Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day Of School

So my first day of school wasn't as good as i had hoped. Everything was good in the morning, i got up on time and headed off to school. In my first class I ended up going to the senior assembly because i had to go to the career and tech center when they were having the junior assembly tomorrow. I have to go to the tech center every day for class. Today i ended up not showing up though. Not only did i miiss the bus to go to the tech center, i got on the wrong bus and ended up going to a different high school, where they have the governor's school. See, i thought that alll the different "out of school" classes were at the same place, so we'd take the same bus to get there. Nobody told me otherwise until i was already halfway to a place where i wasn't supposed to be.
So once we got there, the bus driver had to take me all the way back to the school. Before we even left the parking lot, she asked what school i regularly go to. I told her what school, and that's where she took me. Once we got back to the school, she asked me where i was supposed to be, and i said at the tech center. Then she started getting upset and asking me why i hadn't said so in the first place and why i hadn't said that when she asked. She never asked me where i was supposed to go, she only asked what school i REGULARLY go to, that's my high school. She then said that she didn't have to gas in the bus to get me to the tech center, so i just got out at the school.
I then went into the office and explained the same story 5 times until it was finally decided that there was no way to get me to my class, so i just ended up spending the afternoon in the library. The class i'm taking at the tech center is 2 class periods long, every day. And the bus to get there only comes in the morning and after first lunch. So if i ever miss the bus, i'm kind of stuck in the library until the day is out. The only upside of missing half a day of school, while AT school, was that i got to check out some new books and i learned a little origami from some origami books i found.


  1. *hugs Tori*
    Bravo at learning a bit of origami Tori!
    Shame the adults are not to with it at your school. They should know that mix ups will happen with students for the 1st few days of school and be there to help and guide the students where they need to go.
    How has school been for you after that Tori? I hope much better. I go back to school September 6.

  2. school has been good, especially since the next day i got on the right bus :D
    i was never so proud of myself, which is kind of silly :P
    My video production teacher (the teacher at the tech center) is actually really nice and funny (she talks to herself when nobody replies :P )