Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogger hates me

Okay, so every time i try to post a comment on someone else's blog, it makes me sign in even though i'm already logged  on. And then it tries to post it as anonymous.....even though i just signed in. But i press ok anyway just to get the stupis thing posted......and then it asks me to sign in again. And it''s this never ending cycle and the stupid comment never gets posted.
So anyway, Not much has been going on with me since I got back from the academy (i always feel funny when i say that :P). My phone woke me up yesterday morning and i was surprised to see it was my aunt calling. I answered and she asked if i wanted to go to her house this weekend by myself. I was basically still trying to wake up and at that point i had question marks around my head (like you see in cartoons and comic books :P). But i said yes anyway and went back to sleep. I thought it was weird because i had only ever been to her house once since she moved here last year. And the entire time i was there i was playing sims on her labtop. We didn't really go anywhere other than to an air show since she lives on an air base and it was liks 5 minutes away.
Then later that afternoon she called me again to tell me to bring my bathing suit and stuff to go to an amusment park. Now we have 2 amusement parks in Virginia (actually we have 3 but nobody cares about Six Flags :P). There's Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens. We go to Kings Dominion almost every summer because it's only a 45 min. drive and they have Halloween Haunt in October (which i freaking LOVE, by the way :D). My aunt was talking about going to Bush Gardens which i have only ever been to once (and that was for an orchestra trip) because her family gets in for free since she's in the air force.  But i either have too pay to get in or i have to pretend to be one of her kids (which is really hard since her kids are both red heads thanks to their dad and my aunt has light brown hair (where mine is so dark it could be mistaken for black in certain lighting)). She's also thinking about going to the my weekend is going to AWESOME :D

Sorry i don't have any art pictures to post and my computer went stupid last tie i tried to upload pitcures from my academy, so no pictures for a while. Sorry :(

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