Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stupid Boys

So when does telling someone that you don't think they're funny mean that they should keep going? Because that's exactly what's been going on in one of my classes. There's this guy who at first seemed ok, but he's now being so annoying that i want to slap him. He's been coming up and trying to show me stuff or make a joke while i'm trying to work. I tell that i don't want to see what he's trying to show me or that he's not funny. He then says how he's super funny and then continues to insult me and say how i don't know how to have fun and how i'm such a downer.
Just today he and this other guy (who i actually think is nice) came and decided to sit next to me, even though we have assigned seats. At one point i told them to go back to their seats and he proceeded to tell me that he was in his seat. Then later i went and turned on a computer and while waiting for it to turn on i went to go help set up the cameras (the class is video production). As i was coming back to log on i saw him beginning to drag a chair over to my computer. I told him that it was my computer and when he tried to say no i had to force myself into his seat in front of the computer like i do with my little brother.
 Then as he was walking away angry he said "And here i thought you were cool." At that point i didn't give a damn what he thought of me. But he wasn't done, he then came back and proceeded to say how i was no fun. Then i turned, looked him in the eye and said "if me being no fun means that i try to do work when it's assigned and not goof off and watch your stupid videos then yes; i'm no fun. And you're not funny, your jokes are immature and i find no humor in them. And if you being funny doesn't mean that when i say it isn't funny that you insult me and complain like a 5 year old." Then he tried to say how he was funny and everybody thought he was funny and i was just lame. Then he tried to make up this excuse about how sometimes when someone says to stop, they really mean to keep going.
 This situation now reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (which i'm reading at the time) and he is  the pompous and self-centered Mr. Collins and i am Elizabeth. I'm not the sort of person to try and encourage someone by declining any attempt at humor. If i don't think you're funny or i don't want you bothering me right now, then i will say so and i mean it. When work needs to be done, i'll try to focus on that and i don't want to wander from it (which happens so many times and it frustrates me).

So now that i've ranted about the oh so glorious product of human kind, I have an announcement. I've been working on some doodles and drawings and I'm thinking about posting the on the blog in the absence of my awesome artwork that i can no longer make. I'll start posting some of these sketches maybe next blog post or whenever i can figure out how to use the scanner.

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