Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Back!!!!!

So I returned from my japanese academy last sunday and I was ready to go home. I got home and realized that my room is disgusting and attempted to clean it (there's still stuff laying around but at least i can walk without having to climb around stuff :P).
The academy was fun, don't get me wrong, but some of the people there made me want to punch them in the face. And some of those people were the senseis (in fact, about half of the senseies). Some of the rules were that we couldn't have our cell phones, and we would rarely have any time to go on the internet (it used to be no internet at all). But the younger senseis would always have their laptops and would be on facebook and listening to music. Now I understand how they need their phones to be able to keep in contact with each other and blah blah blah, but have their laptops was unnecessary.
And one of the senseis, whenever we would gather to go inside, he would make up get off the "stoop" (the top step to get to the door) because that was where the senseis belonged. First of all, it's called a step, get a dictionary. And second, that is the most idiotic rule, that only he enforced, to show how he was somehow better than everyone else. And even when we would do nothing wrong, he would yell out "tray duty" as a punishment (again, something that was never enforced). Again, something that never made sense because the dining hall where we ate didn't have trays, they had plates. One day he actually tried to make me do it by yelling my name to get my attention, and then snapping his fingers and pointing at his dishes (I'm nobody's maid, that is not how you get me to do something, and if he ever tried that again in me, i'd break his fingers).
Then there was another sensei, who was in charge of our group, who was the biggest idiot you could ever meet. Our group was in charge of the blog, and then later (at the last minute) in charge of putting together the memory disk that had everything we ever did on it (which ended up being handed out when it wasn't finished). He would sit there and watch anime on his laptop and wouldn't give us any help at all. One day he was looking for pictures to put on the blog and i was trying to work on my research project that had been assigned at the beginning of the academy. He asked me for the pictures i had taken and I put my camera right next to him and went back to work. Then 5 minutes later he was asking for the pictures again and i told him that i already gave them to him. Then 5 minutes later he was asking for them again...........are you stupid???? I went and pointed to the camera that was right next to him and stated "my pictures are on that camera right there that i have to you about 20 minutes ago." Then he started going on about how he didn't know which pictures were ok to use............THEY WERE ALL OK!!!!! I looked at him, walked over to him and said that all of the pictures on there were ok to use except one video and the pictures of my cat, and went all the way back to my seat. At one point i opened my stupid mouth and said that i wrote on a blog, so apparently to him that meant i was was some english major and knew everything about grammar. So he started wasting my time by making me read over everyone's entries to make sure they were ok........i didn't know i was doing, all i could do was change the font on them and make them all LOOK alike. And the blog was never put up in order because it always took us so long to post them (the first entry was posted a week into the academy, so there wasn't really any point in it if we weren't going to stay updated). He was keeping me from doing the work that i needed to do, and eventually i just had to tell him that i was trying to do my project, because i barely had anything done because he kept harassing me about the blog and i was about to start throwing things, mainly at him.
Once we were reaching the end of the academy, the senseis gave us a few minute to check facebook and everything. I went onto my blog and started typing. Then he comes along and asks me what i'm doing. I said i was blogging and for a second he looked pleased by my answer so i knew he misunderstood. I told him that i wasn't on the academy blog, but my own personal blog and his smile dropped. Then he asked if i wanted to put what i was saying on my blog and put it on the academy, not really, because then i'd have a lot of people angry with me and i wasn't going to have that happen (because not everything i say on here is meant for the people around me to read). Now you may be wondering why i would post it online then, if it would only make people mad at me. Well, the chances of them actually finding this blog are extremely small seeing as how i've been posting for 6 months and i only have 6 followers (half i doubt are even reading what i type).

Now that i've raged my little heart out (and probably repeated a few things) here are some pictures from the academy:

We all wore yukatas one day (summer kimonos)

me in my yukata

my room (left)

my room (right)

hehehe, jerky sensei in a care bear suit

we went to a soy sauce factory (and it smelled SO BAD!!! X_X)

"Look, it's a bird!"

waiting for the bus became and event of itself (time for a photo shoot!!)

my friend Christina on the bus

She noticed me taking pictures and decided to have a little fun


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Continuing My Adventures At My Japanese Academy

I'm still at the academy and I'm working really hard and I'm learning so much every single day (even though I don't remember much of it the next day :P). We've gone to so many different places and done so many cool things.
Yesterday we all wore Yukatas (summer kimonos) and had our own little festival. Only it was really hot and we got uncomfortable really fast :P. We had fun little photo shoots and took pictures of everyone and posed around everything. My camera was being stupid so my purple kimono turned up blue in my pictures :(.

The very next day we went to a Japanese garden (which is really surprising to go to where I live). It was so beautiful and we went into every nook and cranny. I found several little paths through bamboo and on top of rocks.
It was still really hot but we went and had a nice picnic after wards. Only the flies were after us so we were constantly flapping our hands around to keep them away.
Then after that we went to a big art museum for no reason at all. There was no Japanese art there, but the senseis thought it would be nice so we were allowed to walk around there for a bit. We also walked a few blocks down and found this little japanese store to buy little doo-dads. Nearly everyone bought pretty fans because it was so hot out, but I bought this little umbrella mobile. Its hanging up in my dorm now but I will be sure to put a picture up of what it looks like. I also bought this little doo-dad from the museum. I can't really explain it other than it drops red goop in a zig zag motion and is really cool to look at but is really pointless :P.
We have been doing a bunch of arts and crafts and I actually have a picture of the little boxes they had us make.