Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jane Austen Lunch (And The Drama Teacher Hates Me)

So i started reading Pride and Prejudice this week and so far i'm loving it. I've seen the movie and played the computer game (yes there is a game for it (it's called matches and matrimony) and it's awesome), so i thought it was about time i read the book. My found out that one of my friends at lunch also loves Jane Austen's books and we got into this "deep" conversation about it. I use quotation marks because we sounded like a bunch of teenage girls the way we talked. We basically said that we thought that Mr. Darcy was hot :P.
 My friend said that if she could have her dream guy, then Mr. Darcy would be it. I kind of made a face and said "really? i mean he's handsome and rich but for the first half of the book he treats Elizabeth like crap and then claims he loves her and goes all good guy." That's basically the plot line of the best novel ever written; the couple treat each other like shit and then at the end it's all HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Don't get me wrong, i loved the book, i just think it's kind of funny how the best romance stories start out that way. We also talked about other movies/books like Jane Eyre, Gone With The Wind, and Mansfield Park.
My mom hated it when i watched Gone With The Wind. She thought it was the most boring movie EVER. So when i took the movie out of the Netflix envelope to go watch it she got all upset saying "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" ".....going to watch my movie.....?" "NO YOU'RE you mean in your room?" "...............uh, yeah, where'd you think i was going?" "oh, ok then. Never mind." She was fine as long as she didn't have to watch it :P .

So i went to this audition yesterday. The drama teacher sent out the e-mail about it the day before it was supposed to take place and we were all like CRAP!!! She gave us no warning, so i had to quickly text my sister and ask if she could pick me up. Luckily she said she could (thank god i ave an awesome sister (some of the time)). So i get there and the teacher arrives late.
Then after some exercises, she has us do some reading. During one of the plays we were audition for she didn't even let some of have a chance at reading it because she didn't think we could carry the part of an older woman. Some of those kids were freshmen, and she doesn't see some of us enough to know if we could handle it. We weren't even given the chance which ticked me off (which kind of explains why we ended HALF AN HOUR EARLY!!).
 Then today i go to her room to see if i was cast..........i wasn't. I don't even know why i bother auditioning anymore. I never get cast in any of the school's plays or musicals. I don't think she likes me very much, one because i didn't take theater this year because i couldn't fit it into my schedule. I've been dreaming of being in video production since middle school and it kills me that i can't be in art or drama this year, but at least the art teacher doesn't treat me like crap. I had to give up the things i loved most about school in order to take a path that will lead to a more successful future and actually have fun while doing it.
And it's obvious she liked my sister more than me when she was still in high school, she barely gave me the time of day. And even when i am cast in anything, it's always in the chorus, where nobody cares about us. And we're always told that every body matters in a play, not just the main characters. THAT'S A LOAD OF BULL! If we were important, then why is it that our job is something that ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY can do, and can be replaced in a second. We're more like props to take up space so the important people don't stand on an empty stage.

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