Saturday, July 9, 2011

Continuing My Adventures At My Japanese Academy

I'm still at the academy and I'm working really hard and I'm learning so much every single day (even though I don't remember much of it the next day :P). We've gone to so many different places and done so many cool things.
Yesterday we all wore Yukatas (summer kimonos) and had our own little festival. Only it was really hot and we got uncomfortable really fast :P. We had fun little photo shoots and took pictures of everyone and posed around everything. My camera was being stupid so my purple kimono turned up blue in my pictures :(.

The very next day we went to a Japanese garden (which is really surprising to go to where I live). It was so beautiful and we went into every nook and cranny. I found several little paths through bamboo and on top of rocks.
It was still really hot but we went and had a nice picnic after wards. Only the flies were after us so we were constantly flapping our hands around to keep them away.
Then after that we went to a big art museum for no reason at all. There was no Japanese art there, but the senseis thought it would be nice so we were allowed to walk around there for a bit. We also walked a few blocks down and found this little japanese store to buy little doo-dads. Nearly everyone bought pretty fans because it was so hot out, but I bought this little umbrella mobile. Its hanging up in my dorm now but I will be sure to put a picture up of what it looks like. I also bought this little doo-dad from the museum. I can't really explain it other than it drops red goop in a zig zag motion and is really cool to look at but is really pointless :P.
We have been doing a bunch of arts and crafts and I actually have a picture of the little boxes they had us make.

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun! That box is really adorable. <3