Saturday, September 17, 2011

FINALLY!!!!!!! (And a very weird Friday)

As you can probably tell from the numerous exclamation points I FINALLY ORDERED SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT. No begins my long rants and conspiracies about how the mail man hates me and my plans to destroy his stupid vehicle with rocks thrown from my window. My mom was searching tv channels when she came across one of those HSN/QVC shows and they were selling christmas stuff (we both agreed that it was too early to start that). As she was changing the channel i said "speaking of christmas...." and went to amazon on the convenient laptop on my lap. I searched for the book and clicked on the cheapest price (surprisingly it was in Delaware which made me ask how in the world could they have the book). Once my mom went downstairs to get her card i knew i had won :P . It sad that it would take 4-8 business days to show up which made me laugh and then on the next page it said it would arrive sometime between the 23rd-11th, which made me laugh harder. I know it won't show up for a few MONTHS so i think it's hilarious how they try and lie about it

So yesterday I was in the morning announcements room and the lady who does the pledge of allegiance came on and informed us all that it was the last day to bring in money for the PSAT. I was planning he on taking it this year and my mom was going to give me the money this weekend. I told the teacher who does the morning announcements about my dilemma and out of nowhere he started taking out his wallet and handed me 10 dollars. I was a little bit stunned  and thanked him a bunch of times and promised to pay him back. Then as i was walking to my Calculus class I told my old Algebra teacher what was wrong and he gave me the rest of the money that i needed. I have such amazing teachers, i can't thank them enough. So now i have to go study lots for the test and wait in a dark corner for my book to arrive (maybe i'll get them for free like last time :P )

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