Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

So at the tech center they have this group called Skills USA and it uses all the different classes and we compete. Well i went and paid the $15 needed to join and got the shirt. Then we found out that they were looking for officers, but we didn't find out until we thought it was too late. The reason for that was because our teacher forgot to tell us about it and the lady in charge of it was supposed to come in to tell us about it but never did. So yesterday i asked my teacher if it was too late to run for an officer.
 She's didn't know so i was sent to the teacher in charge and she said that i could still join, i just had to wear a white shirt the next day. It's kind of weird but i said ok. The problem with this is that all my white shirts have pictures on them. I grabbed my Hello Kitty one and hoped it would be ok.
Today i found out that the officers were supposed to record in my class their little speeches. We also had to wear these red jackets to look professional, which meant i had to turn my shirt around so nobody saw Hello Kitty's head coming out of my jacket :P . I went and wrote my little speech  in like 5 seconds and used it.
 All of the kids who had come in to record were surprised that i had found out about it so late. We all recorded and then had to go down the hallway to stand in front of this giant mural of the American Flag. When we got there I was like "midgets in the front" and the teacher said "Tori's got it. She knows what's going on." We all posed formally at first and then we got really silly and did funny poses XP .
There had been all these shirts and jackets in our room while we were recording so they all had to go back to the teacher. She accidentally left one there so i went to go give it to her. She was in the office with two other faculty members. When i gave her the jacket she introduced me to the other teachers as the girl who came in at the 11th hour to join. One of the teachers then started to mess with me by telling me about this 6 part contract i had to sign. Teachers are so weird :P.
And i found out today that my aunt was in Skills USA when she was my age, though they were called VICA back then. She called me up and told me about she went to nationals in the competition and was president of VICA. She set the bar pretty high but i think i can manage it :P. I even used her in my speech, saying how winning was in my blood.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Deja Vu

I feel like this has happened before
waiting impatiently for the next skulduggery pleasant book
planning my revenge on our creepy mailman for taking so long
checking amazon constantly for shipment updates
and reading the online chapters constantly (i always just skip those chapters when i get the book because i have them memorized)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupid Boys

So when does telling someone that you don't think they're funny mean that they should keep going? Because that's exactly what's been going on in one of my classes. There's this guy who at first seemed ok, but he's now being so annoying that i want to slap him. He's been coming up and trying to show me stuff or make a joke while i'm trying to work. I tell that i don't want to see what he's trying to show me or that he's not funny. He then says how he's super funny and then continues to insult me and say how i don't know how to have fun and how i'm such a downer.
Just today he and this other guy (who i actually think is nice) came and decided to sit next to me, even though we have assigned seats. At one point i told them to go back to their seats and he proceeded to tell me that he was in his seat. Then later i went and turned on a computer and while waiting for it to turn on i went to go help set up the cameras (the class is video production). As i was coming back to log on i saw him beginning to drag a chair over to my computer. I told him that it was my computer and when he tried to say no i had to force myself into his seat in front of the computer like i do with my little brother.
 Then as he was walking away angry he said "And here i thought you were cool." At that point i didn't give a damn what he thought of me. But he wasn't done, he then came back and proceeded to say how i was no fun. Then i turned, looked him in the eye and said "if me being no fun means that i try to do work when it's assigned and not goof off and watch your stupid videos then yes; i'm no fun. And you're not funny, your jokes are immature and i find no humor in them. And if you being funny doesn't mean that when i say it isn't funny that you insult me and complain like a 5 year old." Then he tried to say how he was funny and everybody thought he was funny and i was just lame. Then he tried to make up this excuse about how sometimes when someone says to stop, they really mean to keep going.
 This situation now reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (which i'm reading at the time) and he is  the pompous and self-centered Mr. Collins and i am Elizabeth. I'm not the sort of person to try and encourage someone by declining any attempt at humor. If i don't think you're funny or i don't want you bothering me right now, then i will say so and i mean it. When work needs to be done, i'll try to focus on that and i don't want to wander from it (which happens so many times and it frustrates me).

So now that i've ranted about the oh so glorious product of human kind, I have an announcement. I've been working on some doodles and drawings and I'm thinking about posting the on the blog in the absence of my awesome artwork that i can no longer make. I'll start posting some of these sketches maybe next blog post or whenever i can figure out how to use the scanner.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FINALLY!!!!!!! (And a very weird Friday)

As you can probably tell from the numerous exclamation points I FINALLY ORDERED SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT. No begins my long rants and conspiracies about how the mail man hates me and my plans to destroy his stupid vehicle with rocks thrown from my window. My mom was searching tv channels when she came across one of those HSN/QVC shows and they were selling christmas stuff (we both agreed that it was too early to start that). As she was changing the channel i said "speaking of christmas...." and went to amazon on the convenient laptop on my lap. I searched for the book and clicked on the cheapest price (surprisingly it was in Delaware which made me ask how in the world could they have the book). Once my mom went downstairs to get her card i knew i had won :P . It sad that it would take 4-8 business days to show up which made me laugh and then on the next page it said it would arrive sometime between the 23rd-11th, which made me laugh harder. I know it won't show up for a few MONTHS so i think it's hilarious how they try and lie about it

