Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random Person and An Awesome Dream

Ok so i'm on the morning announcements at my school every morning. The other day as I was getting off the bus at the Tech school, this girl who was sitting scross from me looks at me and starts shouting "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE THE GRL FROM THE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS!" She scared the crap out of me, and i told her such as i was getting off the bus. Then the girl that was stting next to her said as she got off "oh my gish, we just met a celebrity." That made my day, and i now love freshmen. I went to my video production class (that the class i take at the tech center) and told my teacher about what had happened and she thought it was so cute. My video production teacher is the most awesome teacher you can ever know (as long as you do as she says (there's this girl in the class that is extremely rude and sometimes walks right out of the classroom)). Sometimes she'll say something to us and if we don't reply she'll start talking to herself :P. Like this one time she was telling us something and then she said "alright?" And when we didn't say anything she said in a hushed voice "yes, Mrs. Baker."

Now on to my awesome dream (well, i think it was awesome). Last night i had the weirdest dream. I don't exactly remember why but there were these people that were after me and Taylor Lautner was going to take me away to hide (just the fact that he was in my dream made it awesome). So i was running around my house looking for stuff that i would need to stuff into my backpack. At one point i walked up to him to ask if i should bring extra clothes and he said no. I thought that was weird so i packed some anyway (i'm not gonna be walking around for days in the same stinky clothes :P). I don't know why but Taylor was following my mom around the house and helping her with stuff like doing the dishes. Once I finished packing i went downstairs and he was on the floor helping her fold laundry. My mom then hugged me and told me to be safe, which kind seemed strange to me. In my mind i was like "wait, youre actually letting me go??? You're gonna let me run away with Taylor Lautner...........ok, who are you and what have you done with my mother?" This morning i went and told my mom about it and then i was like "how coud you just let him take me away like that? Just because he's hot, doesn't mean it's ok." :P I'm weird in the mornings

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  1. LOL Awesome dream Tori! Funny too, with him sitting down and helping to fold the laundry. AWESOME!
    Thats really cool how you were recognised by other people! YAY! You are famous!!!
    Well done my friend!