Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Eleventh Hour

So at the tech center they have this group called Skills USA and it uses all the different classes and we compete. Well i went and paid the $15 needed to join and got the shirt. Then we found out that they were looking for officers, but we didn't find out until we thought it was too late. The reason for that was because our teacher forgot to tell us about it and the lady in charge of it was supposed to come in to tell us about it but never did. So yesterday i asked my teacher if it was too late to run for an officer.
 She's didn't know so i was sent to the teacher in charge and she said that i could still join, i just had to wear a white shirt the next day. It's kind of weird but i said ok. The problem with this is that all my white shirts have pictures on them. I grabbed my Hello Kitty one and hoped it would be ok.
Today i found out that the officers were supposed to record in my class their little speeches. We also had to wear these red jackets to look professional, which meant i had to turn my shirt around so nobody saw Hello Kitty's head coming out of my jacket :P . I went and wrote my little speech  in like 5 seconds and used it.
 All of the kids who had come in to record were surprised that i had found out about it so late. We all recorded and then had to go down the hallway to stand in front of this giant mural of the American Flag. When we got there I was like "midgets in the front" and the teacher said "Tori's got it. She knows what's going on." We all posed formally at first and then we got really silly and did funny poses XP .
There had been all these shirts and jackets in our room while we were recording so they all had to go back to the teacher. She accidentally left one there so i went to go give it to her. She was in the office with two other faculty members. When i gave her the jacket she introduced me to the other teachers as the girl who came in at the 11th hour to join. One of the teachers then started to mess with me by telling me about this 6 part contract i had to sign. Teachers are so weird :P.
And i found out today that my aunt was in Skills USA when she was my age, though they were called VICA back then. She called me up and told me about she went to nationals in the competition and was president of VICA. She set the bar pretty high but i think i can manage it :P. I even used her in my speech, saying how winning was in my blood.

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