So yesterday I was in the morning announcements room and the lady who does the pledge of allegiance came on and informed us all that it was the last day to bring in money for the PSAT. I was planning he on taking it this year and my mom was going to give me the money this weekend. I told the teacher who does the morning announcements about my dilemma and out of nowhere he started taking out his wallet and handed me 10 dollars. I was a little bit stunned  and thanked him a bunch of times and promised to pay him back. Then as i was walking to my Calculus class I told my old Algebra teacher what was wrong and he gave me the rest of the money that i needed. I have such amazing teachers, i can't thank them enough. So now i have to go study lots for the test and wait in a dark corner for my book to arrive (maybe i'll get them for free like last time :P )

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jane Austen Lunch (And The Drama Teacher Hates Me)

So i started reading Pride and Prejudice this week and so far i'm loving it. I've seen the movie and played the computer game (yes there is a game for it (it's called matches and matrimony) and it's awesome), so i thought it was about time i read the book. My found out that one of my friends at lunch also loves Jane Austen's books and we got into this "deep" conversation about it. I use quotation marks because we sounded like a bunch of teenage girls the way we talked. We basically said that we thought that Mr. Darcy was hot :P.
 My friend said that if she could have her dream guy, then Mr. Darcy would be it. I kind of made a face and said "really? i mean he's handsome and rich but for the first half of the book he treats Elizabeth like crap and then claims he loves her and goes all good guy." That's basically the plot line of the best novel ever written; the couple treat each other like shit and then at the end it's all HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Don't get me wrong, i loved the book, i just think it's kind of funny how the best romance stories start out that way. We also talked about other movies/books like Jane Eyre, Gone With The Wind, and Mansfield Park.
My mom hated it when i watched Gone With The Wind. She thought it was the most boring movie EVER. So when i took the movie out of the Netflix envelope to go watch it she got all upset saying "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" ".....going to watch my movie.....?" "NO YOU'RE you mean in your room?" "...............uh, yeah, where'd you think i was going?" "oh, ok then. Never mind." She was fine as long as she didn't have to watch it :P .

So i went to this audition yesterday. The drama teacher sent out the e-mail about it the day before it was supposed to take place and we were all like CRAP!!! She gave us no warning, so i had to quickly text my sister and ask if she could pick me up. Luckily she said she could (thank god i ave an awesome sister (some of the time)). So i get there and the teacher arrives late.
Then after some exercises, she has us do some reading. During one of the plays we were audition for she didn't even let some of have a chance at reading it because she didn't think we could carry the part of an older woman. Some of those kids were freshmen, and she doesn't see some of us enough to know if we could handle it. We weren't even given the chance which ticked me off (which kind of explains why we ended HALF AN HOUR EARLY!!).
 Then today i go to her room to see if i was cast..........i wasn't. I don't even know why i bother auditioning anymore. I never get cast in any of the school's plays or musicals. I don't think she likes me very much, one because i didn't take theater this year because i couldn't fit it into my schedule. I've been dreaming of being in video production since middle school and it kills me that i can't be in art or drama this year, but at least the art teacher doesn't treat me like crap. I had to give up the things i loved most about school in order to take a path that will lead to a more successful future and actually have fun while doing it.
And it's obvious she liked my sister more than me when she was still in high school, she barely gave me the time of day. And even when i am cast in anything, it's always in the chorus, where nobody cares about us. And we're always told that every body matters in a play, not just the main characters. THAT'S A LOAD OF BULL! If we were important, then why is it that our job is something that ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can do, and can be replaced in a second. We're more like props to take up space so the important people don't stand on an empty stage.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weird Library Trip (Grandma Seeing Me Drive)

So my grandma took me to the library today (because she's the only one who will anymore :P ).We get to the library and there's this weird looking guy in his car a few spots over. As I'm walking towards the entrance he yells out that the library is closed today. I don't believe him so i just say "ok" and continue to the door. The door was locked and then i noticed the sign that says the hours that it's open. It says that it doesn't open until one. We had come an hour early :P. As i'm walking back to the car the guy sticks his head back out and says "you didn't believe me?" I was about to reply when another car comes up between his car and my grandma's and a girl gets out. I then warn her that it doesn't open until one on sundays. Then the guy gives me a weird look and says that it's friday. The girl and i then get together and try to convice him that it's sunday. Then he's like "ok, so it's either friday or saturday, which is it?" X_X. I say it's sunday and get into my grandma's car. 

