Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drama Club

Today was our first drama club meeting. I missed the first half an hour or so because i had to go to art club as we. I was going to stay there for an hour but then it got really boring and i decided to go to drama a little early.Our drama club doesn't really mean that you participate in the school plays or anything. The main thing we do is play a bunch of theater games that are really fun when you have an imaginative group. We also go on this yearly trip to new york city that i'm really hoping to go to this year. 
We played this one game called freeze. Its when you come up with your own situation and someone will shout "freeze." When they do you freeze in the position you're in and the person will either come take your place or the place of your partner.
 At one point there was this boy who was one the ground with his hands over his eyes with a girl leaning over him with her hands almost touching his shoulders. 
 I shouted freeze (well actually a few did but i ran up before this chance was lost) and came and took the girl's place. Then i said "Crikey, here we have the dangerous crocodile. It's very dangerous.....i'm gonna poke it with a stick." Everyone was dying of laughter (which doesn't happen a lot when i come up so i was happy it worked).Then the boy stood up and looked at me and said "i'm a person" ..................If there's one thing you should NEVER do when improvising, that was it. You should NEVER deny what a person is saying, no matter how ridiculous it is. Because then it breaks the spell and people know you don't know what you're doing. I was about to keep going and say "OH HE'S ANGRY!!" but then someone called freeze. :P

Also today on the morning announcements the principal came in while we were live. As i was saying one of the announcements he started making faces at me.....but i stayed strong and made it through without cracking. :P Apparently he had come in to check out the 9/11 video we'll be showing tomorrow (i know it's not 9/11 but it's on a weekend so we do it early). We're planning to do so much stuff for the morning announcements this year. We've been talking about having a morning show pre-recorded for the teachers who turn their tvs on early. And we're thinking about doing little skits to make it more fun to watch (even though the attempt last year was kind of a fail). It's going to be such fun :D


  1. :D It sounds like a lot of fun Tori! LOL That' sfunny a bout the improv thing Sounds like that boy doesn't know to much about theater!
    Great job on making it through the announcements! I would NEVER had made it! LOL
    Sounds liek things are goig nwell for you! YAY!
    *hugs her* I'm glad.
    How is your artwork coming along?

  2. i haven't really been doing the artwork that i used to do because i don't have the supplies and i'm not in an art class to get supplies. But i've been doing some sketches in my art journal and i think they've been coming out really well