Monday, June 6, 2011

Downtown With My New Friend

So i met this girl at prom a few weeks ago and we got to talking. Then she found me on facebook and got my phone number from our friend A.J. (girl from previous entries). At first i thought this was kind of strange, but after talking to her i found out that she was actually pretty cool.
So we decided to hang out downtown. We were supposed to be doing this scavenger hunt thing that I found in the newspaper, but we actually only found 2 out of 20 items. And that was because there was a couple down there that was also doing the scavenger hunt and we started following them from a distance.
But after those two items they disappeared so we just kept walking until we hit this old historic ice cream stand that sells this really delicious soft serve ice cream (they will NEVER go out of business (mostly because they're considered historic so they can't close (and they still get a lot of business every day of the week))). We got some ice cream and pigged out and then got to walking again. We ended up going way further than we should have. We ended up walking out of downtown and headed past a college that was a few miles away and went by it into a grocery store nearby. I had never walked so much in my life and by the time we stopped at the grocery store to get lunch, my legs were about to fall off. Once we finished eating my friend volunteered to carry me. She got down on the ground and i climbed on her back. It was all going well until she decided to get up to start walking. I actually flipped over her and almost landed face first in the parking lot. We were both on the ground laughing our heads off and I could just tell that there was a homeless man walking by saying "those girls are crazy."
We got up and went back to walking. And while we were walking I decided to point out that my friend had a car but we had left it once we reached downtown and now we had to walk all this way. We ended up cutting though the college (which was really pretty) and made it back to her car almost an hour later. Once we got there I was about ready to strangle her for leaving her car and she drove me back to my house (because I can't drive). And not even ten minutes after saying goodbye, she texted me and we proceeded to text until it was almost midnight. it was a fun day :D

This is art I came up with in the middle of the year for a school fundraiser. We were allowed to make a drawing of anything we wanted, it would get sent in, and then they would send a catalog of all the things you could buy with that picture on it. One of the things they were doing with this was they were having everyone buy a tile of their art and they made a big tile wall that would be displayed in the arts hallway. We bought one of the tiles and my mom bought a flag to put in the front yard (which still hasn't been put up yet). The girl in this picture is actually based off one of my favorite graphic novels, Bizenghast. This was all done in colored pencil and I really like the result (I like the result of the flag and the tile even more :D)


  1. Awesome drawing!

    And very cool to have found someone fun to hand out with. :-) Hang on to her... but not in a clingy way, cause she might get annoyed.

  2. i might get annoyed
    she's really fun and cool but i see no reason to talk to someone 24/7

  3. ...I see your point.

    My true test of a relationship is how long a road trip I could take with them without resorting to violence to get them to shut up. ^o^

  4. I usually just threaten my friends to make them shut up. It seems to work :)
    Lol. Great drawing, wish I was skilled in art :P

  5. she started texting me again yesterday and was making jokes about how i say "jerk face" when someone says or does something and she started calling me black because of it

    i didn't really think it was that funny and she started asking me what my problem was
    my problem was:

    1) i don't need to talk to her 24/7, give me a little space

    2) she started off the conversation with how she was winning mario kart and was upset that i wasn't proud of her for it (it's a stinking video game)

    3) her calling me black is not amusing, especially in the way she was insisting that i was and when i would deny it she would say "suuuuuuure"

    4) telling our friend A.J. that we hung out and then having to deal with her insisting it was a date is not cool (it's none of her business what we do and i don't want her analyzing everything we do (that's how my last relationship was ruined, because another girl wouldn't mind her own business and pressured me into kissing my own boyfriend)))

  6. yeah, i just took a few days and ignored some of her texts, and when i finally replied i said that i "lost" my phone :P

    but that wasn't until after i got facebooked by A.J. asking me why i was angry at her.....and then i told A.J. that i didn't like her being the referee in what she and i do and A.J. backed off and told her that i wasn't mad