We had a while to wait so my grandma took us to the fastmart a little down the road and we both got something to drink while we waited. We went back and parked in a shady spot, turned the car off, rolled the windows down and waited.

Once it opened i went inside, got my books and then went to the self check out (i always go to the self check out because the person at the desk always gives a look because i always owe them money :P ). I got down to the 2nd to last book before the computer went stupid, spat out a reciept and went back to the main screen. I put my card back in and just checked out that last book, hoping that it worked. The as i walked out of the building, when the alarms didn't go off i felt relieved :P

We get back home and my grandma hangs out for a while. I then remind my mom that she promised to take me driving today. She then turns to Grandma and asks her if she wanted to come along. I could see it in my grandma's eyes that she would rather be anywhere else than in the back of a car that in was driving. I started to say what she was thinking "oh gosh look at the time, i have to go. It's been lovely seeing you again but...........Bye." And then she would run as fast as she could to her car :P. But she did come with us and i didn't do so bad, other than i drove closer to my mom's side and then parks closer on my side. And i kept sitting on the keys when i was trying to start the car :P

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drama Club

Today was our first drama club meeting. I missed the first half an hour or so because i had to go to art club as we. I was going to stay there for an hour but then it got really boring and i decided to go to drama a little early.Our drama club doesn't really mean that you participate in the school plays or anything. The main thing we do is play a bunch of theater games that are really fun when you have an imaginative group. We also go on this yearly trip to new york city that i'm really hoping to go to this year. 
We played this one game called freeze. Its when you come up with your own situation and someone will shout "freeze." When they do you freeze in the position you're in and the person will either come take your place or the place of your partner.
 At one point there was this boy who was one the ground with his hands over his eyes with a girl leaning over him with her hands almost touching his shoulders. 
 I shouted freeze (well actually a few did but i ran up before this chance was lost) and came and took the girl's place. Then i said "Crikey, here we have the dangerous crocodile. It's very dangerous.....i'm gonna poke it with a stick." Everyone was dying of laughter (which doesn't happen a lot when i come up so i was happy it worked).Then the boy stood up and looked at me and said "i'm a person" ..................If there's one thing you should NEVER do when improvising, that was it. You should NEVER deny what a person is saying, no matter how ridiculous it is. Because then it breaks the spell and people know you don't know what you're doing. I was about to keep going and say "OH HE'S ANGRY!!" but then someone called freeze. :P

Also today on the morning announcements the principal came in while we were live. As i was saying one of the announcements he started making faces at me.....but i stayed strong and made it through without cracking. :P Apparently he had come in to check out the 9/11 video we'll be showing tomorrow (i know it's not 9/11 but it's on a weekend so we do it early). We're planning to do so much stuff for the morning announcements this year. We've been talking about having a morning show pre-recorded for the teachers who turn their tvs on early. And we're thinking about doing little skits to make it more fun to watch (even though the attempt last year was kind of a fail). It's going to be such fun :D

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Person and An Awesome Dream

Ok so i'm on the morning announcements at my school every morning. The other day as I was getting off the bus at the Tech school, this girl who was sitting scross from me looks at me and starts shouting "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE THE GRL FROM THE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS!" She scared the crap out of me, and i told her such as i was getting off the bus. Then the girl that was stting next to her said as she got off "oh my gish, we just met a celebrity." That made my day, and i now love freshmen. I went to my video production class (that the class i take at the tech center) and told my teacher about what had happened and she thought it was so cute. My video production teacher is the most awesome teacher you can ever know (as long as you do as she says (there's this girl in the class that is extremely rude and sometimes walks right out of the classroom)). Sometimes she'll say something to us and if we don't reply she'll start talking to herself :P. Like this one time she was telling us something and then she said "alright?" And when we didn't say anything she said in a hushed voice "yes, Mrs. Baker."

Now on to my awesome dream (well, i think it was awesome). Last night i had the weirdest dream. I don't exactly remember why but there were these people that were after me and Taylor Lautner was going to take me away to hide (just the fact that he was in my dream made it awesome). So i was running around my house looking for stuff that i would need to stuff into my backpack. At one point i walked up to him to ask if i should bring extra clothes and he said no. I thought that was weird so i packed some anyway (i'm not gonna be walking around for days in the same stinky clothes :P). I don't know why but Taylor was following my mom around the house and helping her with stuff like doing the dishes. Once I finished packing i went downstairs and he was on the floor helping her fold laundry. My mom then hugged me and told me to be safe, which kind seemed strange to me. In my mind i was like "wait, youre actually letting me go??? You're gonna let me run away with Taylor Lautner...........ok, who are you and what have you done with my mother?" This morning i went and told my mom about it and then i was like "how coud you just let him take me away like that? Just because he's hot, doesn't mean it's ok." :P I'm weird in the mornings