Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Mom's An Idiot

You can pretty much teel by the title that i'm a little P.O.'d about my mom today. For several reasons:
1) She just realized that last year i got one D on my report card. Every year during summer vacation for middle school and up, they mail our report cards. I already knew I didn't do very well in that class and i told my mom that before they got here and then explained again what had happened when they came in. Now, months later, when school is about to start again, she goes onto P.A.S.S. (school website where you can see your grades) and notices that i did poorly in that class. She then goes into detective mode and goes around the house trying to find a report card that had been thrown away. She insists that i never told her about it and was starting to get really annoying until FINALLY she dropped it and found something better to do with her time, going to get her nails done. Which brings me to number 2:

2) She told me last weekend that i could go with her when she goes to her every-other-week nail appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. She not only didn't take me with her, but gave no indicationat all that she was leaving. So out of nowhere i go look out the window and realize that her car is missing. It being Sunday, i know where she went and i'm a little annoyed by it.

3) She told me that this weekend she would take me to go practice my driving. She has not taken me driving since school was in session. The only time i have gone driving this summer was when i was at my aunt's last weekend. And it had been so long since i had been allowed to drive, i had forgotten how to start (it was in brake so it just made this huge noise right in front of where my aunt works). Thankfully after that i only messed up once when i accidentally hit the curb while turning right. And my mom still refuses to take me driving since my older sister is going to COLLEGE and doesn't know how to drive. Thankfully she finally started behind-the-wheel which means that she'll be getting her license soon. But today when i asked her if i could go driving, she said that i had never driven outside of the neighborhood................ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Are you really that forgetful or are you just making up shit to make me want to punch you in the face? She knows god damn well i've driven outside of the neighborhood. When i told her this (in a much more respectful tone, don't worry) she just turned around and said "oh, well your dad can take you driving." And when i turned to him, he said "not today." Sometimes i think my mom just likes to mess with me and give me false hope. Just last night we were in the walmart parking lot and she asked me if i had my permit on me. And i surprised her by saying yes, so she turned around and said "oh, well its too dark out for you to be driving"............REALLY?! And by law i need to have 15 hours driving AT NIGHT in order to get my license. And i will not be like my sister, who was afraid to get behind the wheel of ANY vehicle. I refuse to wait until i'm fucking 18 years old, graduated fomr high school and has no fucking idea how to drive a damn car.

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  1. Aww, *hugs her*
    My mom is hard to deal with too so I can understand. *Shakes head at what Tori has to deal with*
    I really hope it gets better soon.
    Good luck with the driving! I have been practicing too.
    Starting to get the hang of it. There are some really scary rude people out there though!