop me off. And he can't just drop me off and leave because there's an opening ceremony he has to go to as well. So he'll be stuck there for a few hours before he can go home. My mom can't take me because on the thursday before i go, she's going up for the yearly family fourth of july trip to new york to visit our family (first we go to our great aunt's for a big family picnic and then we go to our grandparents (on our dad's side) for a few days) but this year she's skipping the grandparent part of the trip (because my dad's not going because someone has to drop me off) so she'll only be gone until the tuesday after next week (about 4 to 5 days).

But there is still a lot of shopping I have to do before I go so i have to get all of that done this weekend. YAY, big shopping day!!!! And to add to that my friend is having a big sleepover this weekend for her birthday and I haven't seen her in a long time so I'm heading to that as well. She says we'll be watching all of the lord of the ring movies and i've never seen them so that should be either really exciting or i'll be bored out of my mind :P. And to add to THAT, it's father's day so we have to go get me dad a card while we're shopping (i always pick out the card that the kids sign because i always pick out really funny cards :D). When i told my dad that he asked why i didn't do anything for mother's day (to be honest none of us did anything for mother's day, so mom was really grumpy and took it out on me :P). And i told him how mom is having me draw this picture of when i was really little for her really late mother's day present.

So i've got a big weekend this week, and i'm starting a really big program next week. So this should be fun and i'll come back with lots of fun little stories of my adventures.

So now for my picture (if i have any left):
I don't actually consider this one of my art pieces because it was done in an exercise. But when time came around for the art show i found out that some of my more important pieces had gone missing and i didn't have that many to work with, so this was thrown in. It was all done in watercolor (excluding the little people made with sharpie (and the hard to see trees on the hill)). I really like how the hill and the little people came out. I like the fairy's wings because of the blended color in them but other than that i wish i had done better on the fairy (which some people thought was a butterfly :P).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Downtown With My New Friend

So i met this girl at prom a few weeks ago and we got to talking. Then she found me on facebook and got my phone number from our friend A.J. (girl from previous entries). At first i thought this was kind of strange, but after talking to her i found out that she was actually pretty cool.
So we decided to hang out downtown. We were supposed to be doing this scavenger hunt thing that I found in the newspaper, but we actually only found 2 out of 20 items. And that was because there was a couple down there that was also doing the scavenger hunt and we started following them from a distance.
But after those two items they disappeared so we just kept walking until we hit this old historic ice cream stand that sells this really delicious soft serve ice cream (they will NEVER go out of business (mostly because they're considered historic so they can't close (and they still get a lot of business every day of the week))). We got some ice cream and pigged out and then got to walking again. We ended up going way further than we should have. We ended up walking out of downtown and headed past a college that was a few miles away and went by it into a grocery store nearby. I had never walked so much in my life and by the time we stopped at the grocery store to get lunch, my legs were about to fall off. Once we finished eating my friend volunteered to carry me. She got down on the ground and i climbed on her back. It was all going well until she decided to get up to start walking. I actually flipped over her and almost landed face first in the parking lot. We were both on the ground laughing our heads off and I could just tell that there was a homeless man walking by saying "those girls are crazy."
We got up and went back to walking. And while we were walking I decided to point out that my friend had a car but we had left it once we reached downtown and now we had to walk all this way. We ended up cutting though the college (which was really pretty) and made it back to her car almost an hour later. Once we got there I was about ready to strangle her for leaving her car and she drove me back to my house (because I can't drive). And not even ten minutes after saying goodbye, she texted me and we proceeded to text until it was almost midnight. it was a fun day :D

This is art I came up with in the middle of the year for a school fundraiser. We were allowed to make a drawing of anything we wanted, it would get sent in, and then they would send a catalog of all the things you could buy with that picture on it. One of the things they were doing with this was they were having everyone buy a tile of their art and they made a big tile wall that would be displayed in the arts hallway. We bought one of the tiles and my mom bought a flag to put in the front yard (which still hasn't been put up yet). The girl in this picture is actually based off one of my favorite graphic novels, Bizenghast. This was all done in colored pencil and I really like the result (I like the result of the flag and the tile even more :D)