Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Japanese Academy (It's Only Day 2)

So apparently at the academy they started letting us get online so we can check all of our stuff, so that means i can get on to teel recent stories about my adventures. It's really hot here and there is no air conditioning in our dorms, so we have to have our fans on full blast ALL the time. My roommate is really nice and we get allong really well.
We had a door decoratin contest the other night and we worked non-stop until we were done. It wasn't until later that we found out that we had several days to finish them, so now we're gonna rip the entire bottom half of our door off and try again :P. Apparently nearly everyone here is an artist so the stakes are high to come out with the best doors possible. Our door has a drawing of pocky on it :P.
They had everyone split into "commities" and we were all assigned different tasks to put together for the academy. I was put into the one for the academy blog and that makes me happy. We get to take pictures of everyone and keep the parents in the know of what we're up to. Also, the commities will be put against one another in challenges and games and we made the head bands that we have to wear during the challenges. Our team leader is really funny.
The language classes are really hard, but as long as I keep studying every chance i get i should be ok (even though i'm about to rip my hair out some of the time.
We have to walk everywhere, especially to get to the dining hall. The other day, we found a dead squirrel on the ground as we were walking by. It had a bunch of flies all around it and we were all very disgusted.
All of the girls were put on the second floor of the building that we're in. And the boys are on the first. We're not allowed to go into each other's halls, which is understandable. It's really good for the girls because we also get the third floor bathrooms, because nobody's up there :P. Which is really good because we have recreation time every day and they make sure we get really sweaty. We had our first recreation yesterday and everyone RAN to the showers afterwards. I'll get back on when i can and keep you posted on my adventures.

Sorry, no pictures because they're at home. I'll have a bunch of pictures when i get back from japanese academy

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  1. OH my gosh it all sounds like so much fun! YAY! I hope the lessons get easier for you Tori!
    I'm really glad you posted. I can't WAIT to see the pics!
    Let us know if you won the contest! Hope to see pics of that too!